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Comment Re:What is a Tech Hub? (Score 1) 156

Banks perform real-time mission critical financial transactions over a global network that can essentially never go down. I'm sure there are some engineering challenges there if you look for them.

It sounds like you'd rather make devices and do low level code.

Perhaps you would like to work on a new processor designed to handle radar data in self driving cars.

Texas Instruments may be a good fit.

Designing new processor isn't your thing? You want to be an engineer that builds bridges - great.. there are tons of engineering companies in Dallas. If bridges aren't difficult and flammable enough for you, design undersea rovers for an oil company, or help them engineer the cutting edge tools that they use in their day to day operation.

Comment Re:What is a Tech Hub? (Score 1) 156

I'll have to tell my software engineer friends that work for banks in Dallas that there aren't any tech jobs in the banking sector here.

Probably should tell myself that software engineering position at a bank that I turned down a few years ago never really existed.

I don't think Texas is greatest place on earth or anything - I'll leave that to people far more pretentious than I am - but here is a news flash for you.

The corporate office is in Texas... That's what a diversified economy is all about.

Comment What is a Tech Hub? (Score 5, Interesting) 156

I think there is a bit of a flaw in the way this indeed survey and others identify national tech hubs.

According to this survey, the top tech hubs have the highest percentage of their job listings advertising for tech jobs. This disregards the actual total number of tech jobs.

For example, Austin is considered a tech hub in this last while Dallas is not, but Dallas has way more tech jobs than Austin, which is a smaller city. The difference is that Dallas has a very diversified economy, so the percentage of job listings for tech is lower.

Personally, I'm more interested in the tech hubs that are part of a larger diversified market. Just like a diversified portfolio protects you from losing money from fluctuations in the market, a diverse economy protects your ability to find a local job when your industry takes a downturn.

Comment Re:Hell of a time to be Russian, or related to one (Score 0) 172

Trump Jr claims nothing of value was exchanged, but Russia did attack our democracy, and did commit crimes like hacking in this attack. The Trump campaign immediately benefited from this hacking, publicly encouraged it, and worked to shield Russia from the sanctions that such an attack on the USA should lead to.

Also, Trump Jr has changed his story on this 3 times, and is almost certainly still lying. In court, when a defendant changes his story multiple times as Jr (and the Trump crime family) has, that is considered a sign of guilt and criminal intent. This is just the tip of the treason iceberg.

The Trump crime family has been pretending that there is no evidence Russia interfered in our election, when the Trump Jr emails show they treasonously colluded with Russia's attack on our democracy.

The USA may not be "at war" with Russia, but Russia is engaged in an ongoing cyberwarfare campaign against the US, which is an act of war.

It's treasonous to collude with a hostile foreign adversary's criminal attacks on your country. Every loyal American knows this.

Comment Re:Hell of a time to be Russian, or related to one (Score 1) 172

The difference is that Donald Trump and the Trump crime family have actually committed treason, colluding with a hostile foreign government.

I don't have any problem with Russian people, but Russia's government is currently attacking my country's democracy, and I am too patriotic to let that slide.

I know Donald Trump colludes with Putin's crime spree, but not all Americans are traitors like the Trump crime family.

After all the denials or Russia's attack on our country Donald Trump Jr just released an email showing him colluding with Russia's attack on our country. That email is just the tip of a treasonous ice berg.

Aside from the traitors themselves, it's important recognize the turncoats who look the other way. They are traitors too, because as a democracy we are all responsible for informing ourselves and defeating traitors, even if we otherwise agree with their views.

Comment Putin jails & kills people who don't follow or (Score 2, Insightful) 172

Russian oligarchs that don't follow Putin's orders end up dead and in jail.

That's the difference between Russia and the USA. We don't kill our cranky billionaires, or jail them on phony charges.

The Trump crime family broke alot of laws in their treasonous collusion with Russia's attack on our country, but we still let him run for president and "win"

Opposition figures in Russia are imprisoned and bankrupted by Vladimir Putin who has even less regard for the rule of law that his puppet Donald Trump. Once we kick that traitor out of office, America's rule of law will once again be a beacon to the free world.

It's not hard to understand the difference between Russia and the US, but if you can play the false equivalence game that equates a boring centrist (Hillary) to a right wing traitor (Trump) then I guess you are gullible enough believe any false equivalence.

Comment The Russian government can't cop to a lower charge (Score 3, Insightful) 389

The Russian government is not some guy that can be appealed to with leniency in criminal cases.

Russia is a hostile foreign adversary who has attacked us and has an ongoing cyberwarfare campaign against the United States.

It is idiotic to partner cyber-warfare defense with the very entity which is currently attacking you. We have allies like Israel and Germany. Why would we partner with our adversaries who are currently attacking us?

Trump's treasonous crime spree has gone on long enough. The Russian government is not your friend, even if it is as bigoted and anti-American as you are!

Comment Invite Jeffrey Dahmer to join neighborhood watch.. (Score 4, Insightful) 389

This is like inviting Jeffrey Dahmer to join your neighborhood watch after he kills your neighbors.

I know that the right wing has bought into Trump's treasonous collusion with Russia, but this is ridiculous.

This is a tech website. Do you actually mean to tell me you would willingly put a hacker that maliciously attacked your country on our cyber security team?

Comment Putin's Puppet "Asks" Donald. He is puppet master. (Score 0) 30

Donald Trump removed from the GOP platform language for punishing Russia invading Crimea and threatening Ukraine. citation provided

America is now essentially subservient to Russian foreign policy on Ukraine, which is why Trump never acknowledges Russia's ongoing attacks on Ukraine and the United States.

It's obvious that Donald Trump is acting as a puppet of Vladimir Putin, and has ceded control of America's foreign policy to the Russian agents that prop up his business empire while criminally attacking his political opponents.

The G20 meeting is a venue for Vladimir Putin to instruct Donald Trump to commit his next treasonous actions. In exchange Russia will collude with Donald Trump on additional attacks on American democracy.

Comment PC, PS3, Wii Emulator - Steam Summer Sale! (Score 2) 143

There is a steam sale going on now which is pricing PC games ridiculously cheaply. You can get Portal 1 & 2 for $3 for example.

Dolphin, the Wii emulator on the PC is impressive and can play most Wii games with Wii remotes.

In terms of console exclusives I have been playing the PS3 for a long time because it has tons of fun games. I don't plan on buying a PS4 since the library has never really materialized. There still is not a single true Gran Tourismo game on the PS4, which is a terrible stain on Sony's record.

Comment Secure our vote. Defend our country! (Score 2) 456

It looks like Russia's patsies are out in force to make sure we ignore Russia's attack on our country's democracy.

Russia wants us to ignore their attack on our election so they can keep doing it.

If we step back and notice that a foreign country attacked the USA, and that we need to immediately secure our voting system, basic patriotism would compel us to act to secure our elections against foreign attacks.

Don't count on Donald Trump securing our voting machines any time soon. Trump is on Russia's payroll and only acts in their interest.

Donald Trump will continue undermining NATO but he'll never fight to secure our voting machines against Russian hacking. Wonder why...

Comment Re:Timeline of Treason (Score 1) 455

You are ignoring the evidence, and being smug about it. Give me a break...

You want to claim that your preferred propaganda outlet is true, but we should all ignore real news like the Washington Post.

Then you claim there is no evidence because you ignored the evidence that is sitting right in front of you!

I don't have time for your smug and deceitful nonsense. Open your fucking eyes and read some real news for once.

Comment Re:Timeline of Treason (Score 1) 455

Donald Trump fears real news like the Washington Post far more than he fears bullshit propaganda like the Intercept or its liberal equivalents.

Real news is powerful. When the Washington Post reports criminality and collusion the FBI is usually close behind, or way ahead of the story.

When The Intercept whines that Rachel Maddow reported on Donald Trump's treasonous behavior, nobody gives a shit. It's just some asshole molding the news to fit his agenda.

The Washington Post is the rough draft of history. Real news matters, even if you ignore it.

Comment Re:Timeline of Treason (Score 0) 455

Oh I see, so you disregard real news like Washington Post for biased "news" which pushes a distinct agenda like The Intercept.

Ok, wouldn't want to pollute your diet of fake news and propaganda with a legitimate news source like the Washington Post.

You may return to your media bubble. Don't worry about the rest of us... We've got real news. We'll be fine.

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