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Comment Re:EDM? Maybe 15 years ago (Score 1) 477

New music has always sounded crap. It's a case of Sturgeon's Law (90% of everything is crap) combined with survivor bias (the 10% that isn't crap is more likely to be remembered and still played much later). For every great song you can remember from a prior decade, there are nine more that were such complete crap that you don't even remember that they were briefly popular.

Also: Kids will always tend to prefer things that make their parents angry. It makes them feel like "rebels".

Comment Re:Flaw: mining is not decentralized (Score 1) 326

First, mining is dominated by a small group of individuals/organizations with expensive specialized hardware (ASICs). This makes a 51% attack plausible should a cartel form, note that a mining pool reached 50% a few years ago. Secondly, 70% of miners are located in a single country and dependent upon government supplied inexpensive electricity.

And that government has recently announced it's going to shut them all down.

Time for a power-grab... one person with enough resources could literally steal all the Bitcoins ever.

(although they wouldn't grab 100% because they'd be worthless if they did, they have to strike the right balance to take away everybody's life savings)

Comment Re:Warren is right and wrong.... (Score 1) 326

Though I believe too that it is in a bubble I believe bitcoin is too well known to drop to zero value. Instead, it is quite likely that it will become the equivalent of penny stock -

Nope. Bitcoin transactions aren't free. Would you buy penny stocks if the transaction fees were several dollars?

Comment Re:Warren is right and wrong.... (Score 1) 326

I would point out that Bitcoin has popped, quite a few times by now. It doesn't zero out tho and keeps coming back

Dreams are hard to kill. People still want to believe they can be magically rich.

Remember though: Every time somebody cashes out and makes a profit, that money came from somebody else's savings. It wasn't because Bitcoin generated some value out of nothing.

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