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Comment Not surprised about Mint's spot (Score 2) 141

I had been running Linux Mint on my notebook for nearly a year. About 25% of the time it would not get through a cold boot-up. I had to power down and restart. Thinking It might be an install quirk, I wiped and re-installed Mint. Same thing. Now I run Debian with no issues at all. (notebook is a ThinkPad)

Comment Prescribe vs Describe (Score 2) 130

...The purpose of the dictionary has always been to record how language is being used...

Not all dictionaries have the same philosophy when it comes to definitions. I prefer the Random House Unabridged dictionary from about 20 years ago, instead of a Merriam Webster dictionary from the same time period. The reason for my preference is simple, the Random House Unabridged was a very conservative dictionary. It did not accept and document just any spelling or usage of a word. It prescribed correct usage. While the Merriam-Webster dictionary was a lot quicker to document and accept new spellings and usages. It described the more current usage.

I still use the Random House Unabridged dictionary. Disk capacity has increased enough since the 90's that I now can easily fit the entire CD-ROM image of the dictionary with all its 350,000 words and all of the spoken pronunciations on my hard drive (actually a SSD).

I use Urban Dictionary to keep me up to date on the more current words. But for the day in, day out, definitions, I still go to the more conservative Randon House Unabridged.

Comment Re:Windows 7 is now considered old? (Score 1) 79

...Windows 7 is old, just not obsolete....

In spite of your failed attempt to justify the article, I still note that you've still not, and neither has the article, pointed to an underlying cause for Windows 7 being considered "insecure" in this instance. I still am of the opinion that there was another cause that allowed the break-in, one that is too embarrassing to reveal.

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