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Comment Re:Warren is right and wrong.... (Score 1) 326

Though I believe too that it is in a bubble I believe bitcoin is too well known to drop to zero value. Instead, it is quite likely that it will become the equivalent of penny stock -

Nope. Bitcoin transactions aren't free. Would you buy penny stocks if the transaction fees were several dollars?

Comment Re:Warren is right and wrong.... (Score 1) 326

I would point out that Bitcoin has popped, quite a few times by now. It doesn't zero out tho and keeps coming back

Dreams are hard to kill. People still want to believe they can be magically rich.

Remember though: Every time somebody cashes out and makes a profit, that money came from somebody else's savings. It wasn't because Bitcoin generated some value out of nothing.

Comment Re:Is this unexpected? (Score 1) 217

There's also the fact that PCs as a mainstream product have lost traction to tablets and phones. Consumers who used PCs strictly for web and email don't need them anymore.

Yep. People used to use PCs for that because they had no real choice. These days they simply don't want the pain of installing/maintaining a PC environment.

(and why should they?)

Comment Re:What if he actually WAS an ambassador? (Score 2) 252

Just to be clear, this is 100% speculation, and is probably mostly incorrect. There's no advantage at all to the US in involving Sweden in this. The extradition treaty the UK has (not to mention the political relationship between the two) is far stronger,

True, but to extradite him from the UK he'd have to be accused of an actual crime.

To extradite him from Sweden he only has to be in custody for "questioning".

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