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Comment Re:There is not even a way to remove it! (Score 1) 346

You can certainly point a domain name at a dynamic IP. Just use a DNS provider (like ZoneEdit) that provides a way to update A records using a dynamic DNS client and set your TTL low.
You still run into issues for the duration of the TTL after your IP changes, but how often does that actually happen now? It's not uncommon for me to be connected for 1 month or more at a time.

Comment Re:bada (Score 3, Funny) 124

They already screw up Android enough as well.

Semi-related comment from the kernel source of my phone: /*This is a temporary piece of crappy code that I was forced to write as I did not figure
out how to properly use the SPI driver in the system. Please resist the temptation of ever using
this code in a good Samsung phone. I will remove this code as soon as I figure out the correct
way of using the SPI driver*/

(That code actually works correctly though, unlike some of the other stuff)

Comment Re:Wait, what now? (Score 1) 462

The Structured Exception Handling is Microsoft's fault; they have a patent on it (at least for 32-bit) so it can't be implemented in GCC.
Obviously Microsoft has an unfair advantage on the API front as well, since I'm assuming the APIs were written and test primarily with Microsoft's compilers in mind.
I'm guessing they'd have the ability to look at each others' source code as well?

Comment Re:Or Just a Local Shell (Score 1) 124

Are you talking about an existing "Android Perl" app that requires root permissions? Do you have a link?
I don't see why you'd need root access. You can download one of the terminal emulator apps and run anything within the context of the app.
You may need to figure out how to get it compiled, though.

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