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Comment Re:Make your own video games then (Score 1) 161

"Local releases in the US often commands a much higher price then the same title overseas." - are you fucking insane? The US has the cheapest prices for media (games, CDs, films, bluray, DVD, books) in the developed world! Yes, stuff will be cheaper in Vietnam or China or wherever, but it'll be easily 2x the price in Europe, Japan, or Australia.

Comment Re:Two words: Star Wars (Score 1) 532

TNG was pretty much entirely model based (not CGI) - Star Trek didn't really CGI up until mid-way through Deep Space Nine, ironically using the guys who did the CGI for the first few years of Babylon 5 (and Babylon 5 used CGI purely because their budget was so tiny, you really have to give them credit for puching way above their weight the way they did)

Comment Re:The thing with ASCII (Score 1) 728

A quick google gives 227 million results for (hiragana) 6 million for (katakana) and 34 million for (kanji) though there's an element of linking there (where the kanji search gives pages that only have kana) so the results are totally unscientific. I also didn't say that people in Yokohama are illiterate - just that if you honestly think that most Japanese people can actually write all the jouyou kanji from memory you are sadly mistaken - why do you think that "wapuro-baka" was coined. I'm sure that at some point they knew how to write them all, but they've forgotten over time. I for one have forgotten plenty of things that I studied far more recently than when I was 16, and I don't think of myself as an idiot - there's only so many things that one can remember.

Comment Re:The thing with ASCII (Score 1) 728

I'm not saying that the Japanese are illiterate - I'm just saying that the "99% literacy" rate is a myth - it should be obvious from how much more complex the written Japanese language is than English / French / etc. There are plenty of sources that say that "Japan has an amazing 99% literacy rate" without mentioning that the 99% figure is an assumed rate from a UN study which grants the same 99% rate to all the other developed first-world countries. There's also the issue of "literacy" vs "practical literacy" - the UK has been concentrating on the latter for a while even though it has a seemingly high literacy rate

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