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Comment Re:PC-MOS/386 developers treat you better than App (Score 1) 156

Whatever problems Apple built into the Newton's software (whether on-purpose or accidentally) cannot be fixed by its users no matter how technically skilled or willing those users are.

You say that, but I don't know that it's true. It's not like they did anything to prevent you from replacing components, like signing code. Long before there was a source code leak, people were replacing portions of the AmigaOS with workalikes. Major portions of the OS, too, like the graphics library. There were also patches to system libraries to change their function. So no, I think if those users were more technically skilled, they could fix the problems with the Newton OS.

Comment Re:Blame Chrome for Windows defects .. (Score 1) 108

Chrome wouldn't need sandboxing if the underlying Operating System did its job. That is isolate one processes memory from the other. Something the WinTEL platform seem unable to do despite numerous iterations of the x86 processor.

Except you still have all the same kinds of flaws in other operating systems, too, which is why Chrome is also sandboxed on other platforms, e.g. Linux. It's not just Windows. The techniques vary, but no mainstream OS is designed for security first. That would impinge upon performance. Microsoft literally decided to go the other direction in NT4, specifically in the name of graphics performance.

Comment Re: who was the first? (Score 1) 123

It's remarkable that Ford never sold the Transit in their home market for the first 48 years, despite the succes in the UK (especially).

Insert obvious comment about fuel prices and the sizes of roads (and Americans) here. Most Americans reject minivans.

Europeans tend to use vans, trucks or trailers for the type of thing where a pickup bed would be useful.

More than once the Top Gear crew has remarked that you couldn't use a pickup in the UK because as soon as you stopped, whatever you were carting would get nicked out the back. I guess we really do have less petty crime here in the USA, because I've often driven to multiple errands and put lots of stuff in the back of my pickup, and it's all made it home. And I live in a relatively high-crime area for being in the sticks. It's sometimes been the meth capital of CA, for example.

I have a 1992 F250 which needs a new motor. It's a 7.3 liter with a turbo swap. The engines were originally 6.9 liters and instead of turbocharging them, they bored them out to make more power. They wound up turbocharging them later, and a turbo'd 7.3 barely makes more power than a turbo'd 6.9, so they failed there. The overbored engines have a serious cavitation problem, which causes cylinder pinholing. Ford Tough! The engines were actually made by International-Navistar.

Comment Wah? Wah! Waaah. Wa. Waaaaah! (Score 0) 271

There are not enough characters in the subject line to express how few fucks I can possibly give for Seattle's "soul". Seattle has no soul. They murdered the people who had soul. They fought for their lands, but America subjected them to genocide. They named their city after a native chief who sought accommodation of white settlers, which as history shows was a Very Bad Idea. So they named their city after their favorite Uncle Tom Indian in order to assuage their white guilt and et voila! A crowded, expensive, dirty, and poorly designed city was born. Enjoy the traffic!

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 1) 97

Isn't it too bad we behave so poorly in the role of Superpower that several to many sovereign nations would be on the suspect list.?.?.?

Your naivete would be charming if we weren't talking about international politics. You can't make all the other nations behave by just being nice. There is no nation on the planet which wouldn't be happy to pick the USA apart in order to get just a few percentage points stronger.

Comment Re:The ideal "Age of Google" (Score 2) 51

Everyone can watch everyone.
These days we are closer to this than we are to ultimate privacy.

We are no more meaningfully closer to one than the other. You cannot watch what the wealthy do, because they can hide behind a big wall of money. But they get to watch what you do, because they can literally afford to pay someone to bug your house.

Comment Re: who was the first? (Score 1) 123

Over here in Ye Olde Worlde, van models also have very long lifespans, although they are replaced every 10-15 years or so. Vans are expected to be utilitarian and proven mechanicals are more important than handling or fashionable designs, so technology and designs don't age so much and margins are razor-thin, so investing in new models isn't very interesting.

That's exactly why we stuck with our vans for so very, very long. All they changed were things like door handles, headlights, grilles and so on, and of course interiors. We did the same with pickup trucks; Ford ran the same body style from 1980 to 1997! They put three different sets of hood, fenders, and headlight/grill package on it. From '80-86 is the Bullnose, '87-91 is Bricknose, and '92-96 F150 and & '92-97 F250/350 are called OBS, or Old Body Style. But really, they're all one body style, with two facelifts. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Ford trucks of this era are generally some of the most-beloved vehicles in America, and they actually escaped to much of the world. I saw a bunch of OBS (&c;) Fords in Panama, for example.

What kept Ford going with their van for so very long is that the Ford Econoline with the 7.3 liter diesel was the absolute king of towing among vans, with 6,900 lb capacity. There was nothing else even close to that towing capacity with that much enclosed area until the second generation sprinter came out. It can be configured to tow 7,500 lb. The first-gen, however, only tows 5,000... there have been minivans which will do that (e.g. Chevrolet Astro.)

Comment Re: who was the first? (Score 1) 123

Ford vans are much less common than VW, Fiat and Renault vans and I have never even seen a Dodge van (or any Dodge for that matter), so I highly doubt that what you claim is true.

Overseas Ford sold a zillion different things as the Transit van, meaning no one of them was sold in massive numbers. But over here, Ford sold the same thing as the Econoline from the seventies until very very recently, with Chevy and Dodge each selling their own very similar vehicle for almost the same period. They kept the same body and almost the same frame for decades.

Comment Re: who was the first? (Score 1) 123

Almost all vans are unibody and have been for decades. I don't think I have ever seen one that isn't.

You certainly have, because the Sprinter is only a half-unibody. It has a front subframe. The full-size Dodge and Ford vans which didn't change for basically forever are full-frame; they absolutely dominate number of units sold.

Comment Re:Privatize the Police (Score -1, Flamebait) 152

Anyone wishing to return to the days of private police is an idiot, an anarchist, or more frequently both.

Libertarians are those who want police protection from their slaves, and are sure they will be able to manipulate the system so that they get to have slaves rather than being one.

Comment Re:Of course not (Score 0, Troll) 152

Yeah, like they have time to contemplate turning off a recording device in the heat of the moment, when all they can think about is keeping themselves, the public, and property safe.

HAHAHAHAHA the heat of the moment

99% of cop interactions don't involve any heat except that which the police bring with them, and point at people.

For instance the first time I ever got pulled over, my back window was frosted up and I was on a street with a lot of streetlights. The cops decided to pull me over for nothing (they literally never gave me any reason for pulling me over whatsoever, I just looked suspicious to them for some reason) and I didn't see the lights, I pulled over immediately after they hit the siren but they both came up and pointed their guns at my face.

My god, those of you that actually believe that there is a systemic problem with out law enforcement really ought to have your heads examined.

Die in a fire from ass cancer, cop sucker.

Comment Re:Well... kinda (Score 1) 106

it had a really nice ride and got decent gas mileage.
Well that's not what a pickup truck is for.

In America, lots of people who don't do any real work still buy pickups. Some of them are just using them for leisure, some of them are occasionally transporting a plant or something, some of them are just buying it because their parents had a truck and they think they should have a truck. The Ridgeline exceeds most people's needs for a pickup truck.

Throw some sheetrock in the back. Fill the bed up with dirt. How well does it clean up with a hose? How do the tiedowns work? Load it up with tools and take it down a logging road.

You can do all that stuff. It's actually better at surviving rough roads than the competition.

You shouldn't buy the Ridgeline if you plan to go rock crawling, or if you want to tow a fifth wheel. For most other purposes, it's fine. Being a Honda, it will probably continue to be fine when most other vehicles have long disintegrated.

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