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Comment Re:Oh Boy (Score 1) 131

I'm disturbed by this. I believe the Internet should be a place where anyone can say anything. This will only increase anonymous blogging. On the other hand, I would be very hesitant to trash the judiciary as it's one of the few pillars of Indian society that is keeping corrupt politicians from doing whatever the hell they want.

Indian judiciary is independent of government. Indian supreme court even went so far as to indict the government under Indira Gandhi when she declared emergency and suspended the constitution in 1984.

Comment Re:Oh Boy (Score 4, Interesting) 131

Naturally the government isn't taking this lying down. They have, apparently having spent their school history classes smoking behind the bike sheds, recruited a brutal right-wing militia to put down the communist uprising.

This claim is a complete pantload of bullshit. You've been smoking whatever Ganja the naxalite-Communist terrorists have been feeding you. The NHRC has long since debunked these absurd conspiracy theories. SJ is privately funded. To be sure, they have sympathizers in government, but their money mainly comes from private donations from the local landlords etc., much like Ranvir Sena in Bihar.

I'll bet you believe (like many Communists in India have propounded) that the recent Mumbai terror attacks were part of a secret conspiracy between Hindu bankers and the Jews, right?

The Communist-controlled Indian media has glorified the Maoists and demonized their opponents, but the fact remains that the Maoists are a China-funded terrorist group that actively seeks to destroy India and depopulate the North-eastern states as a vanguard for a possible Chinese invasion from Tibet. Numerous documents were released by the FOIA division of the CIA that showed how Moist militants received financial support from China and infiltrated the Indian Army in the 1962 Sino-India war.

The CIA has already provided evidence as to how Indian Communists, underthe instructions of their Chinese paymasters, infiltrated the Indian Army during the Sino-Indian war and betray military secrets to Beijing.

Highlights include:

#CPI(M) [Communist Party of India Marxist] heavyweight HK Surjeet influenced by Communist Soviet Russia to setup an underground organization
#CPI(M) did proceed to recruit a secret organization within the Indian Army.
#China and Soviet Russia both insisted that the CPI(M) must develop a standby apparatus capable of armed resistance, while intensifying penetration of Indian Military forces.
#With the People's Liberation Army now present along the Indian Border the Indian Party had a channel of support for Armed Operations and a potential "liberator" in the event of mass uprisings - 13 Sept 1959
#4 powerful radio sets had been installed in the office of the China Review in Calcutta to listen to broadcasts from Beijing
#Chinese Financial Subsidies to sections of the CPI(M) particularly the left faction strongholds in West Bengal
#A foreign supply base was now available for the underground organizations with the Chinese occupation of Tibet and other frontier areas.
#Letter asking for collaboration in Indian underground organization work aimed at an eventual revolution, because China has a border with India and can provide arms and supplies.
#Also Jaipal Singh, head of the illegal organization within the Indian Army decided to reactivate his organization in 1961 following the hard left faction gaining control of the party.

In addition, the Communist Party of India have successfully carried out several pogroms and genocides against Hindus and Tibetan refugees in India, particularly during the 70's and 80's (read up on the Nanoor genocide and Morichjhanpi genocides sometime, the Communist controlled Indian media will never discuss these things, of course), all as part of a Trotskyist strategy of maintaining a state of "permanent revolution" (the most recent one being the Nandigram SEZ genocide), all at the behest of their Chinese paymasters.

China has also aggressively sponsored the terrorist Naxalite Communist terror movement in India by financing major Communist radicals (ethnic Bengali Bolshevists like Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal received training from Chinese war camps in Tibet only to subsequently lead the naxalite reign of terror across India's "Red Corridor").

Comment Re:Coherent plan vs. terrorism (Score 1) 951

Now I have ZERO clue what the law says regarding a Hindu Temple setting up shop in Israel, but that's WAY above my pay grade. If you want real explanations, and not a very lay explanation on Slashdot, consult your local Orthodox Rabbi.

There was a Jewish-Hindu interfaith thingie in new Delhi in 2007

The Hindu/Jewish summit set the tone for interfaith collaboration. The "Protocol of Cooperation" -- a declaration signed by Rabbi Yona Metzger and Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the convener of The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha -- primarily acknowledges the shared values of two of the oldest religions in the world which both believe in the one Supreme Being who is the ultimate source of reality and creation, and condemns all forms of religious violence. The summit agreed to constitute a standing committee on Hindu-Jewish relations.

Swami Dayananda Saraswati noted the "declaration will serve as a benchmark for others to follow and emulate, resulting in a better environment for all. I have always believed in peace-full co-existence. All religious traditions should respect common values and insist on compassion. Religious leaders bear the responsibility of leading their followers to a path of peace so that the world will become a safer place to live."

Lauding the efforts of The World Council of Religious Leaders (WCORL) who organized this summit, Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger said "though religious dialogues have increased recently, the Hindu-Jewish declaration is a significant move that highlights the necessity of expanding interfaith community.

For thousands of years we have marched on parallel causes and have now built bridges of cooperation between the two religions. Jews have lived in India for over 2000 years and have never been discriminated against. This is something unparalleled in human history".

The Jewish delegation included Rabbi David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and President of IJCIC, the International Jewish Committee that represents World Jewry in its relations with other world Religions, Oded Weiner, the director general of The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and over 10 International Jewish leaders. The Hindu participants included over 30 prominent heads of Hindu traditions from all over India.

The summit provided the framework for Jewish and Muslim leaders to meet and discuss the significant role religion could play in promoting peace in the Middle East. On Palestine, Metzger lamented that his community had dialogue only with moderate Muslim leaders with little power and influence. "So far efforts to engage other sections who command power have proved futile. But that doesn't mean we will end our efforts".

Also, I believe small diaspora Hindu denominations (Vaishnavites) and Brahma Kumaris people are already there in Tel Aviv, and they celebrate Janmashtami fairly openly.

I don't know what Orthodox Jewish positions are here. But I was watching an interfaith dialogue on NPR or someplace like that and an orthodox Jewish Rabbi was saying that they have no fundamental disagreements with henotheistic , monotheistic and nontheistic Hindu denominations because their practices can be interpreted as conforming to noachide laws. Plus their complete lack of antisemitism classifies them as righteous.

Comment Re:Put things in perspective... (Score 1) 951

I'm not saying I disagree with you, but why is it that whenever Muslims are criticized this way, an entire army of apologists and propagandists pounces upon the criticizer with accusations of bias and bigotry, but when Jews, Christians or Hindus are attacked in this way, it's the same apologists who cheer the attackers on? All this even though the one major thing that Christians, Jews, Buddhists , Hindus and even minority Muslim sects like Ahmadiyyas have in common is that they all either have been or are being persecuted by the Sunni-Shia Muslim hegemony (Jews in Iran, Hindu minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Christians in East Timor, Buddhas of Bamiyan).

Methinks some kind of Stockholm's syndrome is at work here.

Comment Something doesn't smell right (Score 1) 1002

..about this whole affair. The Muslim passengers were headed for a "religious conference" (Wahhabi madrassa?) when they got into this incident. Promptly afterwards ,they were "represented" by two very shady organizations, the 'Muslim Public Affairs Council' (A Wahhabist front) and the 'Council of American-Islamic relations' (who have links to HAMAS). If it were a moderate organization like the "California center for Islamic pluralism" or something similar that was representing them then I would be more sympathetic, but two militant Islamist hate groups suddenly muster up the funds to "represent" them? It sounds like a planned publicity/propaganda stunt meant to conjure up sympathy.

Comment Re:They got a refund (Score 1) 1002

At the end of the day, we killed more of them than they killed of us. We are the ones who are whacked out, and very few of us even realize it.

Really? "We" killed more of "them" than "they" killed in the Armenian genocide, the Pontic Greek genocide, the Bangladesh genocide, the Wandhama massacre, the Shiraz riots, the Noakhali massacre, the Moplah massacre, the East Timor massacres, the Darfur genocide etc. etc. ?

Comment Re:Judge the Law (Score 1) 269

You honestly believe putting up a law against photographing air bases will be an obstacle to a 'totalitarian and genocidal' country meaning to 'wipe [you] out' from carrying out their goals? that strikes me as putting a sheet of paper between you and a loaded gun, sorry.

It's only a symbolic gesture, but semiotics are very important to the enemy. The enemy believes that the kaffir harbi (infidels in the house of war) are weak and incognizant of their fate. This will inform then that this is not the case.

Careful with that, plenty of people said that in the US in 2001 and you see where that got them.

Where, exactly? Is anybody being sent to reeducation camps? Are there mutaween religious police breaking down your door because you utterred the wrong prayer according to some Hisbah bill?

All I see is some wine-soaked mediocrats whining about how their flights got delayed because the TSA frisked them.

I understand that you're making the "slippery slope" argument, but I do not believe it has reached that point yet, nor do I believe that this will happen in the forseeable future. There are enough checks and balances in society to prevent that.

Comment Re:Judge the Law (Score 1) 269

There are many people who have fought for their freedom and rather died then not to be free.

All of them were typically fighting tyranny or oppression (sometimes only perceived tyranny or oppression). They were not fighting complete, civilizational annihilation. Many of those freedom fighters would change their stance once they perceived an existential threat from their enemy. Marshall Tito, for instance.

There is a difference in degree here. Our very existence is in danger.

So basically you do not like the restrictions that will be forced upon you, so you give up your freedom voluntarily.

I'm willing to sacrifice SOME (not all) freedoms in order to protect and preserve my life, the lives of my family and the very core of our civilization which is in existential danger, yes.

Comment Re:Judge the Law (Score 3, Insightful) 269

The law does almost nothing to prevent terrorism while throwing innocent people in jail for doing things a free person would normally do.

I don't know about that, but it does send a message to a totalitarian and genocidal enemy (Pakistan) that they will have a tougher time in carrying out their goals.

I'll take some risk with my freedom, thanks.

I'd rather lose some freedoms than die in a nuclear fireball, or live in perpetual misery in the Dhimmitude of an Islamic theocracy. Pakistan means to destroy our country or, failing that, occupy it and subject non-Muslims to the dehumanizing oppression of Dhimmitude (fighting Islamic Jihad is mentioned in their constitution, as well as the motto of their Army).

It's easy for you to pontificate, sitting in a country surrounded by well-wishing allies. Not so for us, being the only democracy surrounded by Islamic theocracies and totalitarian dictatorships who mean to wipe us out (and have already tried to do so once:

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