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Comment Re:Email lets you organize your thoughts (Score 1) 115

Absolutely this. At the end of a meeting I will summarize verbally what I believe the other person wants from me and then ask them to put it in an e-mail with the understanding I don't move forward until I have the e-mail. If I don't get one right away I will be pro-active and send them one with what we agreed on and ask them to confirm the points, again mentioning no work starts until I get an acknowledgement e-mail. I have found this not only keeps the other party accountable for what they ask for but it also keeps me on top of what I need to be doing (the e-mail usually becomes a task list item in Outlook).

Comment Re:Their buying clout alone should end this deal. (Score 1) 105

Again, that's where competition comes in. I'll plug my agency's online store Prices equal to or better than Office Depot and Staples with no shipping charges, packages typically arrive within 2-3 business days of the order (admittedly not same day convenience), and returns are very easy (and during business hours you can call to talk to a person about your order). Now, I'm not saying I'm in favor or against the merger. I don't really care either way. But there really is more competition out there than folks think. It's just hard to stand out in the mass of online retailers.

Comment Re:Lawful Content (Score 1) 379

Valid point. The line between freedom of expression and hate/porn/libel/threat/terrorism does tend to keep getting shifted around in the courts. So I guess that does put the final decision more in SCOTUS than congress at the end of the day (unless congress decides to make a law declaring everything legal).

Comment Re:Tablet computing (Score 1) 564

I feel the same way as far as not liking to do any "real" work on a tablet such as word processing, long e-mails, etc. However, I've been noticing more of my co-workers and other folks lately on their PCs and realizing that they are as slow on a regular keyboard as they are on a tablet when it comes to typing. So, this may actually be a non-issue for a larger portion of the population than I originally thought. Kids are coming out of school with good mouse skills but still having lousy typing skills (at least around here that I have noticed)

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