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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1, Insightful) 456

I can remember when this was an interesting site, full of diverse opinions on News for Nerds, Stuff That Matters.

Today it's a bunch of basement-dwelling pissants that are angry that women won't fuck them and marginalized social groups are clawing away the privilege that they think they are rightly owed for being a straight white male.

Anyone that uses the term "SJW" non-ironically is a trash human being. Including you. Fuck off.

Comment Re:That still doesn't matter (Score 2, Insightful) 332

Border security isn't "racist". Deporting illegal immigrants isn't "racist".

In and of itself, no. But if you're for increased border security and deporting illegal immigrants specifically because you don't want people of latino persuasion in the country, then yes, that is racist. And from the people I've met, they aren't really concerned about people from Ireland overstaying their visas. They're specifically worried about people of European descent becoming a minority in the USA.

I don't know anything about you so I have no idea what you believe. And there are a good number of people who believe we should have increased border security (I'm one of them!), but there are also a good number of people who just so happen to be for these things specifically because they think that there are too many non-Europeans in the country as it is. That is racist.

Comment Re:Global problem (Score 0) 817

I don't think that the majority of folks in the US, nor the majority of Trump supporters have a problem with Latin or any other type of immigrants, as long as they are LEGAL immigrants.

We'll have to agree to disagree here. For you to be correct, we'd need a majority of Americans, Trump supporters, whatever that actually are completely fine with these people being here except for the fact that their parents brought them here when they were minors. You're talking about a set of people who are fine with deporting people who came here as minors solely because of executive power issues, but if Congress changed the law, they'd be similarly as happy. That set of people exists, but is very small.

At the end of the day you're talking about deporting people to a country many of them are not young enough to remember, because they are not here illegally due to the actions of another person over separation of powers issues. Come on. I grant you there are separation of powers issues here, but we all need to quit pretending that if these people where Anglo-Saxon in origin that many detractors of DACA would be saying the same things.

Comment Re:Global problem (Score -1, Flamebait) 817

All things being equal, you're right. This should be done by Congress and not by a sort of prosecutorial discretion on steroids.

However, let's not try to pretend that the President is doing this because of his strident belief in limiting executive power. It's because he's a racist, a good deal of his supporters are racist, and he wants to remain popular among them. The end goal is to reduce the number of people of Latin American origin in this country. Not to restore a proper constitutional balance. That's only a happy coincidence.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 420

When I bought my car, I received the title. My credit union was listed as the lien holder. So if I tried to sell it, there'd be a bit of a problem at the BMV. When I paid off my loan, they sent a letter saying that it had been paid off in full and transmitted a copy to the BMV as well. I went there and paid a small fee. Now I have a new title with no lien holder.

This seems to work very well for just about all cases.

Comment Re:Glad I opted out of... (Score 2) 330

Apple does get a pass. Mostly because they have always been a company willing to break backward compatibility at the drop of a hat. This is nothing new.

Microsoft does not because they are the kind of company that will make changes to their OS to ensure that specific legacy applications continue to work with new versions.

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