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Comment Poorly written article. (Score 2) 96

FTFA: "Hart, CEO of International Game Technology, a gaming machine manufacturer, told the Yahoo board that the board asked her to step down from her seat." She is CEO of IGT, and the IGT board of directors are the ones that asked her to resign from Yahoo because it is a huge distraction.

//Full disclosure: I work at IGT

Comment Re:California wants to split off (Score 1) 552

What you aren't taking into account is why a lot of the states appearing at the top of the list are there, "leeching government money" as you put it. They are some of the states with the lowest population and income levels, but home to federal projects that cost a lot of money to maintain that provide a service the entire country (arguably I suppose) benefits from. New Mexico has two of the largest national laboratories in the country, Los Alamos and Sandia. As I'm sure you know they are responsible for designing and building our nuclear arsenal, which I am sure has a pretty high price tag, along with tons of other advanced research projects. Three of the others that pop out at me are North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. These three states were the ones that actually housed the bulk of the US nuclear arsenal, presumably because every other state said "No F-ing Way". Look here for the list of air force bases that maintained the Minuteman missiles. I grew up in the part of MT where they had those missiles, and they were always doing training drills along the mountain front back in the 80's and 90's before the cold war ended.

Submission + - Voyager 1 Exits Our Solar System (telegraph.co.uk)

eldavojohn writes: The first man-made craft to do so is now entering a 'cosmic purgatory' between solar systems and entering an interstellar space of the Milky Way Galaxy. With much anticipation, Voyager 1 is now 'in a stagnation region in the outermost layer of the bubble around our solar system. Voyager is showing that what is outside is pushing back.' After three decades the spacecraft is still operating and apparently has enough power and fuel to continue to do so until 2020. The first big piece of news? "We've been using the flow of energetic charged particles at Voyager 1 as a kind of wind sock to estimate the solar wind velocity. We've found that the wind speeds are low in this region and gust erratically. For the first time, the wind even blows back at us. We are evidently traveling in completely new territory. Scientists had suggested previously that there might be a stagnation layer, but we weren't sure it existed until now." This process could take months to years to completely leave the outer shell but already scientists are receiving valuable information.

Comment Simple chemistry (Score 1) 695

http://physics.ucsd.edu/do-the-math/2011/08/recipe-for-climate-change/ Most of us should have taken at least a basic chemistry class at one point. It's pretty obvious that the amount of fuel we burn on an annual basis produces a lot of CO2 as a byproduct. It seems rather naive to me to think that adding that much of ANY compound to the atmosphere will have no effect at all.

Comment Re:.04 DUI in Oregon (Score 1) 957

I tend towards doubting the "science" of the Breathalyzers used also. One of my friend was stopped recently and the cop told him that if he was chewing mint gum, spit it out and wait a bit because it could increase the alcohol reading by up to 0.02%. That's a HUGE margin of error for determining whether or not to give a guy a $6000 fine.

Comment Re:Breaking in? (Score 1) 139

Well in my case they certainly did. The password I had been using was "very secure", or whatever their highest rating of them is called, and somehow they got in to my account to send messages. I saw server bounce messages popping up on emails written in Spanish, so I was fairly certain they weren't coming from me. This was around Jan/Feb though, and from TFA:

The New York Times reported Monday that Google's centralized login system, code-named Gaia, was compromised by hackers in late December.

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