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Comment OMG (Score 3, Insightful) 405

...One reason, as many suggested, could be that the employee might not have been fairly compensated despite being exceptionally good at the job. In which case, the problem resides somewhere in the management who has failed to live up to the expectations. ...

What sort of clap-trap is this excuse. If an employee tries to use it, I'd consider it more evidence that the employee should be fired.

Bottom line: if you don't like the management of the company, then leave. If you are doing side work on the job, that is the equivalent of goofing off.

Quit your whining and get back to working the job you are being paid for.

Comment He wants the corporations to be able to sell junk (Score 1) 273

That's why he wants those EnergyStar labels to go away. The corporations will make more profit if they don't have to sell energy-efficient appliances. Then there will be more demand for power, and subsequently more demand for coal. It all makes sense when you look at it from the viewpoint of greedy corporations.

Comment Bing's spider wasn't obeying robots.txt (Score 1) 174

I conversed the the good people at Bing, and was told pretty much that its a bug they don't intend to fix. They also told me how to code my website to get around the bug. Needless to say, I did the work to get around the bug. However, instead of restricting Bing from the parts of the site I restrict to all search engines, now Bing is totally restricted from browsing any part of the web site.

However, the way Microsoft has been acting recently (e.g., Windows 10 forced upgrades), I doubt if they even care about what I try to tell them via robots.txt.

The Microsoft attitude apparently is pervasive within the company.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 267

... It's suggesting that people didn't receive what they paid for, and should receive recompense on that basis.... That is the gist of this.

If I go to a car dealer and buy a car, and the dealer subsequently delivers a different car to me, the dealer failed in his side of the transaction.

imo, it depends upon what the transaction papers say. Do they say the clinic should deliver the sperm for a "generic child" or sperm with a specific DNA. If the clinic did not abide by the agreement, then everything else is a moot point.

Comment Re:Some people think all publicity is good publici (Score 1) 448

...huge exposure like this makes increases brand awareness...

Whether an increased brand awareness is good or bad is really determined by the quality of that brand awareness. iow, how is this increased awareness of the Burger King brand helping them? Is the mocking helping? How does the mocking bring more people into their stores.

Is there another message that Burger King could attempt to deliver that would do far better for the Burger King franchise owners?

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