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Submission + - The Death Of A Software License (GPL) (

An anonymous reader writes: The Death Of A Software License argues that Google's Greg Stein's "license pressure" is something that Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation should pay more attention to. If the FSF takes the GPL v3 in an opposing direction to the developers that gave the GPL legs in the first place, then we'll see an obvious outcome — the death of the GPL. Interesting blog post if nothing else.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Dell to cut 7,000 jobs

drinkypoo writes: "The BBC is reporting that Dell is planning to cut 7,000 jobs, or about 10% of its workforce. Michael Dell claimed "these actions are critical to our ability to deliver unprecedented value to our customers." Does this really make sense given that Dell is currently being sued by the New York Attorney General for their inability to provide adequate service (among other allegations)?"

Submission + - The Pirate Bay hacked

Mxyzptlk writes: From an article in Computer Sweden: A list of user names and encrypted passwords for all 1.6 million registered users on the site The Pirate Bay has been stolen by a group of swedish hackers.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPod/iPhone Nano with touch panel at the bottom

Staska writes: "New Apple patent filing shows new directions for Apple's touch interface design. For smaller devices like iPod Nano, touchscreen interface may not be feasible — the screen is just too small for touch operation. According to the patent, Apple can still make full screen iPods and put a touch panel on the backside of the device with transparent controls on the front screen. In addition to iPod, patent filing also describes controls for the phone. ZDNet even thinks that this patent can hint about touch interface for all Apple products."

Submission + - Over 10,000 malware sites hosted by IPowerWeb

mdm42 writes: "Ethan Zuckerman blogs that a friend's website, hosted with IPowerWeb, got hacked. Turns out that almost eleven-thousand websites hosted by IPowerWeb have also been hacked in the same manner, but IPowerWeb denies that they have a security problem. The crack injects malicious JavaScript into hosted web pages; the purpose of the JavaScript? To load Windows trojans onto client machines that access the websites.

To the rest of us it looks like their systems have been compromised from the ground up. Or perhaps an inside job...?"

Submission + - Microsoft Temporarily Closes Video Site Soapbox

Weather Storm writes: "CNET reports that Microsoft will be closing its video-sharing site, Soapbox, to new users for up to two months so it can create better safeguards against pirated content. Since the test version of Soapbox was launched last month to distribute movies and TV shows for big media companies, the site has fill up with unauthorized clips. "No new subscribers will be accepted, but anyone who has already signed up for Soapbox can continue to access the site, said Adam Sohn, a director in Microsoft's online-services group." Is anyone really surprised?"

Journal Journal: OpenBSD's second remote hole in the default installation

The OpenBSD project has just issued an advisory (and updated its website to reflect the change) that it now has its second remote root vulnerability in more than ten years. The exploit itself is performed with a specially crafted IPv6 ICMP packet, and is caused by a bug in the mbuf chains in the operating system kernel. The OpenBSD team have released a patch. The bug affects all versions of OpenBSD. Since

United States

Submission + - DC circuit strikes down Washington DC handgun ban

-=Moridin=- writes: "A panel of the DC circuit today struck down the District's law that has denied new handgun permits since the 1970s and forces current owners to keep them disassembled, ruling 2-1 the law violates the Second Amendment. This is a significant decision, as the DC Circuit is generally considered to rank second only to the Supreme Court in terms of authority, and the Mayor of DC has stated that the District will appeal. For decades, the Supreme Court has avoided cases that would force it to rule on the scope of the Second Amendment. Will this be the case that the Supreme Court can't refuse?"

Submission + - TiVo abandoning subscribed users, update too hard?

jbridges writes: TiVo claims it's too difficult to upgrade Series 1 TiVos to correct for the new Daylight Savings rules.

Series 1 TiVos run on standard Linux, and use software for Daylight Savings.

Series 1 DirecTiVos (same platform, made for DirecTV) have had their software upgraded with the DST Fix.

Series 1 TiVos will still function partially, but will have the wrong date/time during the time between old DST and new DST. This will cause all manual season passes to break, and make the manual guide wrong.

This is getting close to boat anchor mode... time to upgrade to a DVR PC?

Discussion at the TiVo Community about the Non-Upgrade
The Internet

Submission + - IRSeek: Find answers to all your technical questio

aberkman writes: "Stumped by a technical impasse? A convoluted conundrum? Chances are, for every technical question you've got, someone on IRC before you had already answered it; it's just a matter of when was it asked and what channel/network was it asked on. Ever wanted to look back and search the vast amounts of knowledge shared on IRC?? look no further. Most channels on IRC (think #Ubuntu, #Windows, #Drupal, #Linux, #Politics, etc.) are natural knowledge-bases that are mostly unavailable and inaccessible for the common user. IRSeek makes sure that no valuable data will ever be lost on IRC, while maintaining the privacy of the users. Furthermore, IRSeek makes sure the data is quickly and easily accessible and helps you efficiently navigate those tremendous amounts of data using advanced Web 2.0 technologies. IRSeek is aiming to do to IRC what DejaNews(Google Groups) did to newsgroups."

Submission + - iTunes Staffers Becomes Music's New Gatekeepers

WSJdpatton writes: "From their Silicon Valley cubicles, Apple staffers have become music's unlikely power brokers. A look at how Apple has jettisoned some of the conventions of traditional music retailing — notably, the practice of selling prime promotional spots to recording companies willing to pay for better visibility for their acts. Still, behind the scenes there's plenty of horse-trading going on that influences which songs are seen and purchased by iTunes customers."

Submission + - Best Buy Confirms 'secret' Website

Iberian writes: confirms Best Buy does indeed maintain a second website for what one could only assume is for fraudulent purposes.

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ordered the investigation into Best Buy's practices on Feb. 9 after my column disclosed the website and showed how employees at two Connecticut stores used it to deny customers a $150 discount on a computer advertised on

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