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Comment Re:"Open too many tabs" (Score 1) 303

Have you tried running one of the stripped down Linux builds on it? I keep win 8.1 on my netbook for compatibility with certain software and hardware I often need on service calls but when I'm just surfing, watching vids, etc? I run Porteus. Its lightweight on resources, fast, and the best part is its designed to run from flash media so I can just keep it on an SD card and not mess with my 8.1 install.

As one cheap old geezer to another ya can't get cheaper than free, all you need is an old flash stick or in my case a 4Gb MicroSD I had lying around from my last phone paired with a MicroSD to SD adapter. I'm sure you have something like that sitting in a drawer somewhere and with Porteus you can try and if you don't like it? It hasn't affected anything.

Comment Re: Been saying this for years (Score 1) 248

Hmmm...where did I hear that same horseshit before? Oh yeah MSFT at the antitrust trial over IE.

Thanks for just providing a perfect example of the hypocrisy, because if a MS spokesman or even fan claimed the same shit you are shoveling when it came to MSFT using the same shit that Bonzibuddy used to shove their browser and make it default, lock OEMs into contracts where they cannot remove gapps (again EXACTLY what MSFT did with the OEM contracts insuring IE was the only browser that came on windows desktops) and going one further and making it so you have to find a way to jailbreak the system just to remove their programs? Everyone would be screaming antitrust as loud as they could.

Again just another example of the blatant hypocrisy when it comes to Google, because if MSFT tried to pull that shit? I guarantee you and everyone else here would be screaming bloody murder!

Comment Re: Been saying this for years (Score 1) 248

Amazon isn't a monopoly, Google is. Remember boys and girls antitrust laws say that a monopoly does NOT have to be 100% of the market, just that they are so large and powerful they can wield undue influence on the market...and I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn't think Google has reached that size.

Comment Re: Been saying this for years (Score 5, Insightful) 248

Tell that to all the people that got Chrome shoved onto their system and made the default when they downloaded a completely unrelated program like CCleaner or Java. And how about how they bundle gapps into Android and make it impossible to remove...hmm, where did I see that before? Oh yeah windows and IE. They even ripped a page straight from the MSFT playbook as OEMs can't simply release Android devices free of gapps thanks to the nasty contracts Google pushes.

If MSFT was pulling that shit? People here would be screaming for an investigation and fines....hypocrisy thy name is Slashdot.

Comment Re:I feel left out (Score 2) 74

You mean like Heartbleed or Shellshock? Or how about the one that not only affected Linux PCs but also affected every Android device from 4.4 on up thus leaving tens of millions vulnerable on devices that will never be patched? Or how about when the Linux Mint site was serving malware? Like that?

Joke all you want about MSFT but at least their OS gets 10 years of patches, you don't see tens of millions of Windows machines at risk because MSFT won't provide patches. Oh and just FYI since the Linux community was so quick to claim "Android is Linux!" you might want to know that by that metric Linux infections are skyrocketing while windows infections are dropping like a stone making Linux the most malware ridden OS on mobile networks which it has been for 3 years running now...congrats!

Comment Re:So all Lumias will stop working? (Score 1) 180

Well TBF a lot of other banking apps have been pulled, the AE BlueBird app for just one instance. If your bank still supports WinPhone? Great, but a lot of banks don't anymore. As for why? Because it costs money to patch the WinPhone apps and update them to the latest protocols and with so few users per bank (you have to figure you have maybe 5% of WinPhone users that use a particular bank) so that really isn't a bunch of users for the amount of work.

But for the general apps? They can be used by a lot more users and costs nothing to just leave where they are, no point in pulling them.

Comment Re:So all Lumias will stop working? (Score 1) 180

Exactly all the Lumia owners are still generating revenue through ads and it costs virtually nothing to just leave the storefront up, what with MSFT owning the servers, so why would they take it down? Hell they still have patches and pages up for Win98SE if you know where to look simply because it costs nothing to host a couple Mb worth of files on a server.

And I think Lumia owners won't be losing anymore third party apps either because the ones that require updates? Have already been dropped. Your banking apps and other apps that require constant security updates are already gone so what you have left is screen scrapers like the weather apps and games...again none of these really need any support and they generate revenue from ads so what would be the point in pulling them?

So I'd say Lumia owners have at least 2-3 years left if MSFT comes out with something new, if they don't? Well I've downloaded Win2K patches from MSFT in 2012 so as long as they are getting some revenue from the remaining owners they have no reason to pull the plug.

Comment Re:Ketchup is a foodgroup (Score 1) 788

Oh give me a break! They were trying to push a low fat high fiber diet which is great for 50 year olds but for poor kids whose school lunch may be the only decent meal they get? Not so much. Remember these are FOR KIDS, kids that are burning energy and growing...growing bodies need calories and fat more than some 40 year old parked in front of a PC monitor all day.

The only thing on Obama's rules I agreed with was lowering the salt but even then I could see it causing major issues as its damned hard these days to find any processed food that isn't just loaded all to hell with salt and when you are feeding 400+ kids? You can't just pop over to the farmer's market a couple times a week for sides.

Comment Re:Good riddance! (Score 2) 180

If by "rules" you mean "got a EEE pulled on them by a megacorp that turned Linux into a proprietary OS they control by cutting off support for ASOP, locking crucial APIs behind a playwall, and making GPL V3 verbotten because they can't pull a TiVo with it?" then yeah I suppose it "won" but if that is "winning" I'd sure as fuck hate to see what you would consider a loss.,/p>

Lets see if Android behaves anything like actual Linux, shall we? So you can just replace Android with any old vanilla ARM Linux build, right? Nope and in fact with each passing quarter less and less phones are able to be "rooted" (which is and of itself an insult to Linux, as having to jailbreak your own hardware is the exact opposite of open) unless you use malware like Kingoroot. You can fix it yourself, right? Nope the drivers are all black boxed and again your changes to the Android source certainly isn't gonna run on that phone you pick up in Walmart. How about the community controlling the direction of the OS, where any coder can supply changes for consideration and possibly get them integrated upstream? Bwa ha ha ha ha...not a chance in hell, Google has exactly zero fuck to give about your code or that of the community, especially since it'll probably be GPL V3 which again is verbotten precisely because they can't TiVo it.

Yeah you "won" alright, you won about as much as that Rube trying to beat the hustler playing third card monty in Times Square. Lets face it you got scammed, had, ripped off, and the truly sad part? You are actually cheering for the guy that fucked you! But don't take MY word for it, lets see what RMS and the FSF has to say...yeah not so good, unless you want to run one of only 2 now out of date phones, otherwise you might as well just be on iOS....yeah you "won" there sparky, you are just full of "win".

Comment Re:So all Lumias will stop working? (Score 1) 180

Why would they do that? It costs them virtually nothing to simply leave it running and continue to get the business of the users that are left, ditto for the apps that are already on there as lets face it many of the "apps" today are just glorified screen scrapers or simple data processing (such as the app which is just grabbing the data and ads from the website) so as long as there are still even a couple hundred thousand users out there using it? its still gonna be profitable with as little as they have to support it.

And considering many places are selling Lumiz 640s for $40 which takes great pictures, gets really great battery life, has a nice clear screen and plays vids well? I can see those being hung onto for awhile. Finally look at how long MSFT has supported their failed OSes, Vista anyone? and it costs a hell of a lot more to support a full desktop OS like Vista than a lightweight version of win 10 which they are supporting anyway. So unless some major malware comes out for it (doubtful as malware writers go to where the most users are so Win10 Mobile is probably the most secure mobile OS there is right now) I wouldn't be surprised if MSFT just left things as they are until the users drop so small there won't be anyone left to care.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

I can't give you an exact link as I don't have time to go through the video archive but I CAN give you the place to search...H.A. Goodman's YouTube channel which is where I originally saw the numbers. He is pretty good about backing up his vids with links to the exact figures and he covered the election from the very first primaries all the way through to the end so if you need a source for 2016 election figures? He's your man.

Comment Re:Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

I have an FX-8320e and on stock clocks when I'm just web surfing and watching vids? It pulls between 14w-39w according to the built on power monitoring on my Asus board, that is with 4 cores parked BTW, and when playing games? I average between 59w-75w which again depends on whether Windows has any cores parked which with most games rarely using more than 4 threads? I usually have at least 2 if not 4 parked, in fact the only time I see all 8 cores running is when I'm doing video transcodes and multitrack audio DSP renders.

So yeah running an FX-8? Really not expensive and I have numbers to back it up which as you can see it would take over a decade to make up the difference in cost between an AMD FX and an Intel, the same numbers would hold true for Ryzen.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

Nothing wrong with the FX series, as long as you remember programs compiled with the Intel Cripple Compiler will be slower (but that is true of Ryzen as well) but if you look at benches made with GCC instead of ICC you see exactly what you would expect, the FX-8 sits between an i5 and an i7 depending on how multi-threaded the program is. I personally see absolutely no reason to upgrade from my FX-8320e as I'm getting better than 60fps on all my games (most better than 90fps) and even on heavy workloads like multitrack audio DSP processing it frankly works faster than I can.

As for Hillary? Anybody who could read the numbers knew she would lose a good year before the election. When she announced her candidacy her approval rating? 15%. After nearly a year and a half of the DNC rigging primaries for her, the MSM practically falling over themselves to kiss her ass and even running stories by her for approval? Her approval rating was...14%. Nobody in history has EVER won the POTUS with numbers that low so no shit she lost, she was about the worst possible candidate the DNC could possibly run, a rich influence peddling Wall Street insider that Wikileaks showed was getting her ass kissed by the MSM and cashing big fat checks from nasty dictators like the Saudi princes and if that wasn't enough? Her team pushing a narrative that she deserved it because she had a vag instead of anything she had actually done and that it was owed to her ("Its her turn" which they hung up on giant signs at all her rallies) just made her look even more arrogant and condescending.

Comment Re:I'll end up buying several because fuck Nvidia (Score 2) 93

I know you are being funny but if you don't want to buy a new card every other year? You are better off buying AMD as they age a LOT better than Nvidia cards, and that isn't even counting how more often Nvidia cards seem to cook than AMD from what I've seen at the shop. Gamers have even come up with a name for AMD aging better, they call it AMD Fine Wine Technology and having gone through countless cards at the shop? I can see the difference, the AMD cards seem to be able to play mainstream games for longer than Nvidia cards.

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