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Comment Re:Explain your vote? (Score 1) 221

Like what? Have you received products that were counterfeit? I'm genuinely interested, since I pretty much do the bulk of my shopping (except groceries) from Amazon. Would my chances of receiving a counterfeit product be more if I bought from Amazon as opposed to some other web site?

I looked through my Amazon order history, going back 6 months. About half of the crap I buy is made in China anyways. The other half, some of would be hard to pass counterfeit products on: Dell monitor, rental books, Eco Sphere, USB3-RJ45 converter, Hedge Trimmer, so on. The only items I can think of are like the brake pads I've been ordering (seems like all my cars are needing it in the same couple of months span), Delphi ignition coils. Maybe Red Bull? (They were on sale for $24/case).

Comment Re:Explain your vote? (Score 1) 221

I voted Amazon by mistake. The title of the article is "Slashdot Asks: Which Tech Giant You Can't Live Without?" (never mind the grammatical mistake of misplacing "can't"), so without looking at the poll, I voted for the one I actually couldn't live without. And then realized the poll actually asks the opposite: "Which tech giant would you give up first?" A simple inversion of the question may have invalidated the results.

I can't live without Amazon because It save me so much time when I'm shopping for everything. Not just because I don't have to walk to the store, but because I don't have to hop from store to store when I'm shopping for brake pads for my car. I don't have to call every store either to find out whether they have the items I'm looking for in stock. At to that a guaranteed delivery and an awesome return policy and I don't shop anywhere else.

Comment Re:Pascal not "clean"? (Score 1) 633

While I did write keyloggers, this wasn't done via keyboard capture. It intercepted the call to NetWare's interrupt for changing password and made the same call to all the other servers we needed to sync the password on. True that the program was in possession of a plain-text password, but it technically wasn't a keylogger.

Comment Pascal not "clean"? (Score 5, Insightful) 633

WTF? Pascal is not clean? Pascal was DESIGNED to be clean. It is very clean. It has strict type checking and is extremely sensitive to syntax. It doesn't allow any hanky panky to take place with any of its variables. You can't modify any variable without its assignment operator. Variables have to be declared, or else you get a runtime error. How is that not clean? Tell me one thing Pascal (Not Turbo Pascal and other flavors, but the language as it was created) does that is not clean?

Now, don't get me wrong. Pascal was a great language to learn straight programming, but was very limiting for every-day programming. Come Turbo Pascal. I must have written dozens, if not hundreds, of TSR programs that created ISRs, from sitting in the background and capturing keyboard input to recognizing that you changed your password on a NetWare server and sync it up to other servers. I even wrote a visual Connect 4 game that you could play over the network with your buddies, when the only LAN game I was aware of was "ncsnipes". Now those are things Pascal wasn't meant for, but Turbo Pascal extended the language very successfully and created a world where there was no end to what you could develop.

Comment Re: Single use? (Score 1) 761

Let me know how calling for help using an FM receiver works for you, will you?

You actually CAN! Every FM radio (that I've dealt with) is also a transmitter. Don't believe me? Try putting two FM radios near each other. Tune one to the middle of the band on static, and then run across the band on the other one. At some point the static on the first one cuts out. Connect a line level output to the right place on the second radio and voila! You have your own radio station. I did this at my dorm in college. Freaked the shit out of everyone on the floor!

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 1) 35

Until then, people would be happily using Fedora 24.

I, for one, am not a happy Fedora 24 user. Having used Fedora since Fedora 3 on my desktop, I'm about to switch to CentOS. Too much playing in Fedora has broken many things. Take DNF, for instance. Not sure why we changed away from Yum. I haven't had this many dependency failures in a very very long time. I said this before on SD, but the last good version of Fedora was FC18 or FC19.

Comment I am a very impatient driver, but ... (Score 1) 203

... am pretty skeptic about this working properly or at all in some of the convoluted intersections around. Plus, what's wrong with using the old noodle to determine when my light's gonna turn green? What? So that I can be texting on my phone until the last second?

Comment Re:Idiotic Argument (Score 1) 394

Cut that wire and route it back into your recording device.

It occurred to me, what if they use a special speaker which will provide an encrypted signal back to the circuit before the amp, via a third wire, and if the signal to +/- is tampered with (cut, sees difference impedance, etc) then it sends the message to stop playing?

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