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Comment Re: Foreshadowing (Score 1) 376

Well I might be the odd man out among tech-savvy users, but I run most applications maximized on my 24" screen...

This is frustratingly common, it is incredibly painful when I see other people do this. Currently I have 19 windows visible on the current virtual desktop and a total of 76 windows open across 5 virtual desktops. Needless to say, alt tabbing through 76 windows doesn't cut it.

Comment Re:I just had this conversation with a coworker: (Score 1) 547

I expect to get modded down, but what's so bad about not having to keep track of a silver disk to play a game? Steam has that model.

Because when the mothership (ie, Valve, or Microsoft) decides that you're no longer allowed to play said game, you're no longer allowed to play said game. Make no mistake, that day WILL come, the only question is when.

Comment Re:Steambox (Score 1) 435

I don't care about second hand games, I'd rather buy a new one.

Steam however is pretty much the worst possible thing that could have happened to gaming in a long time. Not only is it a massive single point of failure, but it forces DRM on every game distributed through it. On top of that, it is increasingly common for games to be distributed exclusively on Steam, even when the developer of said game isn't Valve. However, that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that so many people not only turn a blind eye to the fundamental problems of Steam, but that they treat it as some sort of panacea of gaming.

Comment Re:Specs for the interested (Score 1) 168

I don't really understand the market for something like this either. When the S1200 was launched, Intel was careful to point out that if you try to scale it up as a cheap alternative to E5/E7 Xeons, the economics and power consumption of the S1200 (let alone the complexity of an order of magnitude more servers to manage) is not favourable. Totally understandable, as Intel would be foolish to cannibalize their own Xeon market.

Having said that, I do like the S1200, but more for something like a low traffic VPN gateway, where you want IPMI (which is orthogonal to the actual CPU, but due to the positioning of the S1200 as a server chip, will be easy to find in conjunction with the S1200) and the added reliability of ECC memory, but really won't use any of the extra horsepower or expandability (and cost and power usage) you'd get from a real Xeon.

Comment Re: Adoption by Mass Market? (Score 1) 301

The peak transfer rate for the mini-SAS interface is 3Gbs (3 Gigabits, not bytes, per second) this is an absolute maximum of 375 MB/sec.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Have a look at this review, for example.

Each mini-SAS cable provides four lanes of SAS (3 Gbit/s), SAS2 (6 Gbit/s), or SAS3 (12 Gbit/s), depending on the HBA in use. That equates to 12 Gbit/s, 24 Gbit/s or 48 Gbit/s per cable. Also, with SAS2 being out since 2009, it's pretty hard to even find a SAS1 card anymore.

Comment Re:I will still use my desktop computer (Score 1) 219

In the same way that SSDs help virtually all workloads in a big way, so does more RAM, by functioning as an extended disk cache. All modern operating systems do this transparently, possibly even Windows these days. Unless your entire data set (including the stuff stored on disk) is smaller than RAM, then more RAM will help. In light of the 10T disk array, it's very likely that his dataset is quite large, and any time those CPUs need to hit the disk for data, they're going to be starved.

With dual E5s, you can have up to 256G of RAM for a linear cost increase from 64G (or 512G for a very large premium).

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