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Comment Re:Too Bright (Score 1) 924

I'm guessing the management doesn't really want the bad press

Who says it would be bad press? I'd be much more likely to choose theaters with zero tolerance polices. I think most people would actually switch off their phones if there was a big on-screen announcement that they absolutely WILL be booted out if it rings or they try to use it in any way during the movie.

If not ... watching somebody who's that self-entitled being told where to get off is probably better entertainment than what's on the screen. They can always pause the movie while they do it.

Another idea is for each seat to have a row of red LEDs in front of it which gradually light up when people talk. If it reaches LED number three, out with them.

Comment Re:Sheeple follow their games (Score 1) 403

I'll bet you're forgetting that Microsoft (and other platform makers) pay game makers for "exclusive" titles which draw more players to their platform.

pfft. he is not forgetting that. the scenario already didn't happen. the exact same scenario with vista and dx10.

With Linux Steam on the horizon, it would be a risky move.

This is just a marketing announcement for the gullible. There'll be a percentage of people who'll go out and upgrade after this, and that's the point.

Comment Re:So it's going to be irrelevant (Score 2) 403

call Microsoft Activation and advise you have downgraded to Windows 7 as allowed as part of the OEM licensing agreement and would like their assistance in activating.

Have you read the OEM licensing agreement?

You can only 'downgrade' if you purchase Windows 8 Pro, which is, a) Not always an option on consumer machines, b) Much more expensive.


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