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Submission + - Best Call logging system for a small department

Ragein writes: I work in a UK High school with two techies and around 900 users and would like to implement a call logging system so we can keep track of and prioritise our daily and project work. The important bit is that we have no help desk so users need to be able to log calls without our interaction, an intranet based website or email system would be most appropriate. I would prefer to use FOSS if at all possible because being a school we have no money for projects like this, The back-end can run from a Linux or Windows based machine but the interface for managing calls must be usable from a windows box due to a windows disciple boss. Have any other /.ers been in a similar situation? What did you use to implement this and what problems did you run into along the way?

Comment Re:I ran out of names for my workstation (Score 1) 688

For a while (when a student), I had a naming convention based off drug names, related vaguely to the box by function. For example weed is the box I used most, shroom was the laptop that had psychedelic errors, a server called coke (really important for my network and the drug cartels) and a router called mule.

Comment Re:Easy to avoid (Score 1) 394

If you try to swipe a chip and pin card by cloning the mag-stripe any machine that supports the chip will tell you to use that. That means that you can only use the card out-of-country, and the bank often think it's a little odd if you are using your card in two places a few kmiles (yes that is miles with an SI prefix) apart within hours.

Alan Cox Quits As Linux TTY Maintainer — "I've Had Enough" 909

The Slashdolt writes "After a stern criticism from Linus, the long-time kernel hacker Alan Cox has decided to walk away as the maintainer of the TTY subsystem of the Linux Kernel, stating '...I've had enough. If you think that problem is easy to fix you fix it. Have fun. I've zapped the tty merge queue so anyone with patches for the tty layer can send them to the new maintainer.'" A response to a subsequent post on the list makes it quite clear that he is serious.

Comment Re:Permuation Enumeration (Score 1) 180

5 character code - 0-99999 = 100,000 possible codes.

In the flash animation above the video (on the passwindow site), there are clearly more than 5 digits. I can see 16 places a digit can be (counting the _ sections of the digit, the uprights overlap).

If I was able to receive multiple challenges from the server, I would repeat the process and cross compare results. This would allow me to determine the key on the card within an almost 100% accuracy

If I was able to have multiple attempts, I can break any password

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