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Comment Mindshare Balkanization via Invalid Comparisons (Score 1) 627

A distribution is an organization, configuration, and ...well...distribution philosophy and set of tools to implement that philosophy. In short, a distribution is a package manager. Start with LFS, install a package manager, configure it like one of the distros, and a new identity your Linux installation will be given. We should be highlighting that the only thing really different from XFCE on Arch and XFCE on Ubuntu is the default color and icon schemes, system tray programs, and perhaps the file layout of configurations. Any comparison that differentiates totally similar distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint) on equal footing with totally dissimilar distributions (Arch) glazes over the nature of the differences and obfuscates the choice of operating system. It's different strains of apples vs and orange. Please, teach your Linux taxonomy and don't exaggerate contrived identities. Linux is not soccer.

Comment Seriously, Identity Crisis (Score 1) 229

Ubuntu, Mint etc users: You can add another older window manager using apt-get. XFCE etc are lightweight. Just because your distro pimps one WM over another doesn't mean jack. Come to think of it, why didn't anyone mention Xubuntu or Lubuntu or one of the other Ubuntus? This post is so n00b.

Your WM is just one software package in your Linux distro. Your Linux distro is just one of many. Pretty much any Linux distro can be re-installed completely from source (and necessary binary blobs) to -BE- another Linux distro.

Comment And Save What? More Fantasy? (Score 3, Insightful) 267

It's already such a waste that so much talent is getting thrown at problems that seek to make money while producing absolutely nothing. HFT is cleverly sanding in the middle of a river in an eddy and dipping your hand in to tap power without getting pushed downstream. What does Wall Street actually produce? What is their product? Why should we care that they periodically lose their minds and shirts? If anything HFT should be taxed into oblivion so that excellent minds aren't recruited to deliver nothing of social value.

Comment Call Xhibit (Score 1) 212

I was seriously surprised when document text searches for "Xhibit" and "Pimp my Ride" came up short. I would like to read something about the calls for black-hats to go after so-called converted white-hats who work for dubious white-hat companies supposedly trustworthy to handle cyber security.

Comment Re:easy tiger (Score 1) 424

Microsoft won, then lost. I thought this was an obvious interpretation. Microsoft won round 1. Microsoft then laid down and died? That's about how I see it. Anyway, the point I'm attempting to drive home is that Apple's repeated attempts to sell one product to rule them all have failed again. Droid will slowly eat the market to death until Apple is back at square one with manufacturing runs getting smaller and pricing leverage going away as well as developer flight from their walled garden.

Comment Re:easy tiger (Score 1) 424

Microsoft is obviously winning. Why don't you understand that I'm clearly asserting with all my mind, body, and soul that Microsoft, my beloved Microsoft, is the reason why I am of the opinion that Apple is losing the smartphone battle. Nokia and Windows 7 Phone are obviously why I am making that distinction. Obviously red is blue and Apple fanbois are genuine in their pursuit of knowledge.

Comment Re:easy tiger (Score -1) 424

A particle which seeks to magnify its own existence would consume the universe and commit suicide in order to sense something other than itself. There is a fundamental limit to the stability of any monolithic system or even a monolithic personality cult. Apple made two big mistakes, both at the hands of Steve Jobs.
  1. Build the entire computer. Microsoft licensed their product and achieved a place at the heart of the emergent ecosystem. Apple lost.
  2. Build the entire phone. Android licensed their product and is achieving a place at the heart of the emergent ecosystem. Apple is losing.

Steve Jobs never learned a goddamned thing. That is not what I would ever refer to as brilliance, genius, creativity, or even sanity. It was dumb luck. A twice-gone flash in the pan attempt at domination of the entire consumer tech ecosystem. Steve Jobs was a would-be tyrant, arrogant piece of shit. He was so arrogant he didn't even want to treat his cancer. He though he would just get over it.

I'm not particularly disagreeing with anything that has been said. I did think I failed to elaborate on why I have never been impressed with Apple or Steve Jobs. I don't want to be the end-all be-all pundit either. Really, I believe there is more need for moderation on the subject of Steve Jobs.

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