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Comment Re:I reject the question (Score 2) 326


GC creates more problems than it solves.

The knowledge/discipline needed to use GC properly isn't less than learning to use reference counting.

Worse: In a GC language you'll be retyping the exact same boiler plate code over and over gain to workaround the problem. This leads to copy/paste errors, code verbosity that hides other bugs, forgetting to do it, etc.

Comment Re:No, it's just the same crap (Score 2) 247

Angry AC doesn't like it when his BS gets smacked down by logic

You talk as if we've never seen a matte screen before.

a) The surface of the screen doesn't alter the underlying electronics.
b) Contrast doesn't matter a hoot if 90% of the light coming from the screen is a reflection of the room.

Comment Re:No, it's just the same crap (Score 1) 247

Are there any capacitive touch matte screens? No.

Who wants capacitive touch in a laptop?

I hate glare, but you have to choose between contrast and no glare. You can get rid of glare by adjusting where you place the screen.

ie. You have to use it in the dark.

No, thanks. I bought _one_ laptop with a shiny screen. Never again. My list of specs now starts with "matte screen" and goes from there.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 4, Insightful) 247

This infomercial is a frickin joke. 999$ USD for an entry level Core i5 laptop with Windows on it is an insult to our intelligence.

Only if you compare it to the end-of-isle specials at Walmart.

How much does a 14mm thick laptop with 14 hour battery life and a bit of style cost at Walmart? Oh, that's right, they don't even sell them!

This is way cheaper than a similar size Macbook and better specced. Those Macbooks sell by the million. You can complain about a lot of things but the price isn't one of them. Not really.

(and anybody who'd buy something with an Alcantara keyboard certainly won't be complaining about that)

Comment Re:Senator? Clean up your own shit first! (Score 1) 224

Ted Cruz is from Texas, and Austin (its capitol city) is most definitely a tech hub. That said, I would not trust a single thing that comes out of Cruz's mouth. With the exception of religious comments, I don't think Cruz listens to anyone in Texas.

I wasn't attacking Ted Cruz in particular.

That cartoon is a couple of years old, maybe you can imagine it has different names on it, mmmmmkay?

Comment Re: Senator? Clean up your own shit first! (Score 2) 224

They want the web to be the new cable tv, with them raking in the profits, plain and simple.

Yep. This is being bought and paid for by large ISPs.

Google will be the first target of anti-neutrality (ie. Youtube, Google search, Gmail), hopefully Google can fight this.

Netflix, Facebook, etc, will all be interested, too. None of them wants ISPs to charge a "premium" rate for access to their services.

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