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Submission + - Microsoft losing big to Apple in the campus OS war (

destinyland writes: Apple has nearly surpassed Microsoft's share of operating systems among the computers of incoming freshmen at the University of Virginia, confirming earlier reports of an ongoing change. A yearly survey shows that among 3,156 freshman who own computers, Microsoft's share is just 56%, with Apple's share rising up to 43%, continuing a big five-year trend. Microsoft's share dropped 6% from the previous year, while Apple's rose 6% — though just five years ago, Microsoft's share was on 86% vs 13% for Apple. "It seems likely that the Mac-using students will outnumber their Windows cousins this school year," notes one technology blog, citing an new study showing that 70 percent of college freshman are choosing the Mac. Other interesting data from the Virginia study: In 1997, 26% of incoming freshmen said they didn't own a computer, a number which has now dropped to 0. And 99% of their computers are now laptops.

A Quick Look At KDE SC 4.5 Beta 1 122

dmbkiwi writes "The latest in the 4.x series of the KDE Software Compilation is due to be released in early August 2010. With the first beta of this release recently unleashed, I thought I'd download the openSuse packages and see what 4.5's got in store for us."

Comment Re:Jumps out? (Score 1) 276

Why not? What is wrong with the numbers? A statistically significant result (and I guess this one from a 52-million sample is significant) can be of any size... even if the difference was only 0,0001 %, it could be a valid result. And of course they would choose such a scale for the charts that makes the trends visible.

Comment Re:Jumps out? (Score 1) 276

No... the effect can be statistically significant without being large. Of course the charts look more dramatic if you "zoom in", but the fact that the difference is only 0,5 % does not make it insignificant. And with the sample size of 52 million children, the results are probably very significant (too bad the article seems to omit the p-value for the tests).

Comment Re:If you ask me... (Score 1) 227

No, the point is - if you maximise your profit, that already includes any debt obligations. So if I say "maximise (net) profit" it also includes optimise cost including cost of debt. Minimising debt may not be the optimum strategy. It is easy to minimise debt - just don't have any. But that may not lead to maximum profit. You may also want to talk about risk but then again - if you talk about middle or long term profit optimisation that includes risk optimisation - again, not minimalisation. World of business is not black and white, debt and cost are not bad things per se. It is the balance of these things that needs to be taken into account.

Comment Re:If you ask me... (Score 1) 227

You definition of "do the best" seems strange to me. Of course companies need to maximise the profit. Why should they minimise debt is beyond me (if you are talking about maximising net profit and not turn-over, debt is not an issue). You don't even have to say "maximise profit and minimise costs" becase costs are already factored into profit. So you are saying that companies that are doing best are those, that maximise profit. That calls for a Nobel prize in economics. Furthermore you are saying that the coolness of the product does not have impact on profit - your prize is long overdue, man.

QT 4.5 Released, Plus New IDE and Analysis Tool 62

stoolpigeon writes "QT 4.5 has arrived and is now available for download. This new release is quite significant due to licensing changes that now make it simpler to use QT in a wider range of products without cost as well as a number of new features. The latest version of Webkit is now integrated into the product. Qt 4.5 sees the introduction of QtBenchLib, a new component to make measuring the performance of the toolkit and checking for regressions easier. Mac developers who use Qt will note a major reworking of 4.5 on the Mac, now providing 64-bit support. QT Creator is a new IDE that looks to have combined a number of previously separate tools. And there is much more."

Comment Re:Yeah but KDE doesn't work. (Score 3, Informative) 828

Try comparing KDE 3.5 to KDE 4.2... no, seriously, if you liked KDE, give it another try. KDE has come a long way from 4.0 to 4.2. Many things are much more polished and the whole experience is now very nice (obviously, YMMV). The only thing I am still missing is the printing infrastructure of KDE 3.5.

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