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Submission + - Advice on Living and Working Abroad in New Zealand 5

An anonymous reader writes: I am a self-educated software developer in my late twenties with over 10 years of experience in my field. Other than than taking a few business trips overseas for a multinational corporation I work for, I have not considered working or living outside of the United States until recently. I'm getting to a point in my life where I am considering casting aside my single lifestyle and settling down, but before doing so want to go on one last big adventure for a few years.

While open to considering alternative locations, I have begun setting my sights on New Zealand; which I have heard many great things about. From my research on-line, it appears to be friendly to foreigners looking for work. What I have yet to determine is what the local employment market is like for a man such as myself, with marketable skills in software development such as Java, Python, SQL, AJAX, C++, XML, AS3, etc. What is the competition like out there? And who are the desirable employers of software developers in New Zealand?

Any advice from those who have worked and lived in New Zealand is greatly appreciated.

Comment Re:More to the Story? (Score 3, Funny) 493

[the customer] asked to see some ID before allowing access to the apartment

I think you are on to something. It seems more likely the alleged assailant has very strong feelings about the right to privacy and is making a statement about how a national ID card would be against the founding principles of this country; and that such a system does nothing ensure the safety of the public at all as the bureaucrats in Washington would have you believe, but in reality only serves to further the government's agenda towards a police state that will only result in violence towards its own citizens.

Surely, I can't be the only one to have gathered that from the summary?


Verizon Sued After Tech Punches Customer In Face 493

suraj.sun writes "A Verizon customer filed a lawsuit after the tech the company sent out got a little punchy. Instead of fixing the customer's problem, the tech allegedly hit him in the face. The New York Post says the tech attacked the customer after he asked to see some ID before allowing access to the apartment. From the article, '"You want to know my name? Here's my name," Benjamin snarled, slapping his ID card into Isakson's face, according to Isakson's account of the December 2008 confrontation. "The guy essentially snapped. He cold-cocked me, hit me two or three solid shots to the head while my hands were down," said Isakson, a limo driver. He said the pounding bloodied his face and broke his glasses. But things got uglier, Isakson said, when Benjamin squeezed him around the neck and pressed him up against the wall. "He's prepared to kill me," Isakson said. "That's all I could think of." The customer broke free and ran away. The Verizon tech then chased the customer until he was subdued by a neighbor who was an off-duty cop.'"

Comment Re:lame (Score 4, Funny) 124

I have to apologize. After reading the "smelloscope" tag under the summary, I could not help but hear the voice of Professor Farnsworth in my head while reading your post. For some reason, I can't read your post any other way now. I'm sure your post is well thought-out, and indeed informative, but I just can't take it seriously with that voice!

Comment Electronic Armageddon? (Score 1) 158

I remember reading this prophecy in Patch Tuesday School when I was a child:

Longhorn 6:8 -

"I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Bill, and Balmer was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by acquisition, lock-in and proprietary-standards, and by the wild clippies of the earth."

It always freaked me out that this might come to pass.


Microsoft To Disable Autorun 429

jchrisos writes "Microsoft is planning to disable autorun in the next Release Candidate of Windows 7 and future updates to Windows XP and Vista. In order to maintain a 'balance between security and usability,' non-writable media will maintain its current behavior however. In any case, if it means no more autorun on flash drives, removable hard drives and network shares, that is definitely a step in the right direction. Will be interesting to see what malware creators do to get around this ..."

Comment Re:That pretty bad (Score 1) 859

I've never understood this myself; yet I understand a lot about electronics. How a VA is not a Watt I am unsure; for now I just take it as face value that they are different units. If the GP or someone else would kindly explain better than Wikipedia does, I would appreciate it.

It's probably just some semantic detail I am overlooking. For example, for the longest time I did not understand why wall outlets are polarized. I mean, since alternating current flows in both directions, how can AC be polarized unless it has a DC offset? After a long time, I came to understand on my own it's not about positive/negative charges, but just an indicator of which conductor is hot and which leads to ground to complete the circuit.

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