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Comment Re:no extra calories? (Score 1) 374

a) You demonstrated how easy it is to do
b) You didn't measure insulin

That's why restaurants like to start you off with bread while you're perusing the menu. It ain't just being hospitable. They want your blood sugar to be plummeting when you order.

Oh, sure. It's a worldwide secret conspiracy that none of the customers even know about or suspect.

Comment Re:China: "No." (Score 0) 304

I believe the future of transportation is going to be "a few electric cars for the super-rich and public buses and stuff for the rest."

Stop living in the past and try using your imagination.

First Tesla car: The 100k roadster. 2500 produced, for the very rich only, everybody said it was doomed.

Next Tesla car: The model S - selling about 50,000 cars per year.

Now it's the model 3, there's half a million pre-orders, tesla is busy building 'gigafactories' to manufacture them.

See a pattern here?

Try letting the kids play on your lawn every once in a while. You might learn something.

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