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Comment Re:Look lets clear something up (Score 1) 177

Being gay != not having sex with women.

Being gay == having sex with men.

Er. Source, please? I've never encountered that one before.

Why then would we say GBLT if those who were Bi- fall under the category of Gay?

You are on slashdot, you are not gay or hetero.

Eunuch you probably would have noticed but the life style is much the same.

I don't think you can apply the same "Slashdot geeks don't get laid" to the gay male contingent. The dynamics don't work quite the same way.

Women have learned to withhold their consent to sex in order to broker power with males, and essentially reserve it much like doggy treats with the result that males compete to become the highest bidder in terms of fitness. (This in turn reduces the majority of women to the level of some hybrid prostitute-drug dealer.)

Men, however, can probably never learn to do this, and typically wouldn't condone such cruel ploys anyway. I've found they're nearly always down for it, particularly in a social niche that's being underserved by women. More often than not, even ostensibly "straight" guys start to get interested after a long enough dry spell. Hence, I tend to fare rather well generally, and in the geek communities particularly. I suspect this is rather common.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 246

If I were demeaning to people, as you are, I'd probably be posting anonymously as well.

Rather than leaping to the conclusion that I "don't understand how U.S. law works" and spewing basic reiterations of the legal system at me, try addressing the actual content of my post.

What do you mean by "The Court"?

Well, what I'd written was:

The court in Oregon where he did it ruled that it was protected speech.

And what I'd meant by it was: The court that ruled on it. Which was located in Oregon. Which is where he did it. They ruled that it was protected speech.

Then I went on to make my point regarding that. How are you able to give me a remedial summary of U.S. court jurisdiction when English poses such a problem for you?

Comment Re:Ok, so... (Score 1) 246

Right, I keep forgetting not everyone is current on the same things I am. There's a growing trend for Americans to take a more active role in upholding the law, and working with LEO's and even the FBI to make citizens' arrests. Thousands of them are learning the laws of their own country again, and what to do when public officials (including judges) aren't upholding their oaths. It's only been the lack of law knowledge of most of the citizenry, and the lack of inclination to uphold our founding principles, that has enabled courts to become so very slipshod in their decisions of late. And that trend is on its way out, it's just not being reported by the mainstream news yet.

So what I'd meant was, using the courts is going to become a viable strategy again because the People are starting to once again use them collectively. Class actions against those who've enacted un-Constitutional legislation, not to mention the bottom-rung lackey manning the backscatter scanner, are going to be quite feasible and effective.

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