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Comment Re: Repeal the 2nd amendment (Score 1) 866

Hate to break the news to ya, but you obviously forgot about OKC, one of the biggest attacks in history of the USA, and they used nothing more than fertilizer and gas. And what have we been seeing in places like Paris? Guys in trucks screaming Aloha Snackbar while running down dozens. Pro Tip...if a scumbag wants to kill lots of people? The Anarchist Cookbook can be downloaded in seconds and gives you the recipes to do massive damage just using the stuff found in your average kitchen. Are you gonna ban chemistry?

If you want to actually do something about school shootings? Here is 3 simple steps that would make it a LOT harder and less attractive to scumbags...1.- Give schools the same ability to push a single button and lock the place down like they have in hospitals. you'd be amazed how many schools have ancient buildings that simply cannot be locked down without some person going around with the keys. 2.- Give teachers firearms training and have them armed, look at how many teachers have given their lives protecting kids, think about how differently it could have been if the teacher had a way to defend their charges besides being a human shield. 3.- STOP GLAMORIZING THESE DOUCHEBAGS! They see their faces plastered on the news networks, stories about them for weeks, it allows any loser to get 15 minutes of fame and get tons of attention...think those same losers would be so willing to charge in if they saw the headline "needle dicked loser that was nothing but a complete failure at life proves that he should have been aborted by killing others"? Stop giving these losers positive press, let them know they won't get their name and picture plastered everywhere and the only time their shown will be with titles like "worthless' "pathetic" "impotent". There have been studies that show that these crimes go up after there is a lot of press about an attack because losers want to have the infamy the other guy got, why give it to them?

But if you think banning guns would do shit? I have a bridge you might be interested in. After all how long has it been illegal to cross the border without permission? How long has SLAVERY been illegal? According to Amnesty International thanks to our broken southern border we have thousands of slaves being brought in every year for sexual abuse and slave labor, do you honestly think getting slaves across the border is easier than getting a load of guns and ammo? We have literally tens of thousands of tons of illegal drugs being brought across our border every.single.year. you think the criminals can't just as easily bring a load of guns to go with the dope and the slaves? All the gun laws do is make sure the law abiding don't have a way to fight back, the criminals don't give a flying flipping fuck about your laws...hence why we call them criminals.

Comment Re:Immaturity runs amok (Score 0) 131

What is wrong with arming teachers? You trust them to indoctrinate your little hellspawn with whatever the narrative of the week is, but not to actually protect them from harm? DaFuq?

Personally I'd trust any of my former teachers with a gun a hell of a lot quicker than I'd trust the cops, after all I haven't seen any teachers running around shooting unarmed citizens because some douche lost at CS:GO and made a prank call or in the case of Columbine actually shooting the hostages...have you?

Comment Re:Work? (Score 1) 308

Actually last figures I saw had Google losing money on YouTube as the big YouTubers have realized they are getting fucked and have their own ads and bypass Google's biased BS ads so the only ad rolls they get are for the smaller channels and even those are going to Patreon because they are tired of the BS. Search is their cash cow, the others are just same datamining that helps the search business.

This is why I have switched to Bing, if Bing search disappeared tomorrow its not gonna affect MSFT in the slightest and they seem to be actively avoiding all the SJW shitshow while Google is balls deep, if you want to support their racist sexist views? That is your choice but since I think racists are scumbags I simply will not use their products. My Gmail is a spamdump, I don't use their search, the only Google product I use is an Android phone and I've replaced the browser and use Bing search on it so other than the occasional playstore search they aren't getting shit from me.

Comment Re:It almost seems as if... (Score 1) 246

Sorry but you are just moving the goalposts. you claimed Steam is "supporting DRM" but the DRM DOES NOT WORK and has been cracked for many years now, so claiming that horseshit is like claiming that buying DVDs instead of stealing is "supporting DRM" despite the fact that DVD encryption has been broken since Bush Senior was in the white house.

But why don't you have the balls to admit the truth? Because I have seen your type a million times, you are a thief who is trying to justify his stealing by adding a layer of "sticking in to teh man!" bullshit. either that or you are one of those ancient farts that haven't played anything released since windows 98 and therefor have an opinion worth less than nothing since you don't even buy the product you are railing against...so which is it? Please don't tell me that you are one of those crackpot FOSSie that want to tell us all we need is Tux Racer and a million Q3 Arena rip offs, because I thought those died out in the early 2010s when everyone stopped giving a shit about Linux after google ripped it off and turned it into the DRMpaloza that is Android and ChromeOS.

Comment Re:It almost seems as if... (Score 5, Interesting) 246

Riiiight...you never hear of GameCopyWorld? Takes less than 15 seconds to crack any Steam game, Steam is to DRM what "pick the pictures with cars in them" is to security, its a joke designed to give someone a bit of security theater, nothing more. In fact if you go download a pirated game in 2018? Its almost always the Steam version because its so easy to crack.

Comment Re:To heck with them (Score 1) 246

Except MSFT is fucking them in the ass when it comes to sales...you take a look at MSFT Gamepass yet? MSFT is gonna royally fuck the game companies by pulling a Netflix and having an "all you can play" buffet and the yearly cost? The same as just TWO triple A titles.

The game reviewers on YouTube are already telling people to buy the XB1X and ditch buying new games completely, and comparing it to cord cutting. If its one thing these publishers should have picked up on is MSFT has no problem at all with throwing other companies under the bus if it makes them more money or gives them a lock in, the history of MSFT is littered with software and hardware corps that thought making an alliance with MSFT would be great only to get a shiv in the back.

Comment Re:Another device is "good enough" (Score 2) 222

Actually this is true for gamers as well, you can find plenty of vids on YouTube of people playing popular titles like the new Doom title and Rocket League on 10 year old Phenom IIs and C2Qs. I can say I've ended up joining that camp as well as I used to build a PC every other year (with a major upgrade in the off year) during the MHz wars, but now? My FX-8320e (which is just a gold binned FX-8350 from 2012) plays all my games at 60 FPS+ paired with an R9 280 and just chews through video renders like it was nothing so why spend the extra cash? So I can go from 93 FPS to 115 FPS?

The same appears to be true for my smartphone as I have zero desire to get a new one despite my current phone being a couple of years old. It has quad cores, 1.5Gb of RAM, 16GB of storage with another 32Gb on MicroSD, hell it even plays 3D games quite well on its 5.5 inch screen not that I give a shit as I hate touch controls in gaming. It sucks that its max OS is Android 5.1 but that is the OEMs trying to force obsolescence but I'm not gonna spend several hundred on a new phone every year just because those bastards never update software (and don't say "get an iPhone" because I would rather have an STD than deal with Apple's Fisher Price GUI) so as long as the hardware holds out they can just piss right off, what I have "just works" does what I want it to quite well.

Comment Re:JD can't be bothered to read... (Score 1) 91

No Valve should refund their money because Steam is Valve's product and they are not doing due diligence to insure the products being sold on their store are quality products and not scams.

Remember for every rip off and fake product that gets sold on Steam? Valve is taking 30% off the top. Why do you think the quality of the games being sold on Steam has gone down the shitter and you have to wade through mountains of garbage and fakes and rip off to find anything these days on Steam? Do you think this little pissant company did that? No that was valve that has gotten too fucking GREEDY and has opened the flood gates to every fly by night asset flipping worthless corp that can throw something together.

Well its high time that Valve actually stood behind the products they sell. They don't have any problem taking that 30% do they? Think they are refunding that to the people who now have a game that doesn't do what they bought it to do, which is online multiplayer with the ease of Steam which is a major selling point of the Steam platform in the first place? If you want to be high and mighty and say you have standards Valve? Fine great PROVE IT by STANDING UP FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS and put your money where your mouth is! Steam users didn't let this company on your platform YOU DID so stand up for your customers,otherwise its nothing but worthless PR from another shit corp that is NO BETTER than EA or Ubisoft or Activision.

Comment Re:Not Anonymous (Score 1) 79

Probably for the same reason why my friend in LE ends up grabbing some porn addict who has 30 year old CP on his hard drive instead of going after the guys actually making money off it, because they are in dontgiveafuckistan where its easy to bribe the local cops?

You have to remember there is still a LOT of places in this world where things we would find the most vile and repulsive is totally acceptable if you have money and/or the right connections. Hell look up "child porn confession" on wikileaks some time and you'll find an article written by an actual CP producer where he brags about just how easy it is when you are making millions in a country where the average yearly income is less than 10k, he can just buy anybody he wants, cops, judges, and I bet its even easier than it is for the drug lords as they aren't having gang wars and shooting the place up every other week.

So it doesn't really do them any good if the one at the top of the ladder is in some place its gonna take an international incident to get their hands on to know who it is, easier to grab the small fish living in countries that play ball.

Comment My question would be.. (Score 1) 222

Why they didn't just buy the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer which is designed to be configurable for different missions so they could have just ordered it with whatever features they wanted?

One of the oldest rules is "don't build if you can buy" because you let someone else make the mistakes, iron out the bugs, and you can then just get a working solution OTS instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Was it a case of NIH? Or one of those "bringing home the bacon" deals where spending money in the right districts mattered more than the finished product? Because looking at what they expected this turkey to do could have just as easily be gotten by simply buying the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer with the right package and it would "just work" since they have been in service since the 90s.

Comment Re: Last DRM free media (Score 4, Informative) 295

Sigh...do I REALLY need to provide the actual A/B tests that were done when Pono Player (wow that was some snake oil huh?) came out when they put 320k MP3 ripped from CDs against the 24bit masters in FLAC and found those "ears that can tell the difference" couldn't tell shit from shineola? It got a ton of press thanks to Neil Young making out CDs and MP3s to be shit, look it up.

At least with tubes versus solid state there is actual science there, tubes naturally accentuate even order harmonics and add a bit of organic compression to certain frequencies with a breakup that follows a smooth curve which is difficult for a solid state amp to replicate (this is why bass players like myself have no issues with solid state, our signal need to stay clean and thus the same effects the tube has on guitars produces mostly unwanted affecting of the signal on bass) but as we saw with Pono Player there are limits to human hearing that adding more fidelity simply will not change.

BTW if you wonder why if this is the case that studios record in much higher fidelity than what you get on CDs? I have spent a lot of time in studios and can answer that, headroom. When you are recording an instrument its extremely rare these days that the signal is gonna go straight from the recording to master without alteration, you need that extra headroom for effects and equalization so that you have more room to experiment before clipping. If one puts some serious thought into everything from mike placement to effects before one hits record? Its quite possible to get VERY good recordings using only 16bit CD audio quality, just look up demos of the Tascam and Zoom portastudios on YouTube or check out the low fi movement and we have certainly seen many artists create timeless recordings using equipment that any audiophile would consider absolute garbage.

Many think CDs sound like shit today NOT because of the format but because of the studios pushing the loudness war max compression, but go to a show where indie artists sell their own CDs and you'll find some really awesome sounding CDs because they are not slamming compressors on the entire mix. its not the format, its how its being misused.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 4, Insightful) 66

Uhhh isn't it ALREADY a FOSS product, they just have a free and paid for version and they have removed some features from the free in the hopes of getting some to buy the paid and thus stay in business?

I always wondered if the day would come when a part of the "blessed trinity" of FOSS would break down. For those that do not know the blessed trinity is the only way one can make money in FOSS, every other way leads to failure and bankruptcy. You have to 1.- Sell services and support (which is what Xenserver is doing), 2.- Sell hardware (the Android/TiVo model) or 3.- eBegging (community projects) and while I always thought #2 would be the one to fail first as we have already seen the "TiVo clause" which caused GPL adoption to plummet (if you do not believe it has I can provide pre and post GPL 3 stats, the chart looks like a classic triangle going down) a close second would be the first part of the trinity as it really is not hard for people to have a sense of entitlement that allows themselves to justify fucking themselves in the long term for short term gains.

Because looking up this company they appear to be exactly what the FOSS community claims they want companies to be, they make FOSS software, they support the community and give back, no different than Red Hat. They aren't even making a ton of profit, 300 million in net income on 3 billion in sales for a company that large? Really ain't shit, especially when you consider how much of that is having to be spent on talent and R&D. Yet here we are, with the company still offering a 100% free product to the community and simply trying to tweak their free product so they can get some more sales (which considering how crazy expensive it is to hire the kind of talent you need to build complex virtualization software? Is probably warranted and needed to keep up with megacorps like AMZN and MSFT) but does the community try to build a dialog? Maybe come to a mutually beneficial compromise? Nope the community fucks them over by crowdfunding a bunch who promises to give you all the benefits of the paid version for free....now do you think if Citrix goes under or is bought out by another company because they can't hire the great coders and compete that this crowdfunding bunch is gonna be able to build the product from the ground up?

But hey biting the hand that feeds is something the FOSS community is quite adept at, right? After all look at AMD who spent untold millions opening all their software, hiring FOSS coders to work on FOSS software which they gave away, everything from a truly CPU agnostic compiler to drivers to even an entire new low level API in Vulkan, did the community embrace AMD, sing their praises and urge everyone to support them? Nope instead every article on Linux has a dozen "buy Nvidia" a company so FOSS hostile that no less than Linus Torvalds flipped them off. But just as AMD gave a great lesson to other companies that supporting FOSS gets you nothing in return so too will Citrix getting fucked provide a nice lesson that you either have to make your software so bug ridden they HAVE to pay for support or simply do not offer a free version at all because it will ultimately come back to bite you in the ass.

Comment Re:Morons At Youtube. (Score 0) 174

Actually in GOOG's case it would be trivially easy not to discriminate, which is what makes this obviously insidious. It is trivially easy to do targeted marketing when it comes to vids when you have the amount of data GOOG has, if a person is watching video game reviews, hardware reviews, and movie reviews, guess what ads should be on those videos? Ads for video games, hardware and fricking movies DUH!

Instead what we are seeing is GOOG purposely fuck advertisers to push their narrative, like putting gay cruises on Crowder or putting ads for transgender support groups on Ben Shapiro. They are obviously doing this on purpose (because we are NOT seeing pork ads on Muslim vids, right wing ads on pro SJW vids, etc) so they can claim that "advertisers complained so we are doing this for business" well no fucking shit if you put an ad for gay sex toys on a Christian's channel do you think they are gonna get more customers? Think their feedback is gonna be positive?

And I agree if they want to be biased as fuck? Then come out and admit it and take the stock hit but like most left wingers they won't own up and tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may, instead just as we saw in their Hillary search rigging (and that shit was blatant as hell, you could type "hillary email" during the big email scandal and while Bing and Duck Duck would come back with scandal Google was coming back with shit like "Hillary sent an email to Obama" or "how to email Hillary") they would rather lie and pretend that they aren't rigging the game when in reality its as rigged as a game of three card monty. This is why I hope Damore totally wrecks their shit and their stock gets royally hosed because its time everyone knows that GOOG doesn't think you are smart enough to hear a differing opinion.

But if anybody doesn't think GOOG is rigging this against the right? Just look at Crowder who is about as offensive as Jerry Seinfeld and who is getting constantly demonitized when the person GOOG sent to show them what is acceptable showed them vids where it was just a constant n*gger this and n*gger that and when Crowder asked this person if they had EVER had been demonitized despite their vids being nothing more than a stream of racist and foul language? Nope never. Same goes for Shapiro whom I don't think has ever even cursed in his vids who gets hit with demonitization all the time meanwhile the pro jihad vids or the death to Israel vids? Nope perfectly fine.

BTW slashdot? Eat a bag of dicks you left wing racist fucks, because you have the filter go off for n*gger but have no problem with cracker, white devil, or chink? Go fuck yourselves you worthless racist pieces of shit.

Comment Re:Morons At Youtube. (Score 4, Insightful) 174

Sorry but horseshit, Google is trying to push their political narrative. Look at Steven Crowder who has had NO TROUBLE finding tons of advertisers for his channel...did you see what ads google was running before he was demonitized? Shit like gay cruises...on a conservative Christians channel!

Google knows exactly how to make sure that advertisers will scream and they use that knowledge to demonitize. Its like running ads for pork sausage on a Muslim's channel, sure its a legit ad but does anybody think its a good match for the product? But seriously what do you expect when their former CEO was actively spending millions to put Hillary in the white house and rig search results to make Hillary look good is it any surprise they are trying to silence those that do not fit the narrative?

Steven Crowder met with Google and talks all about it on the recent Joe Rogan podcast, if anybody wants to learn more about how one sided Google is I'd urge them to watch the podcast.

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