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Comment Re:Can this be used against us? (Score 1) 134

How in the world does TC technology "fuck with your freedom"? Please give concrete examples. Microsoft uses it for bitlocker security, but they are not "fucking with your freedom" to wipe it out and install whatever OS you want. TPM devices can be disabled by the platform owner at any time. Also, as I originally wrote, TC != DRM. They are not related. I dont believe there are any mainstream DRM implementations that rely on TPMs to enforce restrictions. It's easy enough to write DRM schemes without it (Apple's FairPlay, for example).

Comment Re:take off your android/apple colored glasses (Score 0) 129

I stand by my assertion that RIM is circling the drain and have not had an innovative compelling product line in about 5 years. The Storm was an abortion, and that was their lame attempt at a touch screen to compete with iOS and Android? FAIL. Everything since then is basically a rehash of the same clunky keyboard and joystick interface. Yeah, they have some sort of touch technology, all crammed into a tiny little screen because they have to make room for the physical keyboard at the bottom. Its like a RAZR with a fancier keyboard.

The playbook has been universally panned by everyone who has reviewed it, another epic failure.

Do they have any sort of meaningful developer program to encourage an ecosystem of development for their pathetic app store? No, It's a joke. Nobody develops for RIM first. It's always iOS/Android, and then maybe the rest if they have time. RIM is part of "the rest" and that does not bode well for their future.

You assert that the blackberry is untouchable in security. Please be specific.

Finally, Its not FUD, its an observation and an opinion. I'm not a fanboy of apple or google, but its obvious to anyone paying attention that RIM is an also-ran in the field of mobile phones and consumer electronics in general. The other companies are growing market share, RIM is shrinking. Stick a fork in them now, they are done. They may hang around for a few years with the MS Exchange integration features, but that's not going to save their business, it'll just allow them to tread water or sink a little slower.

Comment Circling the drain (Score 1) 129

Seriously, when was the last time you talked to anyone who excited to go get a new blackberry? iOS and Android have rendered RIMM products utterly irrelevant. Well, that plus their own inability to adapt to the latest trends and provide a product that is interesting.

Comment Re:One-word answer: (Score 1) 1162

Netflix ? I assume you are not referring to their streaming service offerings which is extremely limited.

I do agree that Netflix has eliminated the need to rush out and buy every new movie (DVD or Blu Ray) that comes out. Why spend the $25 (for BR) on a new disk when I can just put it on top of my queue and have it come to my mailbox in a day or 2?

Also, I think all of this discussion about DRM is way overemphasized due to the demographics of this site. Perhaps in the /. world, DRM is the biggest reason not to buy a BR, but for the rest of the world (which is a more representative sample of the non-technical world we live in), DRM is meaningless.

The real reasons BR is not growing as fast as some might have expected have already been enumerated - most people don't see a big enough difference in picture quality or additional features to make it worthwhile to replace a perfectly fine DVD player and DVD collection. Plus, the economy sucks and people arent splurging on new gadgets like they used to. Unless they are from Apple, in which case people will sell their children for a new iPad.

I have a Sony BR player and I use it all the time, some for watching BRs I get from Netflix and some for watching streaming video from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and lots of other online services. Plus, it plays my old DVDs just fine, so I'm good.

Comment Not a troll... (Score 1) 1348

The article is actually pretty spot-on, IMO. Linux will never be a mainstream desktop OS like OS/X or Windows. For the small percentage of computer users who frequent THIS site, it may seem heretical to state the obvious, but that doesn't make it less true. The article doesn't say that Linux itself is dead or that it is not a viable platform, just that it isn't ever going to be mass-market successful as a desktop platform ala OS/X or Windows.

Why does this piss people off? And just because it works great for *you* doesn't negate the arguments that the author is making.

Comment Misleading headline... (Score 1) 837

As others have pointed out, it was not the WaPo saying this, it was right wing hack Marc Theissen. Thiessen is yet another chicken hawk from the Bush/Cheney administration who writes a weekly column that is so utterly predictable and boring in its position (far far to the right) and lack of original thought (Obama is BAD! Democrats are making America weak! Iran is going to attack any day now!! blah blah blah). He basically regurgitates right-wing talking points he gets from the AEI or other conservative "think tanks" (talk about an oxymoron). Him and Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer are basically the same person, each one hates the left wingers with equal passion and yearns longingly for the glory days of secrecy and FUD everyone so enjoyed under the Dick Cheney administration.

Comment Re:Low Light (Score 1) 596

I actually have decent gear (Nikon D300 + a couple of decent Nikkor lenses, not crappy kit lenses), I didn't just pop into Ritz and pick up the latest cheapo camera kit last week. I've been shooting for 20+ years, so I get know very well that the lens is the most critical piece (besides the photographers own vision and skills). The point I was trying to make was that the camera manufacturers should focus on improving the sensor technology instead of the idiotic "megapixel" race.

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