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Comment You wouldn't get fired in industry, either (Score 1) 345

I've seen several cases of sexual harassment filed in various companies I worked for over the years, and not once was the guilty party fired. They were required to attend "sensitivity" courses. They lost their bonuses for the year. They were passed over for promotions. Sometimes they were reassigned to lesser roles in the business.

But they were not fired.

Why should academics be held to higher standards than those in industry?

Comment Re:Some facts... (Score 2) 696

As the former manager for a team of 75 consultants, I saw the exact opposite. The companies my staff were placed at were so hell-bent on improving their stats that every woman they employed was promoted to project manager, team leader, or management within 2-3 years of starting with the company, far faster than any males were.

A minority woman? Shit, she was a director in five years.

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