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Comment Re:Story meaning? (Score 1) 313

First statistics lesson I ever had, first thing the professor did was make an estimate based on 10 people about the whole population. He was correct, by the way. He went on to rant that anything that uses large amounts of people (by which he meant more than at most a few dozen) was not proper statistics. If you simply count everybody, it should be called "counting", you see, not statistics.

How is using 1.67^-7 percent of the population (10 out of 60 000 000) better than using 1.96^-5 percent (1176 out of 60 000 000)? Not to set up a strawman here, but are you saying that this estimation would be more accurate if they had used only 10 people?

It'd be absurd to make estimations about a population as large as this using 10 people. 1176 is still small enough to not be "counting", yet would provide much more accurate estimates.

Comment Re:Actually not too bad (Score 1) 556

I use mouse gestures and not the buttons.

Actually, that second thing you mentioned has its own bug. In older versions of Firefox, when a page finished loading, it would replace the address bar text with that page's address, erasing whatever you had typed there while it was loading. I'm not sure if that still happens in newer versions.

Comment Re:Actually not too bad (Score 1) 556

So basically you want my customizations.

The menu bar is gone, and the things I use most from it are placed into a button next to the address bar. To the left of that is a bookmarks button, which I usually don't have, but I put it there so you could see it. I use a mouse gestures addon for stop and reload, so those buttons are gone. The only things on the screen are things that I use frequently, and I have minimal wasted space.

Also, the combination go/stop/reload button is a horrible idea from a useability perspective. What if I want to stop a page loading, and right when I go to click the button, the page finishes and the button changes to reload right when I click it? The page reloads when you thought you told it to stop. What if while a page is still loading, I type something in the address bar? Should the button be go or stop?

You don't need it when you have mouse gestures anyway. And mouse gestures are great since you just move the mouse in a direction from your current position. You don't have to move it to a specific position like a button on a toolbar.

Comment Re:Not the best write-up (Score 1) 202

But how the hell would I know that Louis Vuitton is a real company and that the website I'm hosting is infringing on their trademarks/copyrights/patents?

Let's say that I host a website for an obscure company called Giggity Incorporated that sells a product called Giggity Goo. Another obscure company called Quagmire LLC emails me and says that they are the true producers of Giggity Goo and that the product on the website I'm hosting is counterfeit and uses their trademark illegally.

Why the hell should I believe Quagmire LLC owns the Giggity trademark, believe that this counterfeit uses their trademark illegally, believe that it's even a counterfeit, or believe that Quagmire LLC is even a real company?

Comment Re:Anti-Slashdot Effect (Score 1) 408

It's a word in the sense that people use it, and it's useful in replacing the ambiguous second-person plural pronoun:


That being said, I don't use it because it sounds stupid, however useful it is.

Comment Re:TJ (Score 1) 442

I've never understood the need to market drugs either. The commercials always go, "Ask your doctor about [insert drug name]", as though when you ask them about it, they'll say, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that one!" That's not how it works. The doctor prescribes what will work for you for your specific case, assuming that they're not being paid be pharmaceutical companies to do otherwise.

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