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Comment Re:Wikipedia ruined the internet (Score 1) 517

Dear AC, people really believe things. Really. They have values.

The holistic "healers" really believe that they have science on their side, or that they are being scientific. It is just like Ken Ham, and Lord Monckton.

That is what makes the situation sad. Not everything is about money.

The placebo effect is very real, it really works, and that's what this is, ie. placebo in the guise of "Energy Medicine" instead of a sugar pill.

Yes, it can cure, it can help people, but not people with real diseases/illnesses.

In no circumstances should it substitute proper science if there's something seriously wrong with you.

Comment Re:Low profile ones (Score 1) 251

Most of the skills you'll learn at the moment with sub-$1000 printers are:
* Calibration/leveling
* Throwing away models because of bad calibration/leveling
* Recalibration/adjusting the leveling
* Throwing away models because of bad print options that caused the plastic to droop
* Trying different print options to find one that works for that particular object

Printers (and printer driver software) will eventually improve and make most of those skills obsolete.

Comment Re:Welcome back, Brendan (Score 2, Interesting) 112


The name, for starters. How much untold confusion has that caused?

Then there's the language....

Still, JavaScript isn't any worse than all those other languages that the BASIC programmers of the world seem to prefer. Even if JavaScript hadn't 'won' it would have been something similar. Better the devil you know.

Comment Re:First (Score 1) 158

Have fun dealing with everybody trying to get free internet. My neighbor didn't lock his down, and once his internet started running like molasses, he checked and found six different people using his internet at the one time.

My router has a separate "guest" WiFi that I can limit the bandwidth on. I'm free from any lawsuit hassle if I open that up ...?

Comment Re:Flight recorder (Score 1) 491

Unfortunately, the bat-shit scary truth of the matter appears to be that the pilot decided to kill himself and everybody else on the plane, and there really isn't much that passengers or other flight crew can do to prevent the outcome.


Nothing else explains the radio silence, transponder shut-down, etc. Those things are designed to keep basic electrical and comms functions working no matter what.

If it flew for a few hours after the 'failure' then it should have communicated with ground. The only conclusion is that it was deliberately done by somebody with cockpit access.

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