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Comment Re:This sort of thing would make anyone suspicious (Score 1) 489

i dont know if we have an unusual trend or not either. maybe it is a natural cycle is the way i am leaning, from the stuff i have seen. with that in mind i am no scientist and you could call me a 'joe twelve-pack'.
personally, i don't care for all the granola munching moonbeam lovin' tree huggers and there carbon credit save the earth crap. the earth has survived worse things than what we humans can throw at it. as a species here, are time is limited on the grand scale of things.
no, i am not a global warming denier. i believe it is a real. we do have some pretty concrete evidence of how warm the earth was 65 - 90 mya. i have no idea about gas diffusion and all that fancy stuff. however, 0ver 65 mya dinosaurs were frolicking in a tropical climate 300 miles from the north pole.


the following linkus thingie has references to co2 levels and there probable cause.


now, before we all get our panties in a bunch and shout out about continental drift in what not, i have a couple of scientific looking maps for you.


and you have to scroll down half way for the map on this one, the article also talks about the ocean-cycles too


and if you really want a good laugh, watch penn & tellers episode on recycling for some insight on the carbon credit scamola.
i dont know how anyone has a frame of reference on whether the weather/temperature today is unusual when you have 4.5 billion years of data to examine for trends.
i think we should just shift the calender to accommodate the later start of summer and winter.
al gore is a tool.

Comment Re:Before we act too hastily.. (Score 5, Funny) 342

Finally, ATT sucks. Track their employees leaving the stores and beat the shit out of them, then vandalize their vehicles. Fuck man, it's obvious that they're a front for government spying. When their medical bills are greater than their paychecks and government stipends, the domestic spying will end.

finally, a rational, well thought out comment that is on topic and offers a solution.

there is nothing more to add to this discussion.

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 1) 268

i tried "boobs"- not only did bing show me more boobs, but there was a greater variety.
i just scrolled down and they just kept coming...

big ones
little ones
flapjack style
silicone sweater meats
even mocha swirl jugs...
it was a multi-ethnic soiree of bazoombas
and a couple of acts of fellatio for good measure.

bing wins tits up!
of course this was purely scientific and should not be tried at home.

Comment He ain't Heavy, He's Jupiter (Score 1) 222

i was under the impression that Jupiter was our protector, isn't that prevalent theory in science today? didn't Carl Sagan talk about this in Cosmos?
unless drugs have totally fried my brain- isn't Jupiter's mass (gravitational pull) what causes the huge asteroid field between Mars and Jupiter?
i had better dust off those Cosmos tapes and find my bong...

Comment Re:It's so very odd..... (Score 1) 1376

in the US you have a buttload of rights. however, the one right you don't have is not to be offended. someone who reacts with violence to someone else's words has bigger problems. for instance, anger control, self esteem issues, etc...

this bunch of "cool kids" are obviously not too cool if they are harassing another. that has nothing to do with free speech.

why turn the other cheek.

Comment Re:Denying basic economics (Score 0) 268

the biggest flaw was thinking that it would not be sold/traded or stolen for food/shelter/medicine or weapons. those are the biggest needs of the third world. those children could give two shits about the evils of microsoft or the enlightenment of foss. don't get me wrong, in theory it is/was a great idea, however, things like basic education, minimal healthcare, shelter and security are needed before a child needs a laptop.
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - Group of gamers raise 12000$ for ACT

crazykracker writes: A group called the Speed Gamers, have started a mission to raise $20,000 for Autism Care and Treatment. 48hours into the 7 day marathon they have raised over $12,474, and they are still going. They are currently working FF5. This is the 12th marathon they have held for various charities, and could use some more support for the cause. http://www.thespeedgamers.com/ they have a link to the ACT donation site and currently have over 2400 viewers.

Submission + - Main Toilet on ISS Craps Out 4

The Narrative Fallacy writes: "NASA has spent years getting ready for a crowd in space — adding additional sleeping quarters, learning how to recycle liquid waste into drinking water, and installing a second bathroom last year but now BBC reports that the main toilet has broken down on the International Space Station while a record 13 astronauts are on board. For now Mission Control has advised the astronauts to hang an "out of service" sign on the toilet as it may take days to repair. In the meantime, Endeavour's seven astronauts will be restricted to the shuttle bathroom. Last year a Russian cosmonaut complained that he was no longer allowed to use the US toilet because of billing and cost issues but now the six space ISS residents will have to get in line to use the back-up toilet in the Russian part of the station. The pump separator on the malfunctioning toilet has apparently flooded and ESA astronaut Frank De Winne is the guy tasked with putting his plumbing skills to work on short notice. "We don't yet know the extent of the problem," says flight director Brian Smith, adding that the toilet troubles were "not going to be an issue" for now."

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