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Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 120

ESPN Has Seen the Future of TV and They're Not Really Into It.

Then fade away into the scrapheap of tech history along with cable. No one is going to miss you, no one owes you a living. There's a whole generation coming up that's never even heard of you.

Funny how cable seems to see itself as so much more self-important than it really is.

Comment And what does that mean? (Score 3, Insightful) 57

Would that mean Waymo would be free to pursue criminal charges against Levandowski? How does this substantively change how the litigation moves forward? Seems more like Stall Theater to me. We fired that guy for not cooperating in a lawsuit we didn't want him to cooperate with in the first place.

That makes no sense.

Comment What kind of arrogance is this? (Score 5, Insightful) 295

That any country would act like they have a right to the US labor market? I don't think much of Trump but I agree with this move. When companies start replacing staff with H1-B visa holders, that's when it's gone too far.

It's our country and, if we decide you can't come here, that's too damn bad. What really gripes me is the suggestion that anyone outside the US thinks they have a right to come here and work. Let me say this in all sincerity...fuck you.

Comment Re:The media is (Score 1) 469

If anyone is conducting a (metaphorical) war on America, it's the news media.

So, ignore the facts of Russian influence on the election, especially if you were one of the pinko patsies slurping down the Russian disinformation campaign. The only way Trump supporters can avoid admitting they were tools of Moscow is to deny it ever happened. Part of that is attacking the media reporting the story.

That either makes you a dupe or Russian soldier killing some spare time. Not much of a choice.

Operating Systems

Opinion: Even if You Hate the Idea, Windows Users Should Want Windows 10 S To Succeed (arstechnica.com) 259

Last week, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S, a new variant of its desktop operating system aimed largely at the education space. While time will tell how this new edition of Windows fares, if early reactions from enthusiasts are anything to go by, Windows 10 S is in for a tough ride ahead. For one, Windows 10 S only permits installation of applications from the Windows Store. If that wasn't a deal-breaker, several popular applications including Google's Chrome are missing from the Store. Amid all of this, reporter and columnist Peter Bright has an op-ed up on ArsTechnica in which he argues that despite the walled-garden offering, people should want Windows 10 S to succeed as it could make Windows better for everyone else. From his article: This [forbidding execution of any program that wasn't downloaded from the Windows Store] positions Microsoft as a gatekeeper -- although its criteria for entry within the store is for the most part not stringent, it does reserve the right to remove software that it deems undesirable -- and means that the vast majority of extant Windows software can't be used. This means that PC mainstays, from Adobe Photoshop to Valve's Steam, can't be used on Windows 10 S. [...] Some of the arguments against this are bizarre. Notably, the complaint that Microsoft has now erected a paywall -- "you have to pay $50 to run Steam!" -- is very peculiar when one considers that, in general, Windows licenses have never been free. [...] The Windows Store makes bad parts of Windows better: I'd argue, however, that Windows users should want Windows 10 S to succeed. Windows 10 S isn't for everybody, and Windows 10 S may not be for you, but if Windows 10 S succeeds, it will make Windows 10 better for everyone. The Store in Windows RT required developers to write their apps from scratch. With negligible numbers of users, developers were uninterested in doing this work. The Store in Windows 10 has Centennial. In principle, Centennial should make it easy to package existing Win32 apps and sell them through the Store, and if developers of Windows apps adopt Centennial en masse then the Store restriction shouldn't be particularly restrictive. Widespread adoption will be good for Windows users of all stripes.

Comment This is MTBS - Marketing-type BullShit (Score 1) 268

The people who write stuff like this also write mission statements like:

DoIT’s mission is to empower the State of Illinois through high-value, customer-
centric technology by delivering best-in-class innovation to client agencies fostering collabora
tion and empowering employees to provide better services to residents, businesses, and visitors.

Giveth me a break.

Comment This is nothing new (Score 2) 251

In 1988, Diamond Shamrock paid Frontier Capital (San Antonio) to develop an automated gas pump pricing system. Included in this system was the ability to alter pump prices on a minute-by-minute basis according to time of day. Seven stations in San Antonio deployed a system that bumped gasoline prices between $0.06 and $0.12 during rush hours, 07:00 through 09:30 and 14:30 through 18:00. This system was based on Gilbarco gasoline pumps and custom microprocessor boards based on Motorola 6801 CPUs.

Development of this system proceeded through early 1990, when the decision was made to delay rollout of these systems indefinitely. In 1996, Canadian company bought Diamond Shamrock and decided not to acquire the technology developed by Frontier.

Nothing new. It's more visible now, though.


The EPA Won't Be Shutting Down Its Open Data Website After All (mashable.com) 43

An anonymous reader shares an article: Scientists and data experts are closely tracking the websites of federal agencies, noting changes to pages dealing with climate change and energy since President Donald Trump took office. On Monday, they noticed an alarming message posted to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) open data website, indicating it would shut down on Friday, April 28. [...] By Monday afternoon, visitors to Open Data received a different pop-up notification, which clarifies that data on the site will still be available come Friday.

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