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Comment Re:Could this benefit physical media advancement? (Score 2) 134

But even then they are salvageable, even if a big chunk is damaged. Some media files won't play correctly if even 10% is damaged.

Big scratch on a DVD disc on the wrong side of the disc? might render it unplayable. VHS that got eaten by a deck? simple splice job...

(thinking about delamination problems on laserdiscs, even worse)

Comment Re:Oh joy! (Score 2) 122

I'll bite. Free software is cool and everything, most of my stuff is running on it. But do you really want all the different car safety stuff to be open? Didn't they ditch a Jeep by remote last year? My car (1999 Grand Marquis LS) is not open to that kind of hacking. Sure, it doesn't have anything fancy like bluetooth or remote software update, but the software that runs the car is pretty safe from malware. I'd like my next car to be like that...

I love open software, but since so many eyeballs can look at the code, do I really want that in my car? (because the many eyeballs stuff)

Comment Applesoft BASIC (Score 1) 633

On my dad's Apple ][+ clone (upgraded to a ][e for LOGO and PASCAL). Then MS BASIC v2.0 on my very first own computer, a breadbox C64. Afterwards, 6809 assembler in CEGEP, some PERL couple years ago, I don't really code anymore, but I'd like as hell to be able to read those old 5.25 floppies. That I can do for the C64 (still have one, and x1541 can transfer to PC, but Without buying extra hardware I'm kinda fscked for Apple disks.)

Comment Re:Humans can part a trailer just fine (Score 1) 273


"So can one with a human driver. They do it every day all over the world with excellent results. Nothing wrong with letting the computer do it but let's not pretend humans can't handle the task."

While working at a Coke bottling plant as a student job, one of their drivers would backup his truck (2 45-footers on it) in one move. in 1988 I'm pretty sure he didn't have any electronic assistance, and yet everytime he would dock perfectly, maybe an inch or so between the dock and the second trailer.

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