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Submission + - Swedens copyright laws changes from today!!

localhost8080 writes: "Swedens copyright laws changes from today Due to the new copyright legislation that are going to take effect from today we had to move all of the system outside of Europe. We decided to move to the desert of Sinai in Egypt since we feel that we'll be safe there. Tiamo has already got himself a permanent place to live and will reside in Sinai from now. Those of you who need to get in contact with him can use the contact page. In Sinai we've set up the systems with three redundant fibre links. Besides local connectivity in Egypt we also have connectivity to Saudi-Arabia and Israel. Jordan is quite close and we hope to install a link there as well as soon as our budget will reach that level. This way we're actually hosted in Asia as well as Africa. More updates on this will come later today, hopefully. Everything will be the same as before, we will have slightly higher latency for European and American visitors. A special note to Ifpi: Moses walked in the desert of Sinai for 40 years. Our servers will be active for at least another 40 as well."

Submission + - 29 June 3123 BC Astroid Impact Observation Found

pease1 writes: "A cuneiform clay tablet that has puzzled scholars for over 150 years has been translated for the first time to be a contemporary Sumerian observation of an asteroid impact at Köfels, Austria in 3123 BC. A press release about a book on the topic says "Half the tablet records planet positions and cloud cover, the same as any other night, but the other half of the tablet records an object large enough for its shape to be noted even though it is still in space. The astronomers made an accurate note of its trajectory relative to the stars, which to an error better than one degree is consistent with an impact at Köfels.""

Comment Re:science, philosophy, religion (Score 1) 394

* If Buddhism is the science of the mind then what does it have to do with
-like physics isn't the science of everything ?

* If Buddhism is the science of the mind then why do psychiatrists and brain
surgeons treat problems with your mind, and not Buddhists?
lol, different classification, that's as bad as asking 'why do psychiatrists
and brain surgeons treat problems with your mind, and not humans?'

* If your brain is an "antenna" to thoughts in space why haven't neurologists,
who have a very good understanding of how the brain works on a low level,
noticed any mechanism for this?
maybe 'the brain' in its entirety is the mechanism!?!

* Why do animals with brains just as large as ours not seem to have thoughts
like ours?
why do you need a different aerial for your tv than you need for your wifi ?

* Where do these thoughts that permeate space come from? well, everything
vibrates (for lack of a better word), all at different frequencies (natural
frequency frequency ) - it
could be that we are picking that up, elephants might pick up different things,
just like your tv picks up 'different things' from that of your wifi card

* Why do people with brain injuries in certain parts exhibit similar symptoms?
maybe because the injuries are in similar places?
like if i remove the battery from my tv remote, and you do the same both the
remotes will appear 'broken'

* Why do MRI scans associate neuron activity in different parts of the brain to
different things that the brain does?
cos thats what they are looking for...

* Why are different parts of the brain that are used more or less in certain
animals (e.g. optical processing in bats and hawks) proportionally different
see tv antennae and wifi antennae above...

* Why does electro-shock therapy work?
cos we are made from water and its a good conductor - vity

* Why do drugs have an effect?
chemistry -

* Can you demonstrate the existence of these thoughts that float around through
yes - ground_radiation

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