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Comment Obsolete computer architecture (Score 1) 54

Threads, system buses
It's time for networked processors (not ethernet)
You give each processor its own memory space with a large amount of the space dedicated to its own private ram. Other sections of this memory space can intersect the memory space of a set of neighboring processors, shared ram. Get rid of the cashing and swapping and thrashing. Extremely complex operations can pipeline from processor space to processor space. One could make Neural networks, Function networks, Data flow programs as they wish. Have thousands of these processors. Note this is not the same as the single instruction multiple data (SIMD) GPUs being hoisted on us right now.

Comment Re:Actually good cars (Score 1) 483

Modern cars balance the oxygen pulled in to the engine with the fuel stoichiometrically. This prevents NOx emissions. A car on a hot and humid day burns less gas for this reason but also has less power. The same effect can be used to reduce fuel consumption when the car does not require power. If they send gas through the system that does not participate in combustion, less fuel is used to balance the stoichiometric ratio also less power is produced at that particular time like while coasting.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 397

if there were a swarm of solar collectors that are a type of parabolic mirrors that focus on thermal engine type of generators. Would the mirrors not reflect the wast infrared back in the star's direction? We would not necessarily see the obscured infrared and any infrared reflected back to the star would not really appear as an anomaly.

Comment Re:An unfortunate use of technology (Score 1) 483

Please run the numbers for me. When I calculated the last time I was in the market. I could afford a lifetimes supply of gas for the vehicle for a similar class gas car for the difference in the price.

With $25,000 you could drive...
Say $3/gallon. You buy 8,333 gallons of gas. Assume 35 mile/gallon, you could drive 291,655 miles.

Comment Actually good cars (Score 2) 483

You notice these cars are not Fuel Hogs. They are actually using the energy that used to dump into the squishy torque converter. The cars are actually streamlined unlike the box cars of the 80's. They are burning less energy by running a larger percentage of recirculated exhaust gases through the engine when at idle and power is not needed. This doesn't even take into account electric flywheel assist and stop start technology where the vehicles engine is shut off at lights. When the power goes to the road you go quicker. I'd wager the cars are lighter too aluminum engine blocks are the norm now.

But go on about how we're all bad and how we should all drive the Trabant.

Comment Re:So much for progress... (Score 1) 141

Communism can only exist in a Dictatorship/Oligarchy as that's the only way people will allow the govt to take all their stuff. If you vote them in you can't vote them out.
You'll notice that if the state runs everything, the power monger gets to tell you what to do all the time. That's the opposite of a democracy.
The difference between Fascism and Communism is only where the Politburo sits and what they name themselves.
  Politics is not left/right, it's the crazy wheel, when you go too far in either direction you end up in the same place and look pretty much the same.
Don't vote for people standing on the back of the CRAZY WHEEL!

Comment Re:Content + access: AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy (Score 1) 141

Now what would it have looked like if AOL, or CompuServe owned the wires connecting to your house?
Now our new CompuServe (comcast) owns the wires. They can shut you off any time they want. It is only the kindness of their heart that they allow you to access Youtube or daily motion or Wikipedia on the wires they own. We really should be thanking them for using the network they allow us to use.

Comment Re:Remains to be seen (Score 1) 190

Are you saying there isn't fake news out there. I'm not talking about the New York Times favoring their favorite candidate. There is objectively fake news that can be demonstrated by anyone who is capable of examination the story with anything more than a skin deep effort.

For Example:
We got right wing anti-vaxers protecting the cancer causing HPV viruses. They view it a as a form of social moral control put there by God. They even invented a fake, official looking, "American College of Pediatricians" which is nothing but a politically motivated conservative advocacy group. It's a quackery.

Our science is moral == Protect the STDs

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