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Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 737

You debased yourself by calling them whores and in your own defense you cite a morality which gains its authority through the denegration of others, because, hey, it doesn't distinguish between male and female.

Your morality is based on fear. It denegrates both the "booth babes" and you. Cling to it at your own peril.

Comment Re:Jupiter Tape? (Score 1) 621

A former agent for the counter-terrorism branch of our largest federal law enforcement agency talking about the technology used in counter-terrorism is about as credible as it gets, dude. LOL all you want, but your own cred is the only thing the rest of us are laughing at: You're an internet pundit.

I was lolling at your idea that he is going to start his consultancy by throwing his resume around without doing marketing of any other kind.

If Stephen Hawking proclaimed tomorrow that it wasn't turtles, but it was in fact unicorns all the way down, by your logic, we would have to believe him without a shred of evidence and despite how extraordinary such a model would be, because Stephen Hawking "is as credible as it gets, dude."

You're an internet pundit.

You are somewhat intelligent, but you pick pointless fights even when you're wrong and never, ever consider counterarguments.

I don't particularly care about cred, but consider what name calling does for yours.

Comment Re:Jupiter Tape? (Score 1) 621

Why would the FBI give two shits about a geek news site? And why would they need to convince you, me, or anyone else, there wasn't a "vast conspiracy"? You're making a straw man here. A big one.

That's one conclusion. Another is that he was mocking conspiracy theorists.

"Conspiracy theories by a former official in a credible position to know these things." FTFY.

By this logic we should also believe Bob Lazar about alien technologies. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and the word of one insider means squat.

They have guns. Lots of guns. Feeling lucky, punk?

So your argument is that they will cooperate or be shot? This isn't even a sane way for a conspiracy to operate.

And as we know, government officials never break the law. Glad we cleared that one up.

Speaking of strawmen... The point is that the scale of the conspiracy necessary to pull this off is vast enough to make this extremely unlikely.

He worked in the FBI's counter-terrorism division. I don't think he needs to "make a name" for himself. His resume already says enough.


Comment Re:Speeds (Score 1) 374

And the very *idea* of your typical driver taking 18 seconds to hit 60 mph, or accelerating at such a rate, is hilarious. Near as I can tell, any typical mom-n-pop vehicle, the pedal goes to the floor until the desired speed is hit.

That is totally not my experience. I cannot tell you how many times I've been following someone onto a 65+ mph freeway and even with a V6 in their car and a quarter mile or longer acceleration ramp, they merge onto the freeway doing 20-30 mph.

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