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Comment Re:Not that...please NOT THAT! (Score 1) 175

I am probably missing something funny here. Egypt did not remove their top-level domain entries, that wouldn't accomplish anything. Egypt stopped announcing their ASN, and thus all of the routes for their assigned IP addresses.

Removing just the top-level domain would still allow people to use IP addresses to communicate over the network, and would still allow outgoing traffic as well.

Comment Re:Slightly unrelated (Score 1) 214

You can do NAT on an IPv6 connection the same way you are doing NAT on IPv4. Also, instead of using NAT to protect resources you should be using a border firewall that has the same rules for IPv6 as you have for your IPv4. That way from the outside even if they scan one of your IP addresses it still has the proper ports closed.

Assign internal IPv6 addresses to your network, and then NAT on those. Simple.

Whatever gateway you have that is doing route advertisements for IPv6 is still the primary location for firewalling, and is still your single point in and out of your network.

Comment What functionality are we BSD users ... (Score 2, Insightful) 193

What functionality are we BSD users going to be missing? It didn't really say in the article at all other than that apparently there is a lot of Linux only stuff out there in the open source world. As a developer I am saddened by this fact, that what I have available for use on Linux won't work the same on FreeBSD for example making my life as a developer and porter much harder.

Where does the problem lie? Is it in the library developers or in the OS developers? What can be done to change the situation? Where are some places we can start looking?

Comment Re:If only they'd use their power for good (Score 1) 1065

I drive a manual car, and as such my hands are almost NEVER both on my steering wheel. Should my GPS still be disabled when there is a passenger in the car? How is it supposed to know that there is a passenger in the car since I now don't have both hands on the steering wheel?

And don't tell me that my stick shift is part of the problem. I am more attentive to the road for one particular reason, I can't just have the car take care of shifting for me, I have to be involved in what my car is doing, how fast I am going, what the RPM's are of my engine so I don't blow it up, because of that I need to pay attention to the road, I need to watch other cars to know to slow down, when I can shift into a higher gear, when I need to down shift, I need to watch the road for any inclination so I can appropriately shift into the various different gears.

Because of driving a stick shift I would say I am better prepared to multi tasking within my car and still operating it safely more so than others.

Comment Re:API! (Score 1) 225

Something like is actually pretty cool, having used it, yes the 72 Mhz chip feels a little slow compared to using it more directly using C.

Microsoft has also updated many of the libraries, so it is easier to do various different tasks at the same time, however there are still a lot of steps involved in writing code for something like the FEZ domino, I could definitely understand that it is harder, yet at the same time Visual Studio is an absolutely awesome development environment that is not yet matched on Mac OS X or Linux.

Comment Re:He is looking at it wrong... (Score 1) 750

Depends on the engine. My engine will not provide enough power while in idle so that I stay in the same place on a steep incline. I use the handbrake. Pull up the handbrake, move foot from brake pedal to gas pedal, slowly let the clutch up, give it a little gas and when I feel it starting to move let go of the hand brake.

Comment Re:Yeah, right. (Score 4, Informative) 534

Holding programmers accountable for their coding errors should happen inside of the corporation as they are working on the project. I don't remember which company had this, but if a developer broke the build it failed to pass a test a lava lamp at their cubicle would turn on, and until the developer fixed the build the lava lamp would stay on, which generally meant you had a certain amount of time to fix the issue before it would actually start bubbling. This way there is an incentive not to break the build, and a bit of competition between the various programmers to have the least amount of bugs or build breakages.

Having programmers imagine every way that their program may be attacked is impossible. There will always be new attacks that take advantage of that one that the programmer had not thought of. Just like the security systems that are in place at airports around the world. If the good guys could come up with every single scenario that an attacker could take airports would be much safer, as every single scenario had already been thought about.

I agree with you, don't put all the blame on me as a programmer.

Oh, if I had mod points, you sir would have them!

Comment Re:Lawyers at work... (Score 3, Insightful) 220

Why? Oracle is not required under any laws to provide development time to help make Linux or any OS more friendly towards people with disabilities. Sun was doing this out of their own great good heart.

It is in their best interest to make Solaris/OpenSolaris more friendly towards people with disabilities in an attempt to capture more market share that otherwise would go to Apple Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows where such products already exist.

Comment Re:Should be a selling feature... (Score 1) 265

Youtube already had their entire collection encoded in h.264 as that is what Flash supports, and what was required for Youtube support on the iPhone and other mobile devices. Now for Google to have to re-encode their entire YouTube collection into yet another format to support yet another codec is wrong.

Comment Great time to stop playing WoW (Score 1, Insightful) 318

Maybe now is the time to stop playing WoW and instead do something with your life. I've lost too many friends to the game known as World of Warcraft with too many of them turning down social interactions to instead go raiding with their groups. I had a room mate in college that played so much WoW that he ended up dropping out of school just so that he could continue to play WoW. His dad came to pick him up from our apartment at the time and he looked extremely disappointed. I will never forget the look on that mans face when he realised his son had become so addicted to a computer game that he was unable to complete any of his classes that semester.

I've never understood the draw and allure that WoW provides, and why people get addicted to the point that they drop out of schools. Maybe I am one of the few people that is lucky and doesn't require simulation from an online fake environment to further foster my own mind.

Comment Re:A Rep? (Score 2, Insightful) 334

Why should the US be able to decide what is good for Europe and its consumers? Sun and Oracle have the choice of no longer doing business in Europe at which point the EC won't have anything to do with their merger!

US regulations suck for consumers, whereas the EC attempts to work for the consumer. That is the reason for the difference, and whether you like it or not that is how it will continue to be done as multi-nationals can't just stop selling in the EU or the US just because one of them is more favourable towards two of them merging.

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