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Comment Can someone explain? (Score 1) 277

I am not an "internet entrepreneur", but from the outside this appears like a suicidal business plan. Was this the plan from the beginning? Get everybody "hooked" with "free" hosting and then, when it was embedded everywhere, try to extort an arm and a leg? Or did they try it as it was, then finally panic as they started to run out of VC, and this is their reaction? Or are they doing this to cause a problem, wait for the obvious and inevitable backlash, then are going to come back in a week and say "we heard you, we are sorry, its $50 out of the goodness of our hearts"?

        In any case, it's hard to believe that anyone at Photobucket thinks they are getting the $400; if so, they fundamentally misunderstand the market. The mere fact they asked for it is just going to piss everybody off and there are plenty of others willing to offer the same for far less.

Comment Re: nope (Score 1) 169

Exactly. Tylenol does exactly *nothing* for migraines. One of the worst migraines I have ever had was when I was on the nominal dose of Vicodin, which is like super-Tylenol with a mild opiate.

          Aspirin and caffeine (anacin or Excedrin {which has tylenol as a "filler" as far as I can tell}) is the only thing that you can get over-the-counter that is likely to have an positive effect on migraines.

Comment Re:Illegal speech? (Score 5, Interesting) 535

This is not "yelling fire in a crowded theater", in any way, shape, or form. That theory is used incessantly to justify suppression of speech. In this case, it is being used to *intentionally suppress political speech that is not in accordance with the current government position*, which is the sort of speech that requires the most protection.

      Germany's history of anti-semitism is not the issue. If you examined the history of anti-semitism of Germany, it's hardly any different in theory from anyplace els - anti-semitism has been a recurring theme throughout history.

        What *is* different is their history of oppression that led to the most appalling - and efficient - attempt at genocide in human history. The root of this was permitting repression in favor of the government, leading to a dictatorship. This allowed thugs with delusions of racial superiority to take over.

    The Germans are *dead wrong* to criminalize speech, because as soon as you do, you permit someone else to decide what "hate" means - just like 1933.


Comment Re:I love it. (Score 1) 74

Anyone who knows anything about it knew it was possible. Von Braun studied landing the Saturn 1. The problem was that it also reduces the throw weight by something like 30% - then and now. If getting a bigger booster is the end goal - and it was, at the time - then flyback boosters don't make any sense.

      The fact that you are on here gloating about it means you never understood that in the first place - and calling everybody else assholes because of your own ignorance is exactly what is expected from fanbois.

Comment Re:Wow, just...wow (Score 0, Troll) 54

Nonsense. In the US, the press is making things up out of whole cloth in order to bring down the government. And an increasing number of people see it for exactly what it is - that's why the favorable opinion of the press is in the single digits, below even Congress. And anticipating the next argument - Trump is the effect, not the cause.

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