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Comment The downside to a weaker hurricane (Score 1) 119

We just absorbed our biggest hurricane hit in nearly a decade and were without power for a week. When they're weaker than expected, it can setup unreasonable expectations for the next one. People are less likely to evacuate, less likely to take warnings seriously. "We evacuated last time and it fizzled."

What you "know" about hurricanes can work against you in the future.

Comment Re:Love how they borrow tech... (Score 4, Informative) 398

Is is it true that it still takes more energy to fab the silicon, make the frames, and deploy the panels than they ever get back in their operational lifetime?

Although I'm sure Exxon would like that misinformation to stay popular, that question was put to rest long ago, both in terms of the panels themselves and the PV industry as a whole. And that's reaching back to pay for panel development when production was inefficient.

Video if you don't like reading.


Is the World Ready For Flying Cars? (engadget.com) 251

An anonymous reader shares a report from TechCrunch, adding: "Is the world ready for flying cars? Sebastian Thrun, the supposed godfather of autonomous driving, and several other tech investors seem to think so." From the report: At TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017, Thrun talked a lot about flying cars and how that was the future of transportation. So did GGV's Jenny Lee, a prolific investor in China. And so did Steve Jurvetson, one of the original investors in SpaceX. The technical backbone for flying cars seems to be there already -- with drones becoming ever-present and advancements in AI and self-driving cars -- but the time is coming soon that flying cars will be the primary mode of transportation. "I can't envision a future of highways [and being] stuck in cars," Thrun said. "I envision a [future] where you hop in a thing, go in the air, and fly in a straight line. I envision a future where Amazon delivers my food in the air in five minutes. The air is so free of stuff and is so unused compared to the ground, it has to happen in my opinion."

Cars today are forced to move on a two-dimensional plane (ramps, clover intersections and tunnels set aside), and while self-driving cars would make it easier for cars to talk to each other and move more efficiently, adding a third dimension to travel would make a lot of sense coming next. Thrun pointed to airplane transit, which is already a "fundamentally great mass transit system." Jurvetson said he was actually about to ride in a flying car before he "watched it flip over" before arriving to talk about some of the next steps in technology onstage. So, there's work to be done there, but it does certainly seem that all eyes are on flying cars. And that'll be enabled by autonomous driving, which will probably allow flying cars to figure out the most efficient paths from one point to the next without crashing into each other.
Lee said that China is closely analyzing changes in transportation, which might end up leading to flying cars. "I do want to highlight that there's going to be huge disruption within the transportation ecosystem in China," Lee said. "Cars going from diesel to electric. China has about 200 million install base of car ownership. In 2016, only 1 million cars are electric. The Chinese government hopes to install 5 million parking lots that are electric... Even the Chinese OEMs are buying into flying taxis."

Comment Flat design and Low Contrast (Score 1) 408

It's about time someone pointed out the lack of the emperor's clothes. These Artsy-Fartsy "Clean" designs are great if you're browsing a Monet art show. If all you want to do (All!) is get information, they are slow, they get in the way, they make the site unpleasant.

And Zune? What a Role Model! Just because a megacorporation does something doesn't make it good. Consider Wal-Mart baked chickens.

Honestly, if Microsoft came out with Steaming Turd Interface, half the manufacturers in the visible universe would be touting STI 2.0 Compatibility.

Comment Ageism is a stone cold fact in tech (Score 1) 247

Ageism is a fact in tech. I've experienced it first hand and saw it happen over and over. The data supports my anecdotal observations.

That's why I'm furiously opposed to the H1-B visa program, maybe the only issue where Trump and I have common ground. Not only on the salary issues but for manpower. If Silicon Valley would pay more and work a little at retaining older workers, I think their labor shortage would mostly evaporate.

Comment There's radio and commercial radio (Score 2) 240

It's not radio that faces a grim future, it's the old fashioned model of commercial radio. You get, maybe, ten minutes of music followed by tons of commercials that repeat the phone number 20 times. But the spectrum will still be useful for new types of over-the-air services. Old radio needs to die. It's nothing but commercials and right-wing hate spew.

Comment I feel better (Score 4, Interesting) 477

When I switched to keto I felt much better. My blood pressure dropped along with my weight. I also don't get as hungry between meals, even when it's a long time in between.

After a year I've started to add back in some carbs but not refined sugars. I have fruit, like blueberries, a couple times a week, maybe lentils. I try to keep my total carbs below 100 grams on any one day.

Not every diet works for every person. The key is finding the one that's the best match for your metabolism. I had one funny issue, Splenda was causing me problems. When I cut that out, it made a world of difference. What works is what works for you.

Comment This too will become illegal... (Score 0) 157

...eventually. Either the NIMBY people will get all concerned that "Something might go wrong!" "What if it catches on fire?!" "There's no way that can be environmental or legal!"


The energy companies will lobby to REQUIRE that federal law prohibits re-using the cells from internally sealed battery packs as "They just aren't safe!". They'll cite public battery fires and MSDS listing the "Volatile internal chemicals!" in the batteries that are safely contained UNLESS OPENED.

These power walls are far too easy to convert for solar or wind use so you can be sure they represent a threat to the power companies. You can bet that they will try and squash any attempt to get away from a completely dependent energy system.

Comment The stink of desperation (Score 2) 51

Most of the comments carry a whiff of desperation as ULA tries to stay relevant during a time when SpaceX is driving down the cost of launches. The discrepancy is only going to get worse when SpaceX starts recovering the second stage.

Sorry, ULA, but it looks like you're destined to become a casualty of the creative destruction of capitalism. SpaceX built a better mousetrap and you're invested in yesterday's technology.

Comment Re:LOL, crybaby snowflake blames everyone else. (Score 1) 711

It does sound kinda crybaby.

When you're getting paid that kind of money you keep your opinions to yourself. You have the right to air your opinions out but your employer also has a right to fire you if they don't like the content. That's what "at will" employment means.

Stop defending crybabies just because you agree with their brand of whining. It does sound a lot like egotistical, overpaid a-holes crying over accountability.

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