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Comment Stopping is not parking... (Score 1) 308

...To prevent driver distraction, "ads only appear when the vehicle is stopped, such as at car startup, traffic lights and upon arrival," Telenav said....

It is still distracted driving, even if you are stopped at a traffic light. Indeed, many, many distracted-driving tickets are issued at traffic lights. For example, if you're engaged with your device, how are you going to see when the light changes?

Comment Re:Think again sparky (Score 1) 308

...When are fuckers going to figure out that I haven't paid attention to advertisement after say the age of 10 or so....

To me it seems that the ad people know that, it's the hidden secret of the industry. However, that does not prevent them from telling the advertisers, i.e., those who buy the ad slots, that advertising works.

Comment Looks like the Intel legal team was hard at work.. (Score 5, Interesting) 375

That was one of the most uninformative, denying-we-did-anything-wrong press releases I've read in a long while. Therefore I suspect it came from the legal team. If only Intel's CPU designers were as good as the Intel legal team.

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