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Comment Re:Error in TFS (Score 1) 160

As a chemistry undergrad currently studying physical chemistry...

He holds the liquid gold at 1127C. It would take an approximate pressure of 2.1 * 10^-7 atm for liquid gold to boil at 1127C. Now, it strikes me as very unlikely that he is using a close-to-perfect vacuum for this, especially since running any vacuum at all will encourage evaporation, but without further data, who knows, right?

Comment Re:Is it possible? (Score 1) 79

If autotune is just a function applied to a waveform, then an inverse function should be possible. Probably a fucking difficult thing to do, though, since most autotune I hear makes pitch changes abrupt (ie, the function is not continuous; a piecewise function. That sure makes a mess of things)

//IANA mathematician or acoustician etc

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