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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 593

Exactly, I will admit, 10 years ago I thought, wow those guys are charging $125 an hour, I can do that for $100 and make a killing. Then reality hit, I filed my taxes, had to hire a couple employees to help with projects, then there is the time I spend working the books, and generating business. After calculating in all that...I just couldnt make ends meet, I think I figured up one time, to pull a decent salary I needed at least 5 good employees.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 593

Figure up that the tax is around 40%, advertizing, insurance is about 400-800 a month per employee, plus bonuses, incentives, paying the accountants...I know I was shocked too. Go into business yourself and have a few employees, you will find out soon enough that is is borderline insane.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 593

No one over my head, I am able to pay myself almost $40 an hour. Consider I have to pay liability for each employee, and at around 40% tax I am making $10 an hour per employee. Err I should say was making. I got out because people around here were not willing to pay the rates I needed to pull a decent profit.There was always some noob contractor willing to come in for a loss.

SBS gets screwed in this market, seriously.

Comment Duh? (Score 3, Interesting) 593

Only 2x? that is actually pretty good (cheap). The margins there have to be pretty tight. I am a pretty well paid IT worker at around $37 an hour (80K a year). When I contract it is for $125 an hour, $100 on the low end. The overhead on taxes and administrative costs is so friggin high that we break even on the $100/hr jobs.

What you get with contractors is freedom from salaries, benefits, leave, and liability. Depends on what you are wanting. As someone who has worked for the state, I can say the contractors we hired were worth 3-4 internal employees. The contractors have incentive, the in-house never did, they got paid the same no matter how hard they worked, just as long as they kept that seat warm between 8-5.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 2247

Thinking as in, reduction of expenditure vs increase in revenue. Doing an audit of what this gov't needs to run and what can be handled outside of the gov't. Internal audits are often useless as bureaucrats are experts on showing a positive bottom line no budgets dont get cut any deeper than a token smidge to show due dilligence. But it is almost impossible to argue with someone who says, your dept is useless. Sell the car, buy a smaller house, dont whine to the boss that you need a raise.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 2247

I beg to differ, my state (Nebraska) has a balanced budget, is progressive in legislation, and survived the economic meltdown with the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. We have some of the best schools, lowest crime rates, cheap housing, and our happiness level is always on the top of the nationwide charts. Given we are an agricultural state but that is shifting slowly so our dependence on the federal subsidies is getting less every year.

So hell yes, you can call us states activists a joke, but if states were allowed more self governance we will be a better, more stable economy.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 2247

The problem with Gov't is incentive. The Gov't rarely cuts programs (they do but rarely), so what is my incentive to perform? In my state (Nebraska) we are privatizing large portions of HHS. The advantage? The state still regulates and sets up the metrics for performance, but the private companies now have a contract that can be revoked when metrics are not met. There is skin in the game. With Gov't agencies, the biggest incentive is making the public think you need more money.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 1) 2247

Not all administrative services, but the unecessary ones, like DAS, do we really need a purchasing department? Why cant agencies handle their own purchasing? There are many others. It is like your personal budget, there are a bunch of things that creep up over time, but if you really take a hard look and balance your personal budget you find that there are things you dont HAVE to have.

Comment Re:50,000 a day? (Score 1) 291

$300 for a casual browsing computer with iOS and an extra 3", or $300 for 3 less inches and an amazon prime, hulu+, cloud storage, and netflix. The extra $300 just doesn't make sense for a pad device for me, I would rather have the services and a device I can tuck into a pocket on my laptop case. My wife is a pharmacist making 90K a year as well and we still think they are pricey. Just because you HAVE money doesn't mean you spend it on things that don't make sense. Different people have different priorities.

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