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Comment Re:Slashdot, Reuters, and above comment: all wrong (Score 2, Informative) 297

1. Two targets were destroyed - one liquid and one solid fueled. This puts the lie to the above comment, and the Slashdot article that implies that they only shot a liquid-fueled target because it was easier. Furthermore, the solid-fueled target was identical to one that the ALTB had destroyed in flight a week earlier.

The press release you link to states that they only shot down one target in this test - the liquid fueled one.

Less than one hour later, a second solid fuel short-range missile was launched from a ground location on San Nicolas Island, Calif. and the ALTB successfully engaged the boosting target with its High Energy Laser, met all its test criteria, and terminated lasing prior to destroying the second target. The ALTB destroyed a solid fuel missile, identical to the second target, in flight on February 3, 2010.

So it fired its high energy laser at the second target, but switched off the laser before actually destroying it. However they had previously destroyed an identical target.

Comment Re:winshield repair? (Score 1) 293

The article says the stuff is "breathable" - but cyanide gas is breathable, too. It just isn't a recommended thing to do.

I believe it meant breathable as in "air can pass through it". As in "this shirt breathes well"

Comment Re:Looks like there has finally been progress. (Score 1) 198

Companies have been making exoskeletons ever since the "Hardiman" of the 1960s. While more modern versions have actually bordered on the practical (see the suit worn by Ripley in the movie Aliens... that is a real machine), they have always had to drag a power tether in order to do anything useful. Of course they did not show that part in the movie.

What do you mean by a 'real machine'? I am skeptical that the prop was a powered exoskeleton, even with an external power source. Or do you mean parts of it were powered? Would be cool if it was real though!

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