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Comment Lawsuit (Score 1) 31

Fraud, fraud by check, hostile work environment, physical and emotional damages - the customer is an unfortunate victim of your former bosses' actions, but you've stated it: As you've not been paid for it, they have no right to it. Possession of stolen property is about as close as I can define it.
Glad you're finally going into business for yourself, although I like mine better: I never have to worry about (literal!) bleeding eyeballs. ;-)

Comment Re:Condolences (Score 1) 5

I have recently been reminded of a favorite quote from a beloved author's work ("Glory Road" by R.A. Heinlein) - "Dum vivimus, VIVAMUS!" (While we live, let us LIVE!) - I kinda think that's the way she'd want it...

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Journal Journal: A whole year 5

A whole year has passed since my angel was here. Sometimes it feels like forever ago, other times like just yesterday. Actively love those whom you love while they're around to be loved - none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow.

Comment Re:As long as you're happy (Score 1) 23

You're welcome. The ideal, of course, is to find an opportunity wrapped around a product you'd buy and use regardless (I've done that part) and start part-time *while maintaining* what small security might be available in the conventional employment - to use a baseball metaphor, take second, third, and even home with your foot still on first.

There are several people who love what they do in their primary career so much that, despite radically out-earning it in their part-time business, they continue to do their jobs...

I dunno - to me, punching a clock and accepting what someone else thinks my time is worth is a lot more difficult than showing off a trimmer me, talking to some people, sharing samples and taking orders.


British ISP Sky Broadband Cuts Off ACS:Law 121

An anonymous reader writes "British ISP Sky Broadband cut off ACS:Law and refuses to cooperate after at least 4,000 of their customers' information was carelessly leaked. According to Sky Broadband, 'We have suspended all co-operation with ACS:Law with immediate effect. This suspension will remain in place until ACS:Law demonstrates adequate measures to protect the security of personal information.' Sky Broadband had been providing customer information to ACS:Law as part of their anti-piracy operation."

Almost-Satnav For Cycling 119

An anonymous reader writes "A couple of guys (us) in Cambridge have written a cycle routing system,, based on open data, and have now released it as a free iPhone app. It's been done on a shoestring, in spare time. There's an API and some disruptive tech in the form of a photo submission screen where street problems can be submitted directly. Because it's open data, you don't have to wait 6 months for the routing to be fixed if there's a bug. Android and .mobi versions are in the works, with the apps being done on GitHub."

Minecraft Enterprise and 16-Bit ALU 151

tekgoblin writes "Joshua Walker spent the last few months creating a masterpiece. He created the Starship Enterprise 1701-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation in Minecraft using just blocks. He recorded a short video of him explaining how he did it and even gave us a sneak peek at the partially completed ship." He also posted on the Penny-Arcade forums about how he did it. If you aren't impressed by that, perhaps you should check out a 16-Bit ALU also implemented in Minecraft which totally reminded me of one of my favorite XKCD comics.

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