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Comment "Don't be evil" - "Do the right thing" (Score 1) 247

The beauty of "do the right thing" is that you no longer have to be seen to be claiming the moral high ground. I wonder who they will be doing the right thing to or for. On the bright side, Goog's mission statement of doing the right thing will now be more accurate - literally and figuratively: if you are a shareholder.

Comment Re:it's not the retailers, it's the cards (Score 1) 317

Err actually it might be the retailers.

I am an EU (UK) citizen and we have had Chip and Pin for years. To the point that we generally don't even bother signing the back of our cards (no need)

I have bought quite a few things (non trivial amounts in some cases) in the US and signed for them on those digitiser things. Not once have I been challenged, despite not having a sig on my card and my bank could not possibly somehow verify my sig - they don't have it in digital form.

Perhaps I simply have an honest face: who wouldn't trust that?

Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 1) 323

"keep in mind, their cars are 100% legal in the much stricter European market"

Will do. However you might like to know that our (UK) Road Fund (annual tax for owning a car) is based on emissions.

I haven't looked too deeply into this and CO2 is not the same as NOx but I suspect there is a vague correlation. Anyway, 1.2M cars are earmarked for recall in the UK alone.

Comment Re:Loophole (Score 2) 323

So no criminal liability in that particular Act. However, never underestimate the ability of an awful lot of Americans behind a class action suit to make a company wish it had never been incorporated. Well, at least for a few months until the coffers are replenished.

I also suspect that in the absence of reprisal under the specific legislation, that other less specific legislation may apply. I doubt that "conspiracy to poison US citizens" will get very far but there is lots of case law to dig through. M'learned friends will have a field day as always.

Then there is the situation in Europe. I heard on the news today that 1.2M cars are affected in the UK alone. The population of the EU as a whole is rather more than twice that of the US and given that VW is a German firm and likely to have more customers here then they are royally screwed.

Now, who else makes diesel cars: I doubt that VW is the only firm to do this ...

Comment Re:Telegrams (Score 1) 73

"An anecdote: when the Egyptian kings were entombed, they were buried with a lot of mummified cats. In the late 19th century when the British colonialists were excavating the tombs, the remains of the cats were sold as fertilizer."

They would be "colonials" if they were taking over the place. I think the word you want is "archaeologist".

A mummified cat is a tiny thing and I doubt it would fertilize anything effectively after several 1000 years, what with being somewhat desiccated. I don't think it would really be worth grinding up a mummified cat when you could simply gather up horse, donkey or mule shit instead. All of those churn out fertilizer at a prodigious rate.

I really hope your anecdote was not imparted to you via your formal education. If it was, I'd ask for your money back. If you are from the UK: I'll ask for *my* money back.

Comment Re:At my humble opinion... (Score 2) 73

Beg your pardon daddyo! Peer to peer? I'm writing a reply to someone who could be anywhere in the world, that can be viewed by same. I don't see anything remotely SNA related (I've worked with the real thing - it's more stable).

At a whim I can use another platform, any platform that will allow me to login and participate, to communicate with a vast number of people. Yes, there are the big ones: the FBs and Twitters of the world. However they come and go. I also use mailing lists and was a fan of USENET some time ago.

The internet *is* hugely democratised for the likes of you and I. Perhaps not for people in many countries and that is a shame and we must continue to try and develop and deliver technologies and methodologies that might enable those who aspire to the luxury of reasonably unfettered communication (that we enjoy) to be able to join us.

I clothe myself in far more tin foil than you will ever see in your life but I am under no illusion that I am being fettered in any way. Spied upon? possibly, but only in an uncaring data gathering because terrists or marketing way.

The internet is working the way it is precisely because of the way it is designed and who it was designed for: humans.

Comment VC wrote a letter (Score 1) 73

"Vint Cerf ... wrote a letter ..."

No he didn't, he wrote a lettr. I'd never seen one of those things before now but it appears to be another Twattr, Wankr or Tossr style meeja platform but with nicer fonts.

A letter is not broadcast across the world but is a slow, expensive point to point medium. It also requires effort, paper, pens (or possibly crayons), some saliva, an envelope, a stamp and some legwork to post it. I used to be a prolific letter writer and loved to send and receive them many years ago.

Those days are past now. Shame really. The world turns.

Comment Re:Outlook (Score 1) 889

Evolution with the EWS connector works very well for me and the missus. Calendars, address lists and all. You can't create/edit Exchange rules but Evo has its own rules system and you can always create them on Outlook and the server will run things for you anyway.

Unfortunately you have to miss out on all that rebooting after each update.

Funnily enough, you can get your Exchange system to be PCI DSS 3.1 compatible via HA Proxy but for those blasted Outlook Anywhere clients, OK and pre Lollipop droids (they wont do TLS 1.2) ...

Comment Re:Linux brouhaha (Score 1) 889

Why, to be honest I've pretty much forgotten what init system I've got running on my laptop and desktop. They just work. I very rarely have to bother with systemctl, KDE even has a GUI for it but a quick spell at the bash prompt is quicker.

I have to manage sysvinit, upstart, openrc and systemd based systems. systemd sucks less than the rest in general although I hate the verb in the middle thing. I once had to write a openrc script which was a bit of a pain, now I just copy a unit from wherever I fancy and tweak it a bit.

I think you'll find the brouhaha has near enough expired and people are cracking on with doing stuff.

Submission + - Scottish Universities use computer gaming to model drug-resistant TB

RockDoctor writes: The BBC report that medical researchers at one Scottish university have teamed up with computing students at another Scottish university to develop a game which will help to model the treatment of tuberculosis.

Drug-resistant TB is an increasing problem around the world, but there are drugs in the pipeline to treat it. However both experience and medical common sense (based, as is everything in biology, on evolution) shows that to prevent the evolution of new resistances, drugs should be applied in combinations, and those combinations should be varied. With 10 drugs in the pipeline, that's potentially 90 combinations of two drugs and 720 combinations of three. That is to many to perform clinical trials on.

So, the medics and medical chemists at Saint Andrews turned to the nearby Abertay University (well-known for computing and gaming tuition, a mere 581 years after Saint Andrews was founded) to develop a game that models some of the human interactions involved in drug treatment, to try to understand better which combinations of treatments would be more effective at treating TB, and preventing the establishment of more drug resistant strains. As one of the sound designers says :

For the team's sound designer Mazen Magzoub, project Sanitarium has a special resonance. He's from Sudan.
"There isn't enough medication," he says.
"And even when there is enough medication the nature of living in Sudan does not allow the patient to continue (treatment) for the prescribed period.
"And that makes the tuberculosis bacteria tolerant towards that certain type of antibiotic.
"That's basically the challenge in the developing world."

The game is "Sanitarium."

Comment Re:Hang on a minute... (Score 1, Interesting) 747

"... Where the youngin's come in and rip up everything ..."

Get off my lawn and learn to spell.

I've run an IT *company* now for well over 15 years. Herr P is a bit outspoken but in general I agree with his approach. Some of their design decisions are a bit wacky to my mind but I'm an old fogey in that regard. However I am happy to report that my large herds of Linux boxes are much happier with systemd than they were with an unholy mix of sysvinit, openrc, upstart and other stuff.

Putting the imperative in the middle eg "systemctl restart apache2" is their biggest crime. SVO is all very well but in general you want to edit the verb. Funnily enough German generally uses a SOV construction.


Subject Object Verb

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