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Comment Re:Well they are both rectangular (Score 1) 696

Did I really need to put tags around the post?

1. Reread the post
2. Read the "Android fanboy" site and see which company has the highest user satisfaction rating....

Here is a reasonable challenge, find a valid reference to a valid study by unbiased researchers in the last week, month, that Android anything has the highest user satisfaction compared to Apple. Android blogs and fanboy sites do not even remotely count as valid, free of distortion. Wall Street and related sites do count.

Common sense says that if was even remotely true Apple would not command so much of the global market for smartphones with a decent profit compared to the profit starved Android manufacturers. Wall Street is now increasingly aware that even Android has been a bad deal to date and doesn't make any decent money for Google by Google's own admission.

If anyone says that Apple manages to dominate by advertising, answer this question, Isn't Google's whole business built on serving targeted advertising to the masses via the Internet? Google has the strongest hand in the world for stuffing everything down the throat of the gullible which should have guaranteed that Android was the most profitable global venture in Internet history.


Comment Re:Well they are both rectangular (Score 1) 696

"Apple has been losing their ardent followers for some time now. People have seen android as a very viable alternative, and are switching over. Apple knows this, or they wouldn't be resorting to these bully tactics."

Right that must be why iPhone satisfsction ratings are so low compared to Android manufacturers....


And why Apple is seeing decreasing revenue and profit compared to Android manufacturers....

Oh wait.....

Honestly the moderators are not doing their job! This post above not only is delusional and but an outright lie backed up by an old 2011 post to an Android FanBoy site. Don't you just love the power of the Internet to mislead others?

Apple' lead in user satisfaction with the iPhone over all other smartphones appears to be so great it is untouchable.

Comment Re:Well they are both rectangular (Score 1) 696

if I was Samsung I wouldn't sell them so much as a screw.

Hint: If Sammy drops Apple as a customer, they'd need a major restructuring and they'd also need something to do with the 100 plants they have serving Apple.

Famous last words of Walmart suppliers before they go out of business replaced by in store brand.

Lets see this week it was clear it was Apple who now is in the driver's seat and Apple just dropped Samsung as a supplier for their new iPad 3 screens effective August - September 2012.

Poor Sammy or is it the poor Ferengy merchants from Star Wars where Google got the Android mascot?

Comment Re:Might see re-emergence of "downgrade" ads (Score 2) 222

After MS shipped Vista, MicroCenter used to advertise desktop systems with Vista preloaded and "XP downgrade rights". Expect similar with Windows 8 and "Win 7 downgrade".

We have a firm quote that the Microsoft TAX on Windows 8 to have Microsoft safely remove the crapware their partners load on top of each copy of Windows 8 will be an additional $99.


Comment Re:Silver Lining is tarnished (Score 1) 696

Apple was ordered to post a bond of $95 million to enact the injunction, which would be used to pay Samsung damages if the decision is later reversed.

But who will reimburse the consumers for the damages we suffer from having these devices temporarily off the market, if the decision is later reversed?

Be more realistic. The chances at very good that the injunction will be upheld permanently, they generally are when they each this stage.
The question should be who bares the responsibility for selling you a banned product that you will not be able to get parts for if it is broken?
The Koreans or Google?

Has anyone else noticed that Samsung's culture's actions mirror the lovable little scoundrels, the Fringy, in Star Wars:Underworld?

Comment Re:Patent trolling is the new iWhite... (Score 1) 696

Take a look at both the outer design and software of Samsung's phones before and after the iPhone and say with a straight face that Samsung didn't copy at least some elements from Apple.

What makes Apple's behavior so wrong and destructive is that they copy liberally from others and then turn around and try to monopolize the market with bad patents.

Would you be so kind as to enlighten all of Slashdot of what bad patents have been issued to Apple that are being used to monopolize the market?

Prove to all of us how Apple has acquired a patent that has resulted in a monopoly they did not deserve for their American innovation?

Comment Re:The rest of the world does not care (Score 1) 696

it's really sad to see what capitalism is doing to a country that had such high goals when i was first created. now it seems mostly you will get incarcerated, sued, beaten up or criminalized for things that are perfectly normal in the rest of the free world.

i think it's really cynical of american polititians to even use the word "freedom" in their campaigns since it has basically lost all meaning due to the entanglement of business, military and politics.

Woud it not be more accurate to say the entanglement of business, political, and religion is what defies the true meaning of freedom?

The military is just an expression of the political teeth that can bite the government's enemies.

Comment Re:The rest of the world does not care (Score 1) 696

Well - pity for those in the US, they wont get the new stuff now...

Fortunately the rest of the world can enjoy all those things that are forbidden in the US. Seems the US is no longer the place to get your new stuff.
Now I am the last one to say anything about the quality or something, but at least the rest of the rest of the world has a free choice.

The same issues Google/Samsung/Motorola ran afoul off in the USA are also being brought up before governments all over the world.

Google/Motorola is preparing for a major hit where it hurts.

Could you loose your ability to speak if you have been screaming in pain and anger at adverse developments rapidly revealing themselves as you prepare to celebrate your accomplishments?

The blow to Google Android Motorola was prompted by six key congressmen who visited the FTC on Thursday and told them FRAND ABUSE as practiced by Google in protecting Android would not be tolerated as it was anti competitive. In effect they told the FTC to step up their game as they were now watching what transpires.


Overseas the EU is investigating the same FRAND ABUSE issues and is preparing to smack down Google/Motorola for the same reasons. The FTC just provided documents to the EU to help the EU build their case.


Comment Re:Sports Announcer Voice. (Score 1) 317

Two cellphone manufacturers enter!

RIM takes one on the chin, and is down for the count!

Google, Samsung, and Android just took a bunch of horrible hits.

The import and sale of the Google flag ship Nexus released Monday has just been banned in the USA by court order obtained by Apple a few hours ago.

Google's strategy of buying Motorola to protect Android using FRAND has been hit hard after six key congressmen visited the FTC Thursday and warned them FRAND ABUSE will not be tolerated in the USA either. Don't you just love an election year?


Then Google has been hit hard by Apple dropping Google maps from Apple mobile this fall. Google looses map revenue and market share while Google is forced to dump large sums into new map display technology to try to convince mobile users Google maps are better.


Is it really true you can loose your voice if you excessively scream in anger and pain?

Comment Re:It *should* be part of the marketing (Score 1) 326

For those experienced with android it tells you something:

Nexus = owned by google = apple equivalent experience = things will work right.

Buying non-nexus products = responsibilities on the shoulders of either the mfr or the carrier if it's a phone = shoddy experience = things are broken and will not be fixed.

But things went horribly wrong for Google a few hours ago.
The new Google Android flagship Nexus that was just released Monday has been banned in the USA by an emergency court injunction obtained by Apple.


To make matters worse for Google and Motorola six key senators just visited the FTC and warned them they were watching how the FTC dealt with accusations of FRAND abuse (read Google/Motorola vs Apple). Don't you just love an election year?


Be careful.
Can anyone really loose their voice by excessive screaming in anger and pain?

Comment Re:It's not dead yet (Score 1) 332

They have only killed it for Linux and Android, and it never existed for iOS. You can still target Windows and OSX users with it, do not despair.

I wouldn't be too sure about OS X. Like many Mac users, I block FLASH as a system security precaution on OS X. If any web site insists on using FLASH I most certainly do not do continue with them.

I also have the 3rd generation iPad etc. I don't miss FLASH there either, especially the common FLASH ADVERTISING at cellular data rates for the unwanted FLASH.

I have noticed that major commercial sites that serve flash on Windows have adapted to the new reality of why their best customers began passing them up by making their own custom iPad/iPhone mobile apps.

Prove this for yourself. Go to Apples' app store and type in the name of any major vendor or manufacturer who directly sells to the public. If you do not get a hit and at least one good iPAD app that firm like RIM or Nokia isn't doing well in today's economy, probably do to bad management.

That is the new reality of the POST PC ERA. You either lose your dependence on flash or die in the new mobile market place.

Comment Re:I'm for it. (Score 1) 262

No, it's just a skills shortage.

In this case, skill shortage means a shortage of people possessing the skill and willing to work for less than the median salary for their chosen profession.


I wish I could bump this up to the top comment on H-1B at /.

Things have really changed in just a few years.

I am retired but it actually pains me to see H-1B adversely affecting so many with key skills still struggling to make a living.

Comment Re:the price of gasoline, food, and housing (Score 0) 654

Of course, gasoline prices weren't at all affected by the US starting wars in oil-producing countries...

I know that has to be tongue in cheek. If it is not then you and the rest of slashdot better fasten your seat belt because Israel and the USA appear to be ready to strike Iran over the nuclear issue sometime after July 1 2012. Gasoline will increase in price dramatically if not from the actual heavy weapons discharged over Iranian soil, then simply because the USA has figured out how to shut off the flow of oil using insurance companies. The Western insurance companies will no longer insure any of the super tankers leaving Iranian ports after July 1, therefore no oil for the world supply.

One way or the other there is going to be a significant spike in the cost of oil just before the US election as that Muslim state can not be permitted to obtain any more nukes. Iran already has sufficient enriched material for five nukes which the Iranian religious leaders desperately hope to use on Israel and possibly the USA.

Comment Re:Mobile Security (Score 2) 79

I can not believe that I just read on SlashDot that Google was simply relying on security through obscurity to protect Bouncer and the Android Google PlayMarket.

"research without much detailed knowledge of how the Bouncer system works. Google has said little publicly about its capabilities, preferring not to give attackers any insights into the system's inner workings."

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