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Comment You don't overtake an entrenched product... (Score 1) 417

Within a marketspace, when there is an entrenched product, in this case Windows, you do not overtake it. You cannot overtake it by playing its game. You have to play a new game. With a new game, there is not entrenched product. Enter the new game, a.k.a., smartphones. Linux is quite popular with smartphones, Windows is not.

So it you phrase the statement a little differently, from "Year of Linux on Desktop" to Year of Linux for Personal Computing," that year is in the past due to smartphones becoming the main personal computing device for many. Not only is it in the past, but it is continuing to recur each year..

Comment Re:Why would anyone buy Dyson made car? (Score 2) 177

...You know that company's track record. Even when their prior products worked as designed and advertised, they sucked....

imo, Dyson shows the ultimate power of marketing. It doesn't necessarily have to work better, you just have to convince consumers willing to pay a lot more to think it works better. Marketing at work.

Comment Re:Let us view profiles without logging in! (Score 1) 52

...The whole point of the site is to get your information out into the public sphere, ...

That may be your reason for using LinkedIn, but it is not mine. And given the number of LinkedIn profiles that are not public, I'd say you may be in a small minority with your opinion here.

Comment Re:Let us view profiles without logging in! (Score 1) 52

...I frequently get resumes containing a LinkedIn URL, but when I go to view the LinkedIn profile I get redirected to a LinkedIn login page. I shouldn't have to log in just to view somebody else's profile!...

The sender should have an option in the send dialog to allow you to see the profile without logging in. To have that option universally is a privacy issue.

Comment Re:Presuming, of course... (Score 1) 456

I think what you're presuming is that the show will be watched OTA to any significant degree... No. What I am presuming is that the premiere broadcast will be on the broadcast network of CBS, on cable in addition to OTA. No antenna needed for me. I have a DVR, I don't see commercials. And I don't have to pay $6 per month to watch a single show. You may have differing preferences.

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