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Comment Advert/Shill much? (Score 4, Insightful) 515

This place really has gone down hill - 'first time submitter' wants to know what anti-virus to use. Information given:

I have a Acer laptop and I use SoundCloud.

Any hint to operating system? No. We will have to assume Windows then. Which is confirmed by the first post within a couple of minutes [where is the frosty piss post?] :

'Windows: Microsoft Security Essentials, free if you have Microsoft Windows XP or higher, and it does work especially for the technical, not too adventerous link clicker. Gives you that extra layer of protection you seem to want for those 'oh shit' moments.'

From an AC and modded 5 Informative.

News for nerds - stuff that matters. I remember them days well.

Feel free to join me over at hacker news.

Comment Re:Why not just do it? (Score 1) 198

Yes I agree it sould be on their roadmap, the issue I see is there is now real need for it at this point and Wikipedia is run by only a few people IIRC [Volunteers?]

Technically and financially it is very feesable as it is already in place.

Practically could be quite difficult for a small group of people with a large infrastructure to switch off HTTP.

Comment Video... (Score 5, Informative) 198

Video: [Windows silverlight warning!]

To highlight what we are up against - the chairman wasn't aware that 'kids' these days are able to chat to each other in games using their Xbox - 'Good Lord' was his reaction.

The committee really do not have a clue, and have no real chance of getting it if the goverment machine gets their way - the witnesses here showed this.

The 25% arguement is laughable [That being it is claimed that 25% of internet data is not available to collect thorugh current legislation]

Comment Non story (Score 1) 336

Heh - like you would get a signal at that height. I didn't read TFA but the only way you will get a decent signal on a plane will be via a system designed to work at 30000ft by people who would sooner their plane not crash because you sent a tweet.

How many planes have crashed due to somebody not switching their phone of?

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