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Comment Re:Can ads get any less timely and useful? (Score 1) 442

The problem is that the advertisers are only tied into the search data.. not the purchase data.

No, the problem is they're stupid.

If you searched for helmets and then you stopped searching for helmets they should probably show adverts for bike locks or jackets or something. Not helmets.

Comment Re:Dumb question, sorry (Score 1) 570

I'm at work so I didn't get to see the presentation. Did they address anything wrt someone unlocking your iPhoneX with a photograph of your face? You know, like the one most people have in their phones for a contact icon/image.

If only Apple could employ people with as much engineering insight as you...

Comment Re:Not want (Score 1) 570

They addressed this in the presentation. You have to look at it with your eyeballs. As long as you look away with your eyes, it won't unlock.

What if I'm wearing sunglasses? I can't use my phone?

If they've got that technology then why do they even need a "home" gesture. People could just cross their eyes or something to go home, much easier than using a stupid gesture that will probably give you RSI if you try to use the phone one handed.

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