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Comment Re:Canada is on another planet, in the future (Score 1) 632

I don't eat at McDonald's but the Panera's Bread down the street has these kiosks and I've pretty much defaulted to using them every time I go. There's never a line, despite there usually being several people waiting for a cashier. The touch screen thing is just an iPad recessed into a plastic holder running some custom ordering software. If this is the future of fast food, count me in.

Comment Re:Privacy? (Score 1) 188

Wonder how much of your data will be parsed, stored, collated and available to the IRS, NSA and others at their discretion?

I would suggest encryption then. At least for the files that are sensitive. I have a dropbox account that I use extensively to transfer stuff between all my devices but there is no way I'd put any plain text document in there without encrypting it first. Been using veracrypt. Works for me but there's always bcrypt which is a good option of you're on Linux.

Comment Re:The answer is no (Score 1) 808

I don't really see that as first class though. You'll always be a step behind the official API waiting for the next version of kivy to drop. And the official docs and support expect you'll be using one of the "blessed" languages so when you aren't, you can expect little bits of friction everywhere. That said, I like kivy and its spiritual predecessor sl4a. The latter actually got me into Python.

Comment Re:Global Interpreter Lock (Score 2) 808

Maybe true but I just say that I write my fair share of Python scripts using multiprocessing and it works for me. That said, if somebody feels like the GIL is truly getting in the way, there is always IronPython and Jython, neither of which have this restriction. I also believe the PyPy team is working feverishly on getting rid of the GIL in their implementation which among other things is much faster than regular Python thanks to just in time compilation. I've used it for a few things and heartily recommend it if speed is of the essence.

More info here for those inclined.

Comment The answer is no (Score 1) 808

I really like Python. I find it faster to develop in, more flexible, and more ubiquitous than just about any other language. However, maybe 20 years ago when the world was simpler, it would have had a better chance at some kind of dominance. These days though, there are just too many niches it doesn't work in. Can't make first class apps for iOS or Android, can't use it natively to manipulate the DOM in a web browser. It's not as easy to use server-side like PHP. And on and on. Yes, Python can be used in all those roles if you bend and twist it enough but in most cases, there is a better domain specific language that people just default to.

Personally I find Python to be peerless for system administration and automation. Even better than bash. I understand it's good for statistical and scientific programming too. That's it's place. Not "dominance".

Comment Re:What it is used for? (Score 1) 808

I use Python along with Selenium for website automation and testing. I prefer it over Java in that regard as it is much faster to develop in and doesn't require as much "infrastructure". No compiling, no mandatory OOP, no need for an IDE, etc. Of all the things in that particular niche, I've found Python to be far and above the best.

Comment Politics..Again (Score 1) 64

I like this site and I really liked it when the byline used to be "News for nerds Stuff that matter". Is there an extension or bookmarklet or something that I can use to filter out stories based on keywords? Keywords like Comey, Trump, Government, Clinton, Democrat, Republican, Brexit, and on and on? I sure would like that. I really would.

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