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Comment Re:I just bought one last week (Score 1) 73

If we ignore the awesome remakes and amazing multiplatform indie games, the Wii U had: Splatoon, Pikmin 3, Nintendoland, Wonderful 101, Smash Bros., Toad's Treasure Tracker, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart 8. These are all high quality games that are fun to play. Many of the games above are probably quality games, but not anything I'd want to play personally. I'll probably pick up Little Big Planet 3, Tearaway, Dragon Quest Builders, Ni No Kuni 2, and Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PS4. Perhaps even the Kingdom Hearts games if I have time.

I'm more of a game play first kinda gamer than a "watch a 'movie' about killing things that requires mashing the 'x' button a whole lot" kinda gamer. But there's nothing wrong if someone likes that sorta thing.

Comment Re:I just bought one last week (Score 1) 73

So what you're saying is that the PS4 is a powerful console without games? ie games == space in your analogy?

I don't think that's entirely true or fair. There are some really fun games that I'm thinking of picking up such as Dragon Quest Builders. Also I'm going to try out PSVR as I hear they have some asynchronous games similar to Nintendo Land.

Comment I just bought one last week (Score 0) 73

I bought one last week and I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm still trying to find games to play for it as it doesn't seem to have the wealth of games I enjoy like the Wii U does, but next year looks like a really good year for PS4 gaming. I'm also excited to see what they do with VR. Hopefully the Scorpio comes out and blows us away with that too.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 269

I would say then that you should look at the video game crash of the early 80s. Nintendo came along and rescued the game industry from obscurity. I think a similar story is unfolding. In the last generation, only 80 million home consoles have been sold between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo combined. In the previous generation, Nintendo sold 110 million consoles by themselves (with the 3rd party companies selling 80 million combined) and in the previous generation, Sony sold 120 million consoles by themselves. So to have only 80 million consoles sold by everybody sends a message that the entire industry is losing to things like cell phones. Unfortunately, cell phone games are a race to the bottom. They sell for next to nothing and the quality often reflect that. So that industry too will inevitably crash.

What Nintendo is doing to rescue the industry is creating a console that has the mobility of a tablet with the quality of a console. The message is that you can be mobile without compromising quality. For a Dad like me this is huge. I never have time to game on the big screen, but I have time to game right before bed.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 269

Maybe someday I'll be as grown up as a middle schooler and play games with lots of swearing, blood, and violence which requires running around and pressing the A button. But today, I'm happy to play rich, complex "kiddie" games that have incredible depth to them. I look forward to buying this and hanging out with my fellow coworkers and rocking some smash bros in the break room.

Comment How is this different from any other form of... (Score 1) 308

How is this different from any other form of vandalism? I'm guessing an exposed earphone jack on an airplane's entertainment console can also be used to harm the device. Saying this is an example of insecurity is like saying that a door being flammable is an example of a door being insecure.

Comment Re:Bring it to my area (Score 1) 204

The only people saying they would sign up are Anonymous Cowards here. I don't think that's true. I'm a happy Google Fiber subscriber, but every time I talk about how awesome it is, I get downvoted to oblivion. My theory is that most people just hate the idea of Google Fiber. Google's probably seeing the reaction from the masses too and have come to the same conclusion.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 460

I'm not sure where you are financially, but it looks like you have an opportunity to get a $2640 raise here. And unlike other raises, the government won't get a cut. If cable is important, consider PlayStation view. By switching to the $30 plan (which is very good), you can save $2280. That's enough to pay for the PS4 you'll need for Vue several times over.

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