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Comment little people (as opposite to great) (Score 1) 455

Interference or no interference, the fact remains the USA (and many other countries) are in deep existential crisis. Real unemployment is reaching 40-50%, self-destructing obsolet military alliances overheat, moral is in the gutter.

Unfortunately current politicians manifest themselves as little people. There a lot of great projects which could be initiated right now, which could give jobs, prosperity, and future to billions of people. For example, building a high-speed railroad & hi-tech highway between London and New York, via Bering Strait.

Instead they get themselves mired in petty nationalist disputes and personal mercantile interests.

Comment WW3 on our streets (Score 1) 219

It is estimated that traffic collisions caused the death of around 60 million people during the 20th century.

About million and a half is being killed in traffic accidents each year. Times more are badly wounded. These are the figures of the WW3. This is what going on on our streets.

At the same time the US bureaucracy, which is under influence of an automobile lobby, de-facto sabotages delivery by airborne drones or by robotized vehicles. And these are the solutions which could really free the streets and reduce the death rate on the streets.

Comment Re:Windfarms kill more eagles than previously thou (Score 1) 203

I have nothing to do with politics. I really like eagles, herons, etc. More correctly I like to watch them to soar above a city where I live.

It is not only extremely beautiful, but it is also like canary in a coal mine . It means the air is clean, there are enough of trees in parks, and we are doing well.

I do not fancy a world of only rich people, rats, and cockroaches left.

Comment Re:at what price (Score 1) 404

When you see a soaring eagle it is flying usually not for hunting but for manifesting itself for different reasons, - finding a mating partner, guarding its space, etc. At least I was told so at a training course by a professional ornithologist.

And an eagle is not the only big protected bird, there are other endangered species.

Comment Re:at what price (Score 1) 404

Here is the quote from the scientific source: "Worldwide, such facilities have been responsible for the deaths of 140,000 to 328,000 birds and 500,000 to 1.6 million bats, raising questions about their effects on population sustainability."

Sure cats and windows kill times more, and this problem is being addressed too. But wind turbines kill large valuable rare birds. This is the issue. Again the quote from the same article of 2016: "Eagles tend to use that habitat around the turbines. It's windy there, so they can save energy and soar,..."

As for the CFL lamps, - they contain toxic mercury. They are not on sale anymore, it is LED lamps nowadays.

Comment Re:at what price (Score 1) 404

Only about 70% of migratory birds are surviving one annual migration at the moment. The mass extinction of birds is currently on the way. Loosing large birds gliding magnificently above a town is the same loss as loosing the trees, bees, rivers, etc.

Limiting power consumption via LED lamps, lighter vehicles, smaller heated (air-conditioned) areas in houses by smarter architecture, etc. could produce more than enough electricity for decades without making this wonderful planet ugly.

Comment regime change (Score 1) 390

What I do not understand is why the US political elite has always been trying to change a regime here or there, but if someone attempts to do something similar in return, media freaks out.

The teaching of the prophets (Matthew 7:12) is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", isn't it?

I do not get a logic of it. If one starts playing say a hokey it is reasonable to expect that the opposing teams would play back.

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