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Comment Re:Only with Firefox 6, though (Score 1) 306

Did they fix their little font problems ? I gave up on chrome under linux because whenever I finally managed to get proper anti-aliased fonts, each time the next new version would wreck havoc and send you back to the dark ages of pixelated characters. My eyes are too old to bear with that stupid game. This, and of course, the stupid use of the title bar to store tabs that have nothing to do into my window manager layout.

Comment The proof is in the pudding... (Score 1) 306

Just tried the nightly, and there's definitively a perceived speed boost. I can't compare to windows version, but it's there on linux for sure. Easy as downloading the nightly to a local dir in your home, unpack and run. Better, some odd layout bugs of the stable seem to have disappeared too.

Comment Re:A lot depends on the details of the setup (Score 1) 110

my machine at work is a newer, much more powerful desktop from HP (I don't know the exact specs) that (critically) also has a much bigger screen that it has to compute pixels for. The linux drivers are OK, but not great. KDE fucking sucks on it.

It this can be of any consolation to you, my mother's computer is a fancy quad core HP, and it sucks donkey's ass under windows too (would freeze, reboot on its own in the middle of the night, and some other surprising oddities). Odd as were most HP PC I came across for years. HP is a very over rated brand.

OTOH, my home built computer made from various bits and pieces around an AMD 64 X2 and an Asus budget MB with 4GB RAM is rock stable. I just suspend it to memory at night, and almost never reboot it fully unless I need to unplug it from the wall socket. And KDE just flies on it. The only trouble I had so far were blown caps on the preceding MSI motherboard, I swapped the offender out, fiddled some time with initrd because fedora's idea of setting up LVM2 is braindead, and finally the frankenputer was back into service. Linux + KDE just work for me, YMMV.

Comment Re:1998 just called... (Score 1) 110

I have a better machine (running KDE too) to indulge into my photography hobby, but I don't need more than the atom for my job, and it's the smallest form factor with a usable keyboard. I can can drag it everywhere, and if it breaks, I'll just buy the same again. It's a tool, and you don't need a steam powered hammer to nail upholstery tacks. As it is, the eeepc is worth a fraction of one of my billable hour, but that's exactly what I need.

Comment 1998 just called... (Score 3, Insightful) 110

... they want their meme back.

We hear the same tiring rant over and over again, and this is really becoming OLD. Plain and simple, in that case, this is bollocks. I've run every version of KDE since v. 1, and anytime there was improvements, whiners have complained they were too broke to afford the required computing power. Then, don't use it and be done with it !

But what's more, since KDE 4.5, this rant is completely delusional. I use daily a 2008 eeepc 900A (Atom powered low-end netbook w/ 1GB RAM and Intel graphics), with Fedora 13, KDE 4.5 (composite display enabled with bells and whistles), and libreoffice. This is my bread-and-butter computer. The speed of KDE is already perfectly adequate even if slowed down by the lousy 8GB SSD of the machine. All the graphics effects just work. And this from a computer that wouldn't be able to run Microsoft Aero effects.

You don't like KDE : fine. But stop smearing it for imaginary defects produced only by your incapacity to configure it properly.

Comment There's only one Bond... (Score 2) 655

... who is at least faithful to the novels' main character as depicted by Flemming, and it's Lazenby.

All other are showman ruining splendid, dark, brutal stories, and turning them into a Hollywood sanitized farce.

And co-starring in this movie is Diana Rigg, making it by far the best Bond ever.


Comment Re:Gnome and the gulag mentality (Score 4, Insightful) 247

Case in point, why on earth then, did they dropped the minimize / maximize button ? Oh, yeah... sorry to speak about consistency, everybody should know by now that consistency isn't part of Gnome's roadmap. I'm not arguing that things should be kept around forever by default, neither do I think things must change for the sake of changing. What I want is the freedom to decide what I want to keep, and what i want to drop, and the way it's displayed. Easy enough. KDE, for all its shortcomings, does that very well. You have personalities, pagers, as much buttons as you like in title bars, wherever you like, arranged as you want them to be ordered, and you can suit your keyboard shortcuts to your needs. Stuff that, Gnome.

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