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Comment Re:Funny! (Score 1) 168

This song came out in 1978. I was about 2 years old at the time and I am 40 years old. I am surprised they did not find anything more contemporary than this,

I'm betting the perpetrator is older than you. This song was a running joke on CB radio back in the '70s. People used to broadcast it all day long on channel 19.

Comment Re:IE only no firefox or chrome for you! (Score 1) 99

Yep. This will surely require a Microsoft Modem and the modem driver will keep resetting your browser preferences.

Always-on Internet will also help with the tracking, the massive 'updates' to the OS and whatever lame device they come up with to try and compete with Amazon Echo.

Zune II?

Comment Re:Well, collect on the deposits... (Score 1) 159

In the days before debit/credit cards, my father's store had a "deposit" required (in cash) of $10 for the gas can. ZERO gas cans were ever returned. They also sold gas cans for $10.

Your father was a dumbass. He should have charged $12 deposit. A lot of people would have paid that thinking they'd get the money back. Later on they'd figure that it wasn't worth $2 to drive back and return it.

Result? $10 can sold for $12.

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