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Comment Re:Feeling bad for them. (Score 1) 150

As you say, people usually quit in groups because nobody wants to play anymore if all their friends have stopped.

Basically my entire guild quit the game shortly after WOTLK was released, but for every people who stops playing, either a new casual player wants to try the game or an old WoW veteran is drawn back by nostalgia. If you check out the WoW subscription numbers, they've been remarkably stable since WOTLK.

Another thing we shouldn't forget is how much we've changed ourselves. Personally I like to complain about how WoW isn't like in the "good old days", but thinking about it, it's probably mainly because I'm out-MMORPG'd. When I finally cancel my WoW account (probably soon since I'm not really playing the game anymore), I don't think I'll go on to another MMORPG, and I believe a lot of other players feel the same way.

Comment Re:Feeling bad for them. (Score 1) 150

More than 10 million people are playing World of Warcraft, all with social connections within the game.

Sure, maybe in a few years only 5 million people will be playing, but it will probably still be the biggest MMORPG out there.

Of course the game isn't going to live forever, but the idea of Guild Wars 2 "beating" WoW is just absurd.

Comment Re:Feeling bad for them. (Score 2) 150

I've played WoW since release and I share your view that the game is going downhill (since end of TBC). The reward/effort ratio is simply too high for the average old-school MMORPG player. But we need to realize that we're a tiny minority, nobody cares if we stop playing. We can go play Rift or Guild Wars 2 or whatever, Blizzard isn't going to notice it.

WoW caters to a huge spectrum of player types. The cartoonish style of the game appeals to casual players ranging from young kids to housewives. Just looking at the screenshots of Guild Wars 2 I can tell you that it's not going to have the same impact. Realistic looking hot chicks? I don't think the average casual housewife is going to enjoy that the same way as nerds like us.

Sure, if you read the MMO-champion forums you'll easily get the idea that all WoW-players hate WoW and want to quit... But it's just a (very) loud minority. WoW isn't going anywhere in the near future.

Comment Feeling bad for them. (Score 1) 150

There's just no way any MMO is going to "beat" World of Warcraft, except maybe Blizzard's next one. Maybe Guild Wars 2 is going to be a better game in every way possible, it's not going to matter anything... It's like if I sat down and made a "social network" site that was better in every way than facebook, and then expected that everyone would stop using facebook and use my service instead. It's just not going to happen, the momentum is too big.

Trying to market a large fantasy-themed MMORPG at the moment is naive at best.


Submission + - Facebook Questions EU ‘Right To Be Forgotten ( 1

jhernik writes: The EU’s right to be forgotten is not what users actually want from a social network, says Facebook

Facebook has acknowledged online privacy control as a major challenge, but says that the European Union’s proposal to legislate for ‘a right to be forgotten’ runs counter to what people actually want.

Under EU proposals, online citizens could have their information deleted from social sites after a certain time by default, unless they opt to let the sites store it for longer. This is the opposite of what users actually want, according to a senior Facebook executive.

Comment Nothing is optimized fully for DX11/GL4 yet (Score 4, Interesting) 323

I don't think many (if any) game developers are using either OpenGL 4 or DirectX 11 at their full potentials yet. Especially DirectX 11 is designed to allow a lot of multithreading and decoupling the GPU pipeline from the CPU. If you implement a naive rendering engine with OpenGL or DirectX, sure, you'll find that most of the time you're just sitting around waiting for synchronization and buffers flushing. But if you design your software around multithreading and the new API features, you can squeeze a lot more juice out of the system. Also, I'm sure there's a lot of geometry shader pipeline tricks waiting to be discovered, which will further decouple the GPU from the CPU. I wouldn't be surprised if we "soon" see the merging of the vertex and geometry shader pipelines, might even together with compute shaders. When that happens, the differences between OpenGL and DX is propably going to be very minor (and very, very close to the hardware layer).

Comment Re:This is because StarCraft II is correctly writt (Score 1) 422

So, where in your code would you put the delay in order to be sure that it won't cause the game to feel less responsive? Just after the rendering? How exactly will you determine the duration of the delay? How about timing accuracy? Sleep() on Windows is in milliseconds. And how will you deal with frame rendering time suddenly dropping or rising? I know it doesn't matter in the menus of Starcraft II, but I can promise you that some crazy Koreans will care a lot if Blizzard put an (unnecessary) Sleep() in their main loop. Of course this needs to be an option (which it is).

Comment Re:Circumventing Copyright is a bit of a stretch (Score 1) 179

There's a difference between learning what does what and learning how to use every skill you have effectively. A lot of players fail at the first step, only learning what 5-6 skills they'll use the most and ignoring the rest. The result is Paladins who don't heal others, Warriors who tank in Berzerker Stance with a 2H, and Druids who aren't aware they're different from Rogues.
I also find it quite strange that people continuosly bash WoW for being so incredibly easy, and how everybody can learn to play it in a matter of minutes. How can it be then, that a very large percentage of random groups you do instances with, fail miserably because someone don't know how to play? Even if the instance run is successful, it could always have been done faster and more smooth. I think many people believe they play perfectly, even though that's not the case. And unfortunately most people are reluctant to point out these people's weaknesses - the most contructive criticism that usually comes accross is in the style of "OMG L2P noob, WTFBBQ!!? LOL LOL you suck!!1". Which of course not is taken seriously by anyone. And no, it's not just about having good gear. A player with good gear can still go total pew pew on some mobs, outaggroing the tank by miles, and maybe think he's the best player in the world because he's on the top of the damage meter. Etc, etc.

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