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Comment Re:"Rape" now means "sexual misconduct" (Score 1) 217

He has burned all his goodwill by jumping bail & the U.K.>U.S. extradition treaties make extradition a mere formality for any that the U.K does not wish to defend.

Burned what goodwill? His supporters still support him and the American government always hated him, what do you suggest has changed because he's stayed in the embassy?

Comment Re:"worrying ... damaging the image of piracy" (Score 1) 47

Not to nit pick, but at $3 a gallon, if you get 20 mpg the theater would have to be over 16 miles away for gas to cost $5.

It is.

If I lived that far from the closest theater I don't think the cost of popcorn is what would keep me away.

What? You wouldn't drive for 20 minutes to go to a movie? In most places, traffic will bump any trip up to at least 20 minutes.

Comment Re:"worrying ... damaging the image of piracy" (Score 1) 47

Just the fuel to and from the theater costs five to ten bucks. Let's say you smuggle in snacks, but you bought them somewhere else. There's another five to ten bucks. Even if you are a total cheapskate bastard like me you're already hilariously close to the cost of just buying the damned movie when it hits disc, and you're at least at if not beyond the cost of streaming it even if you have to pay-per-view on Amazon or something. Maybe this is the comparison to DVD and not Blu-Ray, but I'll go ahead and take the resolution hit to gain all of the benefits you mentioned.

Comment Re: Houston (Score 2) 102

Uh, it is definitely a red state despite your wetdreams. Statewide, Trump got 53% of the vote compared to Clinton's 42%.

It certainly is, but the young are far bluer in each generation, due to improved access to information. They've grown up around things like out-of-the-closet homosexuals and even if they are still opposed to the whole idea, they've seen first hand that it doesn't lead to the end of civilization as we know it. That's changing things despite your wetdreams.

Of course, their board of education continues to attempt to compromise education sufficiently to preserve the state's redness, and that really has slowed down progress, but they can't prevent it forever. For one thing, there's just too much money in Texas. They actually have something to lose.

Comment Re:Government Small Enough (Score 1) 102

Once it's out there you can't put the cat back in the bag. Better to just take control of it.

Yes, but we can't do that without changing its shape. I, for one, do not advocate for less government. I advocate for government which is more regionalized, and also for regions which make some kind of sense. Many of the state boundaries are also aligned with geographical boundaries, and make plenty of sense. But many other boundaries were rearranged for political reasons, and that's a lot of bollocks.

There are only two legitimate political reasons to rearrange a boundary, if you don't count the creation of manageably sized voting blocs, and I do not because technology makes that irrelevant today. One is that the population has changed substantially such that the government no longer addresses the needs of its constituency, and the other is that the landscape has done the same. We should have more bioregional government organization, such that the people who live within a geographical region with its own particular needs are directly involved in its governance, and in solving its problems.

Comment Re:taxi robbery (Score 1) 102

Uber is terrible, their wages for drivers drop every year, they have a toxic business structure and yet no one seems to give a shit and still uses them with the "Uber might have its flaws" bullshit argument.

Wages for taxi drivers are also net crap, I know two women who were raped by the same group of taxi drivers who had been reported repeatedly to both police and the taxi company... The problem with saying "Uber is bad" is that sure, they're bad, but so are taxi companies. If you're in some other country which is more sane than the USA and reading this, it might not make sense. You might even have trouble believing it. But the truth is that the entrenched taxi companies are generally fuckheads who break the law at every turn anyway, and they have purchased anticompetitive legislation which harms consumers in many markets in the form of medallion laws. If some city wants to limit taxis, they need to make the system a meritocracy and institute some meaningful review so that the medallions (or whatever) are allocated to the best drivers, not simply to those who are first in line or who have a million dollars to pony up for a medallion.

TL;DR: Yes, Uber is shit. But the competition is also shit in many cases. Do you suggest people just stay home?

Comment Re:taxi robbery (Score 1) 102

The Austin law was stupid and anti-competitive. But they have a right to be stupid,

Sure, but they don't have a right to be anti-competitive. In fact, that is illegal.

I don't live in Texas, but I have been to Austin many times. I would MUCH rather live under the rule of the Austin city council than the Texas legislature, despite the stupidity of this particular law.

What's interesting about that is that Austin PD is broadly considered to be not just one of the worst police forces in Texas, but one of the worst in the USA; although things have slacked off slightly of late, it's uncommon for APD to not be in the news for some instance of police brutality, wrongful arrest, or some combination of the two.

My experience in Texas was that the cops are not the big problem, anyway. It's just normal citizens. My cop interactions in Texas were polite and rational, even when they knew I was a secret Mexican.

Comment Re:The Chinese (Score 0, Troll) 70

Keep believing that, because one day very soon you will find the USA is lagging behind China, India, EU.

They've been saying that for decades. But they still shit in the street in India and most Chinese still live like peasants while whole cities sit empty because China won't let their people have things unless they are well-connected and pay all the right bribes. They have no meaningful consumer protection laws, you can be executed for cheating on your taxes, and the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. This is not an environment that rewards creativity. That's probably also why a larger percentage of China's "scientific" papers are fakes than anyone else's.

Comment Re:also, energy efficient computing (Score 1) 312

I doubt that you need 600W for a serious VR rig unless you are seriously price-constrained to the absolute least costly parts that get the performance you desire and don't care a bit about how much waste heat or noise you're producing.

And that's because you have no idea what you're talking about. Just one GTX 1080 draws 173 watts peak, and obviously you have to plan for peak power consumption. Two of those will set you back 346W by themselves, 46W more than my whole PC. SSDs are basically free power-wise (4W or less for the most part) but the CPU is typically over 100W these days and the motherboard itself will draw anywhere from 25 to 80 (!) watts. Each stick of ram is around 4W as well, which would be insignificant if there were only one of them but most high-end gaming rigs have 4 or 6.

600W is not difficult to hit when building a high-end PC. If you slap a third GPU in there for PhysX for some reason, you can get up over 600W without any trouble.

Comment Re:LEDs lighting is cheaper, but it's also better (Score 1) 312

I thought the point of LED bulbs was so you could leave them on all the time. Why bother with a wall switch that may be across the entire room from me?

My PC uses 10W in sleep mode, just waiting to be woken up to do something. That's about what a LED lamp uses, give or take a couple of watts. I figure turning off the LED lamp when I leave the room gives me justification not to hibernate my PC.

Comment Re:also, energy efficient computing (Score 1) 312

I only needed 350W when running a P3/TNT2 with shutter glasses back in the late 90s.

I only actually consume 300W with a FX-8350 and dual Zotac 950 AMP!s (one was a warranty replacement and the other one was cheap) today. My machine with a TNT2 had a K6/2, too, and ISTR it only had a 300W supply but I never actually measured its current draw. It might only have needed 200W or something, who knows?

However, all of this stuff is relatively low-power compared to the top-end of the PC gaming spectrum, and I haven't even overclocked anything massively. I've just done a little gaming card overclocking, which didn't increase consumption much. Maybe 10 watts. And I have no spinning disks and only quiet fans, and no pumps.

There's a reason why people make kW (and beyond) power supplies for PCs.

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